Many of us find it difficult to choose the right words for the official speech, which must be pronounced before a large audience at an important event. For example, preparing for a solemn event in honor of the Constitution Day of Russia, you should think in advance and very carefully. It should reflect your true attitude to the event and express deep respect. Therefore, words in prose can be supplemented with citations of great thinkers, writers of the present or memories of a historical event. In addition, you can choose a beautiful poem that will create a pleasant atmosphere for the celebration of the Constitution Day.

When celebrating Constitution Day in Russia?

The official celebration of the Constitution Day in the Russian Federation takes place on December 12. It was on this day in 1993 that the Basic Law was adopted, which became the basis for a new democratic system of Russia.

Congratulations on the Constitution Day in verse

Congratulations and I wish

For such an occasion.

We do not like the trap.

Let the laws be eternal

In the life of everyone,

Let Russia flourish,

Walking the new road!

Beautiful, congratulations with the Constitution Day of Russia celebrations in prose

The Basic Law became the mainstay for the future of Russia in the 1990s-an era of complex changes and the introduction of a fundamentally new state system. Today, noting the Constitution Day, we not only honor this main law. We express deep respect for the legislative structure that is designed to protect our social status, protect the rights and freedoms of every citizen of Russia. A huge and complex legal system begins from the Constitution, which suppresses corruption, theft and impunity. Let this day each of us think about how much labor was invested for the prosperity of law and justice in our country, and how much we still have to do.

The Constitution is the beginning of human rights. A valuable source that gives direction for the development of democracy and equality in society. With this main source of the starts of the civil law and all laws regulating the legal device of great power. Our task is to protect the source of justice from corruption and illegal decisions, and not to forget the importance of laws in our lives. With the Day of Constitution, dear compatriots! Let this holiday will be the important moments in your process of establishing the status of a responsible citizen with a strong democratic position.

The Constitution is a strong nucleus, around which new laws and regulations are growing. A whole, thoroughly thought out basis, which determines the people the main source of power. On Constitution Day of Russia, remember that laws are created for us, and their observance, of course, is aimed at the benefit of each of us.

Solemn verses on Constitution Day

Congratulations on this day!

How much importance, hope,

We in Russia are modern.

Let the force of law

Original congratulations on the Constitution Day in prose

Even in ancient times, the great philosopher Heraclitus said: "For the law, the people must fight like a city wall." Only the law can stop injustice and give true freedom, put all people on equal terms and protect their rights. The Constitution is the main law that everyone should know about. A law that, like an inviolable wall, will protect in any disputable situation. Read and respect the Constitution, which protects our freedom and the sovereignty of the state.

Adoption of the Constitution is an important historical moment. This is a symbolic step into a new life, a symbol of the maturity of the people, their education and the strength of the spirit. In honor of the day of the adoption of this fundamental document, I want to wish that peace, tranquility and justice prevail in our country.

A French philosopher once said: "Where laws can be violated under the pretext of general salvation, there is no constitution." And this is a true statement. The Constitution should be clearly stated, a strong foundation, aimed at protecting human rights. It was such a Constitution that was adopted in the last century in the Russian Federation. From year to year we honor this day and those who worked on the creation of the law. Congratulations, dear compatriots! Let each of us remember the importance of the Constitution and no one will dare to violate its main laws!

Short greetings with the Day of Constitution in verse.

For freedom and order

This date is for Russia

Very memorable, important!

Funny happy Constitution Day in prose

Happy Constitution Day, the Russians. Let not every one of us read it at least once in a lifetime, but everyone believes in its strength and annually celebrates this day!

The constitution of the state and the constitution of the citizen is an identical concept. This is the law, which can be called the basis of democracy, humanity of justice and equality. On this day, I want to wish all my compatriots that the Constitution was the eternal guardian of our interests and freedoms!

The Constitution and our own forces are what everyone of us can always rely on. On Constitution Day, I wish prosperity to our state and eternal supremacy of law and law!

The day of the Russian Constitution is celebrated not only at solemn events. You can congratulate a colleague, friend or friend on this holiday. To do this, choose a beautiful verse or a funny congratulation in prose. Convenient short text messages on Constitution Day are a ready-made solution for those who wish to congratulate compatriots on their mobile phones or social networks. Poems with the mention of history are often read on the lines and holidays in schools and universities.