The reason for the celebration of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary was the miracle that happened in 910 in Constantinople when the Saracens (Muslims) besieged the city, and he had to fall. At this time, many believers were praying to the most Holy Theotokos in the Blachernae Church and begged for salvation. One day the praying Christians was the mother of God surrounded by angels and spread over the besieged city of white veil. Soon, the Saracens retreated and the city was saved. In 911, the year was signed the peace Treaty between Kievan Rus and Byzantium, and after 78 years the descendants of Greek Christians, over whom the mother of God holding the cover, went to be baptized Kievan Rus. Since that time, the Holy mother of God, stretches out its white veil over the heads of the Orthodox Christians, protecting them from evil and enemies, became the guardian of Orthodox Russia.

When the Cover is in 2015

Every year on October 14, Orthodox Christians and Greek Catholics celebrate the great church feast of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin. And 2015 is no exception.

When to go to Church on Christmas day, and other customs

This holiday is associated with a lot of people's customs, superstitions and rituals, which were venerated in Russia and have survived to this day:

  1. The feast of the Intercession in 2015 begins early in the morning on October 14. In all Orthodox temples priests conduct divine services, dedicated to the virgin, and the believers and the afflicted, turning to her with a prayer for health, asking her protection for the family. A few days before the holiday hostess needs to clean up the house and decorate it, prepare holiday meals. At the vigil are encouraged to wear the most beautiful dress, but also to bring to the Church with his own hands embroidered fabric. After the service decided to prepare a festive table, to invite guests or themselves go to visit
  2. Unmarried girls in this day are encouraged to come to the Church just before worship and pray to the most Holy Theotokos in silence, to ask her blessing and help in family relationships. By the way, Russia single girls on the eve of the arranged divination of the future groom. To attract any guy's girl baked small bread, read on him prayers and sentences, and in the morning after the service had secretly treated him with bread. If everything was done correctly, the young man soon reciprocated
  3. Couples should on this day be sure to come to the temple to pray and ask the mother of God for the preservation of family ties. It is believed that if this festival is to appeal to the virgin Mary with a prayer from the heart, its cover will protect you for a year
  4. The advent of the holiday symbolizes the end of harvest and the beginning of preparation of reserves for the winter
  5. Often on the Cover of the first snow, which looks like a white blanket covers the whole earth. There is a belief that the more falls of snow on the Intercession of the Holy virgin, the more will be this year's weddings. Also for the weather on October 14, you can determine what will be the future winter: if the North wind blows, the winter will be harsh, but if the South the winter is snowy and warm.