New Year's holidays are always a welcome and long-awaited time. Indeed, on the eve of the New Year, the hope for miraculous changes in life comes to life in our hearts. Gifts to family and friends, decoration of the Christmas tree, discussion of the festive menu - constant attributes of preparation for the New Year. And how cozy to spend family evenings, listening to the music of the December blizzard outside the window. The tale of the New Year will be that magic "bridge" between parents and children, a warm and touching memory for years to come.

What to choose fairy tales for children about the New Year? In our selection you will find works of folk art for children of different ages - for very young children and for older children. Read stories about the New Year for children will be interesting not only to kids, but also to adults. We invite parents to make an exciting "journey to childhood" together with the characters of your favorite New Year's Soviet tales. "Snow Queen", "Frosty", "Twelve Months" are truly masterpieces of world literature, on examples of which were brought up more than one generation.

Tales of the New year – for kids

Little children under three years of age only learn to perceive sounds and words, imitating what they hear from adults. Therefore, at this age, kids are most likely to perceive short stories about the New Year in a poetic form. These are simple works with a minimal number of characters and a lack of dialogues that are well received by ear.

Among the modern fairy tales for kids about the New year can mark a book "New year's eve. A mouse tale"(author Moore, Clement Clark, 2014). In this gift copy with "live" illustrations described in verse is an amazing meeting of the father-mouse and Santa Claus, which occurred on New Year's Eve. True, all the mouse family at this time slept sound sleep. So in the morning, about the visit of the night visitor, only the gifts left in the socks hung by the fireplace were testified. Colorful design, large illustrations, voluminous moving elements of pictures give the book a real fairy look.

Children's stories about the New year - for preschool and younger school age

For small readers and listeners of this age category it will be interesting to plunge into the magical world of New Year's tales and stories written by both domestic and foreign writers. Consider the most popular works of the New Year's "chtiva."

"The adventures of Christmas toys" (author Rakitina E. V. 2014)

According to the story, the most common Christmas toys under the "magic" effect of the New Year suddenly come to life and become participants in amazing adventures. On the pages of this entertaining book there is a festive New Year's atmosphere, and funny characters will necessarily affect the most kind strings of the soul. We all come from childhood! Adult readers will also be interested in again experiencing the forgotten feeling of the New Year's miracle.

"The Adventures Of Julius Dandelion. Save the New year!" (the author Andreas H. Smaht, 2014)

This children's fairy tale about the New Year tells about the family of rabbits, who forgot in the pre-holiday turmoil about the main ornament - the Christmas tree. Deliver the home of the festive tree volunteered rabbit Julius. But what kind of "Christmas tree" brought Julius? Read this amazingly touching tale and you will learn an interesting denouement of history.

"The New Year. Terribly complicated case" (by Akim J. L. Zolotov A. Dragunsky, V. Y. 2014)

Do you like detectives? Then the plot's intricacies of this New Year's history will force the reader to experience, along with secret agents, exciting adventures and investigations. Finally, you will know the answer - is there actually a Santa Claus? The publication also contains interesting lists about the history of the New Year, the traditions of the celebration in different countries, New Year's treats.

Soviet tales about the New year

Many modern parents remember the amazingly good fairy tales of their childhood, filled with the spirit of magic. The unpretentious plots of the works have long become classics and are happily re-read by adults and children. The best New Year and Christmas tales "come from the USSR" - choose and read!

"The Nutcracker, or the Mouse king" (author E. T. A. Hoffmann)

This romantic German fairy tale about the adventures of the girl Marie and the broken Nutcracker doll. In the finale, the Nutcracker's miraculous transformation into a beautiful prince boy, - in fact, what he was before his transformation, committed by the evil Mouse King. Of course, this happy event is preceded by a lot of amazing fairy-tale events that make readers experience a variety of emotions. To read this New Year's children's fairy-tale it is possible many times, and it is even better to watch and listen to a beautiful ballet by P.I. Tchaikovsky, based on this work.

"The snow maiden" (by V. I. Dal)

Winter fairy tale about a beautiful girl made of snow and melted from the heat of a fire at the end of the story. As an option - Snegurochka remains to live with a woman with her grandfather. Therefore, depending on the variation, the ending of a fairy tale can be both sad and cheerful.

"The snow Queen" (author H. C. Andersen)

This children's New Year's fairy tale tells about the boy Kay, bewitched and stolen by the evil Snow Queen. Faithful Gerda, after experiencing amazing adventures, finds a stolen boy and his icy heart warms up with tears. The children leave the palace of the lady of snow and ice and safely return home together.

Many remember the magnificent Soviet cartoons about the New Year with their kind and touching heroes. Tens of years colorful "moving" pictures attracted everyone's attention - the TV screens enjoyed the time with adults and children. Of course, against the background of modern multimedia technologies, the current generation of viewers is not so easy to surprise with "simple" drawing scenes. However, Soviet "cartoon" tales of the New Year (video of popular paintings are presented below) still carry a particle of the holiday, good and light. For this we love them!

"Santa Claus and the Grey wolf" (1978)

In the basis of the picture lay the "classic" plot of the kidnapping of wolf little ones. But you need to celebrate the New Year! Fortunately, the kids are helped by Snowman, forest animals and Father Frost himself. Chase, disguise, intrigues of artful "kidnappers" - the plot of the cartoon is very lively and dynamic.

"Snowman-mailer" (1955)

In this New Year's fairy tale Snowman receives from children an important task - to bring Grandfather Frost a letter with a request to send a Christmas tree for the New Year. However, the intrigues of the forest villains Wolf, Fox and Filin are aimed at stealing the letter and handing it over to Santa Claus. Cunning people expected to receive a lot of gifts in return. With the help of the Snowman Snowman and puppy Druzhok safely deliver the letter to the addressee, and the children receive a luxuriant and elegant Christmas tree.