For many of us, the everyday work of EMERCOM employees remains unnoticed, because we do not face catastrophes or ravages every day of our lives. However, brigades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations save lives on a daily basis. On the Day of the Rescuer, it is customary to congratulate all those who are connected with this difficult profession. Ordinary citizens of Russia should remember the representatives of this heroic service. Therefore, in order to express our gratitude and respectful attitude to the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, be sure to choose a beautiful congratulation in verse or prose.

When celebrate day of the rescuer in Russia and CIS countries

Day of the rescuer in Russia is celebrated on December, 27th. Officially, this tradition was fixed by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1995. The day of civil protection workers in Ukraine is celebrated on September 17, in Belarus on January 19, and in Kazakhstan on October 19.

Touching poems to the Day of rescuer

With the Day of the Rescuer of all those,

Who does not give up for life,

Doomed that one for success,

Who can be strong.

Will leave in the world a trace only that,

Who firmly knows his business,

Who is not afraid of any heights,

Neither to reach the limit.

I wish you from the heart

Family warmth, coziness,

The successes of small and large,

And in life - the right route!

Happy Rescuer Day of Russia!

In heaven, the Lord decided,

That this way is necessary to you,

And you hurried to the service.

You thought this was just a job?

In temperament the temper was tempered,

In the smoke of fires, disasters

The path was becoming clearer.

Now you know what to save -

The call to the end of the century.

I am proud that life is ready to give

You are for a stranger.

Happy Rescuer Day! I wish

In a difficult time you do not give up,

Let your companion from God

Nearby will be,

Let luck go along,

And hope will come in handy!

The official and solemn greetings on Day of the rescuer in prose

The difficult and risky profession of the rescuer requires an unlimited supply of courage and courage. Real professionals who can quickly navigate in a difficult situation, in life-threatening conditions, show themselves to be truly heroic deeds. Clarity and discretion in action, dedication and teamwork in teams will save hundreds of lives throughout our country every day. You are not only the rescuers of human lives. You are the rescuers of the nation, a modern example of courage and incredible dedication. Congratulations, dear employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations!

Friedrich Nietzsche said the correct and very relevant for the modern day words: "There are more idols in the world than real heroes". It's hard for a simple person to distinguish a true hero from an idol. We admire the stars of show business, successful entrepreneurs and business coaches, without knowing or not noticing the merits and deeds, which are not screamed at every corner, about the heroic events that occur every day. We are talking about the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. That's who we should honor as true modern heroes. Today, on the Day of the Rescuer, we express our deep gratitude for that daily heroism, which you modestly consider your duty and work. Thank you and happy holiday!

To the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations I wish to easily overcome not only the elements and catastrophes, but also any obstacles in my personal life. Let your self-confidence and your holy mission save lives overwhelms the whole world! Thank you for your dedication and courage!

The original congratulations to the staff of the Ministry in verse

With the holiday of the rescuer, an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations!

Do not be overwhelmed by fuss, fatigue, stress!

Let the work be full of only words of gratitude,

May the Lord save from evil and deceit.

Let the landslides do not threaten, the flame fades,

And water flow of the river itself let dry.

Without accidents, disasters let it be calm.

In general, live in peace happy, worthy!

Happy Rescuer Day! I know

Life is so complicated for you,

It is full of risks,

Every day is disturbing.

But he will be happy,

Who has found his right path,

Who is madly tired,

But he does not dare to rest.

Who will suffer his pain,

But he will save in the fire of another,

Who is involved in the work?

And responsibly, and strictly.

Until the last,

When there is no power at times.

These qualities are in you,

Our modern hero!

Happy Rescuer Day! Let it get stronger

Let the pursuit of luck

And in all the "lucky".

Do not let you have it

Neither serious catastrophes,

No tasks are complicated.

For strangers you are lives

You give the second chance.

We are proud of you

You are a hero for us!

Beautiful wishes on the Day of the rescuer in prose

Saving lives is a high spiritual mission. This contribution to mankind is incomparable with any achievements in science or literature. This is a spiritual contribution to preserve the most valuable treasure - human existence. Congratulations, our dear rescuers, on your professional holiday. May you be lucky in this difficult mission.

They say that by extending a helping hand to another, you are helping yourself. The ability to help is one of the highest manifestations of good. Thank you, rescuers, for that special and unselfish good to which you devoted your life.

The rescuer, like a warrior, risks his life for the sake of others, finds an outlet in incredibly difficult conditions and does not give up in front of the elements or a catastrophe, like the last warrior in front of an enemy army. Congratulations on the Day of the Rescuer of all employees of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the most brave defenders of our lives!

Short quatrains on the Day of the rescuer for SMS and cards

If you are drawn to adventure -

This can not be fixed.

Happy Rescuer Day

I want to congratulate!

Happy Rescuer Day, my friend!

Let the flame only burn in the soul,

You for courage, hero,

Russia all thanks!

Savior, happy holiday!

Let life be a lot of happiness,

There will be no earthquakes,

Forest fires and bad weather!

Happy Rescuer Day! I wish

I'm a hurricane of passions,

And good news!

I wish: let the happiness

Your eyes are burning,

It's only necessary to save

On the tree kittens!

Cool congratulations on the rescuer's Day in prose

Each era has its own heroes. Noble knights in heavy armor, seeking to help at the most dangerous moment. Brave musketeers, ready and fight on swords, and save an innocent man. All of them acted according to one law - the law of honor. Also, you knights of the present, brave musketeers, do not spare your life, put the matter of honor above all else. Thank you for courage, bravery and courage, our dear rescuers!

  • after the storm always comes the calm
  • after the fire, the fog always scatters
  • after the flood the earth dries up and gives a new fruit

And after your good deeds, happy smiles of saved people always remain. With a holiday you, dear workers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia!

If among your friends or relatives there are employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, be sure to surprise them with a congratulation on the Day of the Rescuer. A close person can choose a cool wish or a comic poem. For a more formal speech, select the finished congratulation for the day of the lifeguard in prose, in which you can emphasize the importance of this profession for the people. But, most importantly, let the congratulations you choose express sincere admiration for these real heroes - brave and brave rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.