In job search it is important to remember that the abstract is no less important than its content: as you know, meet on clothes — casually decorated summary is unlikely to cause a recruiter a desire in him to grasp. Let's talk about the nuances of the design of your curriculum vitae.

If you fill resume online to job search or use the resume template provided by a particular company in which you want to get, difficulties with the registration should arise: the structure of the summary is already painted, you only have to enter in the corresponding boxes on the right information. However, when writing your CV in free form is very easy to "puncture" with the design. What should be the correct registration summary?

To begin with define the structure of the document. About it we already told in our article "the Secrets of a good summary ", there you can find detailed instructions on the content summary. Just in case, briefly repeat the main blocks:

  • full Name;
  • contact information
  • goal
  • experience (most recent jobs in reverse order)
  • education (primary and secondary)
  • professional knowledge and skills
  • professional certificates
  • publication
  • languages
  • recommendations
  • other.

Each block must be clearly separated from the rest. For this you can use a table (its borders do not have to be visible, you should place the text column) or just leave between the blocks to an empty string.

All summary it is desirable to fit on one page, indicating only the most important information. Do not try to put on one page as much information as possible, reducing the size of the font: dialed in too small a font resume will be unreadable. Optimal font size is 12 to 14 points. headset choose a standard (Times or Arial). If the summary does not fit the information that you consider important but not paramount, it is better to state it in cover letter .

The design summary should be neat. Use indentation and line spacing intervals, do not neglect the paragraphs and lists. Proper formatting makes your CV more readable. However, do not get involved in "embellishment" of using frames, vignettes, fancy fonts and effects, whimsical graphics: after all, the resume is a business document, it should be simple. If you want to highlight important, use bold.

Before departure be sure to carefully re-read the summary and correct any errors. If you are afraid that you have grown accustomed eyes, give it to someone to check, let along critically evaluate the design resume and its readability. Make sure that the text was not updated to potential employer may not be decrypted: names of organizations and educational institutions it is better to write fully.

CV can be sent to employers both in print and in electronic form. In the first case you need print the resume on quality paper. using a laser printer. If you send a resume to several companies, you need to print a few copies, but not to make photocopies: they are always worse quality than the original.

If you send a resume in electronic form, as mentioned above, the need to use only standard fonts. No need to "weight" the abstract complex embedded tables, macros, etc. they can correctly open or not open at all. The summary is best sent in DOC or RTF format. The file must not be too "heavy". No need to archive it to reduce weight: you force a recruiter to perform extra steps that are unlikely to offer it to you.

Note the name of the file. no need to call it "resume", "resume", and especially "untitled" or "new document". How much do you think files with such names on a daily basis gets the recruiter? Ensure that your resume is not lost, it is best to call him his name, and if your name is common, you can add the name or name and patronymic.

Remember that summary most recruiters browsing on the diagonal. they don't have time to read every. Neat design summary greatly increases the chances that it will pay attention, will read and invite you for an interview.