The end of the summer is marked by magnificent festivals celebrated by Christians around the world. As of August, there are three large Spas that gather people for rest and harvest. This year, the Honeymoon Savior 2015 promises to be a grandiose event, because in recent years, old traditions are being revived with increasing force: families gather at a festive table, churches are held in services, and thematic fairs are opened in towns and villages.

When you celebrate Honey Spas 2015

Every year, in August, three Savior are celebrated: August 14, Honey, 19 numbers Apple and August 29 Nut. The celebration combined the folk and Orthodox traditions. On the one hand, it is a Christian holiday dedicated to the Savior Jesus Christ. Also the Honeymoon Savior 2015 coincides with the beginning of the Assumption Post and on August 14, Prince Vladimir baptized Rus. On the other hand, â ?? this is an ancient feast of agriculture marked by ripening of grain crops, fruits, vegetables and other fruits of the earth. The holiday itself is named so because in mid-August the beekeepers start collecting honey. According to the church tradition, it is on this day that honey is sacred, and the church gives permission for its consumption in food.

How to celebrate Honey Spas

Traditionally, on August 14 there are fairs, folk festivals, exhibition-sales of honey, sow the field for the winter. The Honeymoon of Savior 2015 marks the day of memory of the martyrs of the Maccabees. And in the ancient ceremonies August 14 saw off the summer and celebrated the festival of Makovei. On this day on the festive table the main dish was the products with poppy seeds, because the middle of August â ?? harvesting this plant. Another name for the celebration is â ?? Savior on the water. During this period in Russia there was a tradition: to conduct a procession to the water basins with the blessing of water and bathing for washing away sins, strengthening health. In the first, Orthodox believers will consecrate honey and poppies in the church. And then, traditionally, they will bake cakes and pies from the flour of the new harvest.

How to congratulate with Honey spas: poems

One of the pleasant additions of the holiday can be poetic congratulations. It is enough to share joy in simple quatrains and the atmosphere of a long holiday will resonate in other people with warmth.

Let you brings the blessing

The Great First saved!

He will give the soul to the soul,

And the life of honey will be at once.

Savior of the honey feast we celebrate,

Warm summer off,

With sweet honey we walk,

Let us bring him joy!