Insurance companies help us to protect ourselves from losses, over which we are not powerful. Employees of such commercial firms know exactly what services to offer their customers and how to convey the main idea - the protection of personal safety. On the day of the insurer, we are grateful to people who are acting professionally and honestly, who consider rendering assistance to others their duty. To congratulate on the day of the insurer, you can choose a beautiful or funny poem, but no less pleasant surprise will be the congratulatory words in prose.

When is the Day of the insurer in Russia and CIS countries

In Russia, the day of the insurer falls on October 6. In Ukraine, this professional holiday is celebrated on September 17, and in Belarus - on the first Saturday of December.

Festive greeting on the Day of the insurer in prose

It is believed that insurance companies have been operating in Russia for more than eight decades. Often their services become the last hope for those who lost everything as a result of spontaneous floods, fire or other life circumstances. More often, insurance is a magical tool that allows a person to be confident in their future and get rid of fear of loss. People who chose work in the insurance field, together with the profession, undertook an implicit promise to help others, support, and offer honest solutions. With gratitude we congratulate such people on the Day of the Insurer and wish prosperity in business and in personal life.

On the day of the insurer, real professionals! You give people confidence, and sometimes hope, stronger than which there is nothing. You give a carefree life to others, although for you it seems like a daily routine. Bring the most important idea - to think about tomorrow, to protect yourself from life's misfortunes. You are not only employees of the insurance company. You are real psychologists, economists and fortune tellers! Let in your work always there will be an honesty and an openness, and in exchange you will receive sincere gratitude.

In the old days, knights erected castles and fortresses, and in the modern world insurance became the best protection. Thank you, employees of insurance companies, emergency commissioners, agents and consultants for the calmness and confidence in the future that the fruits of your work bring to us.

Beautiful congratulations on the Day of the insurer in verse

On the Day of the Insurer!

Today without insurance

Do not bypass our lives

Let there be a whole life

Happy and carefree.

Humorous and funny greetings with the day of the insurer in prose

They say that when there is not a single doubt in making a decision, it's time to hedge. And it is true. What the intuition or own instinct does not tell us can be accurately analyzed and predicted by the insurance agent. I congratulate everyone on the Day of the Insurer and wish in life less cases of insurance, and more pleasant and fateful meetings.

The life of each of us is a policy. The more we invest in it, the better we protect. And this protection is in the hands of our insurers. On your professional holiday, I want to remember that in addition to working obligations, the insurer is primarily a person's helper who can correctly understand and correctly send it.

With the Day of the insurer of all those who have dedicated their lives to a worthy cause - caring for the well-being of other people. Let honesty be your faithful companion on the path to personal self-realization in the insurance industry, and labor will be rewarded with financial well-being.

Short poems for the Day of the insurer.

On the Day of the Insurer

So nice to congratulate,

Those who can safely