Many, regardless of age, are waiting for New Year's holidays, like children. How to note where to go, what to cook, how to congratulate and many other questions worry long before the onset of the long-awaited New Year's Eve. Each New Year wishes to meet not as usual, in a special way, and the New Year 2016 is no exception. Funny tips for the New Year will help in such a difficult choice.

Funny tips for New year 2016

According to the Eastern calendar, 2016 is the year of the Red (Fiery) Monkey. A monkey is a temperamental and unpredictable animal. And the New Year's Eve should be held so that it does not take offense, that is, taking into account its preferences: unpredictable, bright, fun, extraordinary.

Tips on how cool it is to meet the year of the Fiery Monkey

You can have a fun New Year in a cafe, a restaurant, or you can show your imagination and have fun meeting a holiday. It is enough to find like-minded people.

New Year's Eve abroad

Many believe that as you spend this holiday, so the year will pass. So why not add a twist to your future, marking the New Year 2016 in countries such as Lapland, Cuba or Japan? Foreigners are famous for their New Year's fads, which can bring to life not only a highlight, but a strawberry and even peppercorn. But before you go to conquer the overseas horizons, it is advisable, at least superficially, to get acquainted with the local New Year traditions, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation. It's also cool to meet the New Year in a hot country with Papuans, and not with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

  • In boots on the ski slope

    You can celebrate the New Year 2016 in the mountains. The main thing is to properly prepare, choose clothes, and also decide in advance with the ski resort, and buy permits. On the eve of the New Year, tourists climb the mountain and admire the sunset. Meet the New Year at the foot of the campsite, as a night in the mountains - a lesson for beginners. On New Year's Eve, lifts, restaurants, cafes with a view of the snow-capped hills operate.

  • New year on the road

    The option is suitable for adventurous, adventurous people. You can meet New Year's Eve in a bus, train or plane with strangers, or you can organize your company and rent a car, for example, a tram. But it is necessary in advance to apply to the tram depot with a written application.

  • Fans of thrills are advised to meet the holiday underwater with scuba. Round dance around the tree at the bottom of the reservoir during the battle of the chimes at 12 o'clock in the morning will be remembered for life. Such services are offered by many agencies today.

  • In some countries, there is a tradition in the New Year holidays to get rid of old things, making room for new ones. Perhaps, in the current economic situation in the country, such actions are not very justified, and it is better to entertain not so drastically?

    Useful and cool tips for the New year: celebrate the original holiday house

    A banal home environment must necessarily be replaced with something new or dispelled by incendiary ideas. If you plan a holiday at home, add a bit of shock.

    • A party. Not just a party, but a thematic, masquerade, noisy and crowded holiday. Show your imagination, gather a merry company, and the mistress of 2016 will be supportive.
    • Entertainment. You can prepare a humorous awards, letters to guests for special achievements in the past year, for example retirement, gaining knowledge, birth, and divorce, firing, failing an exam and so on.
    • Presentation. The presentation of the interesting events in the life of present of the year will surprise and entertain.

    In 2016, not so important a large festive table, as fun, laughter and joy. We hope that the cool tips for the New Year will help to organize a fun holiday. It is important that the New Year's Eve was rich in positive mood, originality, unpredictability.

    New Year is associated with the beginning of a new life. January is full of a lot of days off, at school, holidays begin. But the first days of the new year are hardly suitable for new beginnings and changes. At this time it is worth to relax and have fun, and to understand your desires and yourself. It seems that the monkey will not be offended.