What will be the fall of this year – a question which interested many start even in the winter. To predict what the weather would be on such a remote period, is quite difficult. The errors of these forecasts are also quite large. Their calculations forecasters carried out, taking into account many factors and scientific statistics. Also taken into consideration are time-tested signs of people. But the territory of Russia is huge, so the weather, for example, in Krasnodar region, southern Urals and Kamchatka will differ significantly. So, try to figure out what will be fall 2015 in Moscow, Central Russia and the Crimea.

What will be autumn 2015 in Moscow and Central Russia

The rainy, with sharp temperature drops, summer 2015 in Moscow and the European part of Russia, will gradually move into a relatively warm September. However, he will also be rich in rains. The first decade of September will be warm in summer. In the second, the temperature will drop to the average. Indian summer this year will begin in late September, when a little warmer and the amount of rainfall will be much less. This period will last approximately 10 days.

In the second autumn month, cloudy and rainy days will become very frequent. The third decade of October will be remembered for its diversity. Warm days will alternate with these first frosts. In this period, also expected increased windiness.

Serious frost in the fall of 2015 in Moscow can be expected in mid-November. Then fall and the first snow. However, by the end of November it gets warmer and he likely will melt. Winter will begin in mid-December.

What is the weather like in autumn in Crimea

As usual, autumn in the Crimea begins late, and in September the holiday season is still in full swing. 2015 will not be an exception either. In September, the average air temperature is expected to be +25 .. + 20С and water +20 .. + 17С. You can safely plan a trip with the purpose of buying and resting in September-October. The summer heat is already far away, but the real cold has not yet come. The velvet season is in full swing. In November, autumn in the Crimea already fully enters into its rights, the temperature will drop significantly and long rain will come.

We tried to describe in as much detail as possible in autumn 2015 in Moscow, the middle belt of Russia and the Crimea. We hope that this information will help many, especially those who are planning a holiday.