Divination are perceived today as some fun, a way to pass the time and even have fun. However, by their nature, they are ancient rituals, such as divination at Christmas in boots, aimed to get in touch with otherworldly forces and to learn from them any information about your future. That's why one should not treat divination lightly, because often they represent more complex procedure than it may seem at first glance.
Most of the divination conducted during the period from Christmas to Epiphany, because, according to legends, it was at this time coming from the dead souls of the dead. It is believed that during this period you can look at the face of his fate.
  There is a huge amount of different fortune-telling that takes place at Christmas. Some of them are popular to this day, others are almost never remembered. So, we can not fail to mention fortune-telling for Christmas by the boot.

How to do it correctly on boot?

The purpose of divination at Christmas time to boot, and most other divination, is to determine exactly when she will find love and get married.
It is carried out as follows. An unmarried girl goes out and shoots with his left foot boots. Of course, there is no reference to a particular type of shoes, so for the ritual to work equally well as boots, slipper, shoes, etc.
  Then it is necessary to throw the removed boot over the left shoulder as far as possible on the road. By the way he falls, the girl reads her future.

Divination at Christmas at boot: values

One of the reasons why this fortune-telling at Christmas in the boots is so popular lies in the very simple interpretation. In other words, any girl can easily read the results and see what kind of future is awaiting her.

  So, after you threw the boot on the road, you need to pay attention to the direction in which he points with his toe:

  • if the toe looks to the side of the house where the girl, this means that next year she should not expect marriage, and she'll spend the time until the next Christmas in their home
  • if the toe of his boot aimed in the other direction from the house, it is there and worth waiting for her boyfriend, who will appear in her life soon.

Other divination by the boot for Christmas

There are different fortune-telling at Christmas, boots in which play a key role. For example, many of the girls resort to the following.
Need to take boots and put in it a piece of sugar or candy, slice of bread, a ring, a coin, a rag, a toy, a drink, and onion. The girls stirred in the boot items, and alternately bring them out. What will happen to the fair sex, the same fate waits in next year.
The interpretation is very, very simple:

  • sugar or candy promise a sweet life
  • a piece of bread — to prosperity and fullness
  • a ring means an early marriage or a meeting with his love in the near future
  • coin is a sign that the girl will meet the groom in the money
  • the rag indicates that the groom will be weak and helpless
  • toy promises pregnancy and child birth
  • a glass - to a cheerful and wild life;
  • onion means tears, miseries, and sorrows.

This divination can have many variants of its design. So, for example, in some regions, instead of the bulbs traditionally use salt. In addition, over time, the list of relevant items were changed and updated depending on what was desired of the fair sex, and what they feared.
For example, a modern girl, in addition to other things, also put in the boots of a pair of scissors and the keys. The scissors are a sign that the relationship in which she resides at the moment, will soon end. But the keys indicate the next extension to your living space.
As suggested by this divination at Christmas, boots have to be exactly those objects that belong directly to girls trying to find their future.
  Thus, there are various types of fortunetelling, which are traditionally held for Christmas, the main essence of which is the use of boots. With their help, the girls have the opportunity to understand what exactly is preparing them for the future.

  Nevertheless, if you are planning to do fortune-telling, remember - very much depends on your inner mood. You just have to believe that the good will come true, and for bad results, do not pay attention to fortune telling for Christmas in boots. If you sincerely wait for your happiness, then it will find you!