The newspaper for the New 2016: materials and tools



  • a sheet of drawing paper – size A1
  • templates images
  • pieces of flat foam – thickness up to 5 mm
  • ceramic tile as a work surface
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • with white glue
  • colored wax crayons
  • the double sided tape
  • with a utility knife
  • satin ribbon
  • wrappers from chocolates

How to draw the newspaper on new year 2016 year of the Monkey - step by step instructions

  1. To start, find and printable templates of Christmas items and characters. On websites you can always find a variety of Christmas trees, Santa clauses, and Snowmen Snegureac. Of course, you can choose a color option, but the use of black-and-white format of the workpiece gives scope of our imagination.

  • Selected and printed blanks need to be cut and placed on the sheet of paper. Do not forget to mark with a marker the location of the individual parts.

  • Remove parts from the sheet and wax chalk blue or blue color, make the background.

  • Placed figures on pieces of dense foam and draw out the contours with a black marker. Now parts can be removed and manually finish the internal parts.

  • Pieces of foam with painted patterns of the future of Newspapers should be spread on the surface of ceramic tile, and then with a utility knife, carefully cut along the contour. Turned out the foam figurines of Christmas characters. Take green wax crayon and trace the outline of the tree branches.
  • Colored candy wrappings are finely cut into many glittering fragments.

  • Proceed to the "prettification" of certain details with the sequin of the wrappers. For Christmas tree ornaments apply glue on its surface (with the exception of green contours), and then "showered" shiny pieces. In the same way, only from the blue sequin, "do" items of clothing to Santa Claus and snow maiden – hats, collars, gloves.

  • The words "happy New Year 2016" and other elements, decorate with crayons. It remains to glue double-sided tape separate pieces to a sheet of drawing paper and – newspaper for the New 2016 with his hands ready. As decoration for the Christmas tree, you can also use satin ribbons.



    • a sheet of drawing paper A1 size
    • gouache or watercolor
    • PVA glue
    • brush
    • colored paper
    • toothbrush

    How to make a newspaper on New year 2016 with your hands: step by step instructions


    1. Applied to the sheet of drawing paper tone in the form of streaks, waves, snowflakes or small dots. Importantly, the basis is not "cut eye" and was decorated in soothing shades of blue, blue, yellow. The edges of the sheet to leave a margin of 2 cm.
    2. Do the layout of the main elements of the new year wall newspaper – place title, labels, pictures. For example, the header location can be performed in different ways: on the text sideways, diagonally, at an angle.

  • The figures to the Christmas newspaper on 2016год can do it yourself using watercolors or gouache. Original look of the applique from the Christmas coloring pages cut and pasted onto the newspaper. Remained beautiful to paint in "Christmas" colors.

  • Details of colored paper you can easily make unusual and festive. Take a dry brush, dip in gouache and "butting" apply paint to paper. With the same purpose, you can use a toothbrush.

  • In the newspaper on New year's eve 2016 posted interesting notes about the holiday – the names of Santa Claus in different countries, the origin story of the New year and Christmas tree poems. The result is this lovely creature:

    How to make a poster on the year of 2016 with their hands: step-by-step master class

    New year poster – a great opportunity to lighten the mood with a good portion of humor. That can be placed on the poster? Drawings, applique, friendly cartoons, funny notes and pictures. Well, of course, a symbol of 2016 – fun Monkey!


    • a sheet of drawing paper
    • paints – watercolor or gouache
    • colored pencils or markers
    • line
    • scissors
    • photos of students or staff working
    • magazine clippings of a Christmas theme

    Posters 2016 - step by step instructions

    1. Placed on the sheet of paper all the elements of the poster, and then glue.
    2. Made out of signature notes and comments for each image. A Christmas poem of his own composition will be the highlight of your festive poster.
    3. Coloring sheet with bright colors. However, do not forget about compliance with color harmony – catchy "flashy" shades may look too harsh in the overall composition.