Tales of the New year – for kids


Among the modern fairy tales for kids about the New year can mark a book "New year's eve. A mouse tale"(author Moore, Clement Clark, 2014){!LANG-357ac3463d9e4dbaf300dc53184b7801!}

Children's stories about the New year - for preschool and younger school age


"The adventures of Christmas toys" (author Rakitina E. V. 2014)


"The Adventures Of Julius Dandelion. Save the New year!" (the author Andreas H. Smaht, 2014)


"The New Year. Terribly complicated case" (by Akim J. L. Zolotov A. Dragunsky, V. Y. 2014)


Soviet tales about the New year


"The Nutcracker, or the Mouse king" (author E. T. A. Hoffmann)


"The snow maiden" (by V. I. Dal)


"The snow Queen" (author H. C. Andersen)



"Santa Claus and the Grey wolf" (1978)


"Snowman-mailer" (1955)