For this simple way of guessing love at home, you will only need a 36-card deck of cards. The only requirement is that this mandatory fortune-telling attribute is specifically designed to anticipate future events. If you have not had time to acquire a special fortunetelling pack, it's okay, you just need to buy new playing cards. Those that have once been used for the game, do not fit.

How to read love home?

There is a ritual that helps maps to better "tune" to the wave of the future and speak only the truth. To do this, it is necessary that the cat should go through them (you can not make it, you can only call to yourself, and on its way you can spread the deck with a path), or that an innocent unmarried girl can sit on them for a few minutes. If you suddenly started to predict, but one or more playing sheets fell out of your hands, it is considered an unfavorable moment for the ritual. Cards can be "updated" with the help of the same cat or girl, but if the element of the deck breaks out again - postpone the event to a more successful time: you will not get the truth on that day.

Guessing on love in the home: scenario for her beloved boyfriend

So, our guessing on the beloved is aimed at finding out what is happening to the person you have envisioned, about what he thinks, what is in his heart, what he wants, wants what can happen to him. In addition, it is also permissible to make guesses of any particular person about whom we want to receive information, and not just an object of love claims.

Think about whose destiny you care about, try to visualize it. Concentrate on the image for a few minutes, try to feel the energy of this person - for this, remember how you feel next to him.

Now properly shuffle the deck and remove it with your left hand, thumb or little finger. What is removed, it is necessary to put under the bottom of the card deck. Now we lay out on the table a map, which through our diligent manipulations found itself at the top. Repeat this procedure, remembering to shuffle and shoot each time, five more times, until you have six main cards in front of you. The rest can simply be postponed - more we will not need it. Now you can start to interpret.

The value maps for the alignment of love

The first card is thoughts. It shows what the thinking activity of the enigmatic person is now directed at, what attracts his attention most of all in the surrounding world.

The second is the heart. This is an emotional component of the nature of a loved one. Wherever his mind is directed, emotions can be very different. How exactly - find out by interpreting.

The third is its near future or even the events of the present, which will be of key importance in the future.

The fourth is the burning desire. They can be from a number of "castles in the air", and quite practical. By the way, this information will help you learn how you personally can meet the needs of a sweet.

Fifth - dreams and hopes. Relate to a farther future and show a vector of actions. As a rule, they are more complicated than the present claims.

Sixth - speaks about what is happening in a person's life at the moment.

The value of the cards for divination

Divination at Christmas: Christmas mystery

Habitation fortune telling is a tradition that has lasted from time immemorial. This sacred period begins with Christmas and ends on the night of Epiphany. So how to correctly guess at this time?

Guessing on love in the home

In order to resort to this widespread method of recognizing information from the Universe, get a pack of 36 cards. Use the above tips to choose a fortuneteller to get the most successful result.

Now shuffle the deck well, hold it in your hands, mentally asking the necessary question, making a wish or simply visually modeling the situation exciting you. Start spreading three cards in a row, finding among them "yourself." The Queen of Diamonds / King of Diamonds correspond to young and unmarried, worm figures - those who are already tied up in marriage, and clubs - to elderly people.

The two cards that fell out with the figure of the fortuneteller indicate the answer to the question or the details of an important life situation for you. This method is great for finding out your perspective on a personal front or to see what is happening in the life of a man that is being conceived.

Guessing on paper at Christmas

For the necessary manipulations, we need only something writing (pen, pencil, lipstick ...) and what you can write on (paper, notebook, piece of wallpaper in the hallway).

At the top or center of the sheet, in capital letters write the word LUNA. Immediately under it draw a square and from the inside divide it into four parts, drawing a vertical and horizontal lines. On the right side of the main large square, we draw another smaller square. Starting with the left figure from above, we enter the names of four young people whose fates are of interest to us. The fifth, last, square is filled with the favorite number (you can number). Now again, we take the upper left square and from it we count the names of the guys a number of times (according to the principle of the child's counting). To the person who stopped the account, it is necessary to be deleted. Then we count the same number of times in the word LUNA and cross out the letter on which we stopped. We compare the name of the person with the crossed out letter and proceed to the interpretation:

  • L – love,
  • U - respects,
  • H – hates it
  • A – loves.

With the following names we do the same procedure, but now the account does not take into account the guys whose name is crossed out. The letters in the word LUNA are also not taken into account. That's all it took to conduct this quick guessing of love at home!