Traditionally Orthodox people celebrate 3 rescue: Honey, Apple and Nut. On the day of the first Great Dormition fast begins, and it ends with the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin on the eve of the third Savior. Today we are talking about the last church holiday of the summer - about the Nut Savior: when and how it is celebrated in 2015.

A number of Walnut Saved? The history of the holiday

The Third Savior is known by many names: Nut, Holshovy, Hlebny and Nerukotvorny. Orekhov he named because it was on this day it was decided to store for the winter nuts. The more you collect, the higher will be the prosperity of the family. They were lit in the church and put on a festive table.

Bread Savior - the day the harvest is finished, the day when the bread is first baked from the new grain.

The religious history of this day is connected with the life of the Savior. Christ washed his face and wiped himself with a towel. A light face was imprinted on the fabric. The Holy Image was considered miraculous. It was August 29, 944, he was moved from Edessa to Constantinople, this date and the third Savior is celebrated.

On the eve of the Third Savior, it is customary not only to go to church, but also to have fun, to try different dishes prepared from the fruits of fresh harvest, and also to go to fairs. After the Assumption Post, the fairs were the most colorful and large-scale, peasants who completed work in the field could sell their goods and replenish stocks.

The script and the traditions of the Nut of the Savior

If you want to celebrate the holiday cheerfully, then prepare nuts, flowers, bread in advance. The next day they can be consecrated in the church. After the service, go on a picnic. To add a national flavor spread on the ground a canvas with traditional embroidery. In the scenario of the event it is necessary to include Russian songs and dances, dances and games. Special traditions and rituals - making wishes and fortune telling.

Do not forget to put in the script and congratulations:

September is approaching again,

Ripe nuts in the gardens.

Let's take care of God's word

In his prayers and works:

It gives strength and reason,

We can not lose him;

And now with Orekhov's rescue

I congratulate you, friends!

A wonderful holiday, a glorious feast

Generously gives us God's peace,

On Savior our bread is all tastier,

The soul is cleaner and more kind!

Let the sun give you a ray -

You, the Third Savior, help us

Bake fame for pies!