Despite the fact that cats live with us for many centuries, this animal remains a mystery to humans. Since ancient times, cats had a special magic, and people always pay attention to their behavior. This animal symbolizes the mysteries that lie deep in the subconscious of man. Divination with a cat is characterized by its simplicity and accuracy of the answers, so to this day are very popular.

Divination with a cat: Value

With cats from time immemorial, there are many signs and beliefs among many peoples. In Egypt, they were particularly revered and appreciated, at a certain period of history the Egyptians even worshiped this animal, considering it sacred. A cat always appears in a person's house, when he especially needs protection from the dark forces, choosing his own house. All the signs that are associated with them, appeared due to the observation of these animals and did not arise for nothing from scratch. They have an important function, they can generate negative energy and process it into light and cleaner.

  This animal stands guard over two worlds, reliably protecting the home and owner from the penetration of dark negative energy. If you decide to settle in your cat's house, it's important not to choose it yourself, but to wait for the animal to choose you. It is not necessary to chase the thoroughbred beautiful cats, wait for the moment when your mug will meet on the way, and it does not matter if it is thoroughbred or not. Often people underestimate the appearance of a cat in their home, because his help is not visible to the human eye.

Divination with a cat on Christmas and Boxing day

Watching the cat, it is possible to predict many events in your life, it is necessary to be careful and pay attention to what is happening around. Consider the basic divination associated with cats.

Divination with a cat on the desire

This ritual is best spent on the eve of the New Year or during the Christmas season. Arrange with the cat in different rooms, so she had to cross the threshold of the place where you are. Make a wish, concentrate on it and call your pet. By the way the cat enters the room, you will give an interpretation of the ritual:

  • if she crosses the threshold of the room left foot – your wish will come true soon
  • if you go with the right paw – it was not destined to be fulfilled.

Also, this ritual can apply when moving to a new home, paying attention to how paws pet comes into the house.

Divination by the cat on the weather

Watching the cat, you can accurately predict the weather. This guessing has been used for more than one hundred years and is true.

  1. If the cat curled up and tucked under her tail – should I expect rain.
  2. In the winter, this behavior foreshadows fierce frosts.
  3. Strong cat's dream, in which it is impossible to Wake the animal, speaks of the warm weather.
  4. If the cat severely scratching the walls and door, the weather will be windy and in the winter you should expect snow storms.
  5. If summer cat basking on the back, this situation portends a hot day, and perhaps even drought.
  6. If washes and licks feet – so the day will be clear and Sunny.
  7. Sneezing cat portends rain.
  8. The animal licks the skin – expect rainy weather.

The value of the image of a cat in dark

Very often the cat's image arises during various divination, and in each case the animal symbolizes our personal fears and experiences, which we encounter in everyday life. Consider what this image means in the most common rituals.

  1. On a coffee thick. The silhouette of the animal in this case warns of the possible dangers and implementing your worst forebodings. It can also be suffering, depression, lack of energy and pain of the soul when you experience various troubles that lie ahead.
  2. On the wax. The appearance of the image in this case indicates the presence of a rival in love Affairs. It can also be a warning of appearance of dangerous and bad man will bring into your life a lot of trouble and negativity. Also pay attention to their negative qualities, which can affect relationships with loved ones. Perhaps you will need to adjust their behavior and even some character traits.

If in any practices of divination you encounter a cat, this can mean that the person himself is to blame for the problems that have entered his life. In this case, it is up to the individual to decide the solution to these problems and change the situation for the better. When the divination of a cat is performed, the image of a cat can also mean the need for a person to go through some kind of karmic lessons in order to reveal the hidden sides of his personality and character.