The name of the Hanukkah festival is derived from the expression "chanukkat ha-miizbeah", which in Hebrew means "renovation, illumination of the Temple." There is another name for the holiday - Hag Uriim, which means "holiday of lights". But it is worth noting that Hanukkah has a completely different meaning. This holiday, first, symbolizes God's patronage over the Israeli people. And secondly, the victory of a small Jewish group of soldiers led by Yehuda Maccabee in a battle with the huge army of King Antiochus, which initiated the struggle of the Jews for their rights and territories.

When Hanukkah in 2015

Hanukkah is the annual Jewish holiday of light, which in 2015 begins on December 7 and celebrates 8 days, during which every day, according to tradition, it is necessary to light one candle each. Since the bright holiday of Hanukkah is celebrated on the eve of the Catholic Christmas, it is very often called Jewish Christmas.

Note:   Since the Hanukkah holiday personifies the victory of the Israeli people in the struggle for their religion, the time when Hanukkah is celebrated, for Jews around the world, is an opportunity to distract from the usual fuss, namely: to study in more detail certain aspects of the Jewish religion, to communicate with their growing children , to teach children to defend their religious beliefs.

What is necessary for the Jewish Hanukkah

For the celebration of the Light Holiday of Hanukkah, it is necessary to prepare in advance:

  1. A chanukkiyah is a special candle holder for 9 candles
  2. Candles
  3. Four-sided spinning top "dreidel"
  4. Candy, coins and small gifts for children and adults

The rituals and traditions of the holiday

December 7, 2015 at sunset it is necessary to light the central candle called "shamash", read a prayer blessing all Jews and expressing love and respect for God, as well as for Jewish ancestors. After that, with the help of "shamash" it is necessary to light the first rightmost candle of chanukiah. As a rule, lighted in the evening, chanukiah is put on the window so that all passers-by can see the light of her burning candles. This action should be repeated all eight evenings of Hanukkah.

According to tradition, when celebrated Hanukkah, the Jews presented every evening with family and friends, small gifts, money, chocolate coins, a beautiful festive candles, quality olive oil, incense, books with recipes of Jewish dishes and so on.

Also every night after the prayer and lighting of the next candle in Jewish families it is customary to play with a small child in a kind of game. The essence of this game is as follows: everyone receives an equal number of chocolates, each participant alternately rotates a tetrahedral top ("dreidel"), on the faces of which are depicted the letters indicating to take or put the candy back. The game lasts until all the candies are in one player.

Festive table for Hanukkah

A variety of dishes from milk - one of the features of the Jewish table for eight days, when Hanukkah is celebrated. But still, the traditional dish for Hanukkah is latex - potato pancakes with onion and salt, which are served on the table with sour cream or apple sauce. Also mandatory attribute of the festive table - air donuts, abundantly sprinkled with powdered sugar.