Day heroes of the Fatherland is dedicated to those who showed heroism in the name of the Motherland. Many heroes-participants of the Great Patriotic War received the Order of Glory, St. George, as well as the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union. In order to emphasize the importance of this day for the modern generation, it is desirable to choose a good congratulation in prose or in verse with a mention of historical events. On this day it is customary to congratulate heroes with beautiful poems, postcards and solemn speeches.

When we celebrate the heroes of the Fatherland Day in Russia?

Since 2007, the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland in Russia is celebrated every year on December 9. It is a day of glory and memory of Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. In addition, on this day honored knights of the Order of Glory and the holders of the Order of Alexander Nevsky and St. George. The latter today is considered the highest military award.

Official greetings to the heroes of the Fatherland Day in prose

Congratulations on the Day of the heroes of the Fatherland of those great people who did not spare their lives in the battle for the Motherland, those who risked and did not give up in the name of victory, who defended the honor of cities and the people's right to their identity. Congratulations to all compatriots! Every Russian should know that in addition to the heroes who come to us from the fog of the past in school textbooks and documentary stories, there are also modern heroes. These are courageous and brave people who put the word "honor" at the head of the whole world. Respect and honor to all who are awarded the Order of St. George and other heroic signs in our days!

Being a hero is not an accident. Being a hero is a willingness, determination, an unshakable confidence that you can sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others. The Order of Alexander Nevsky, Suvorov, St. George awarded the true heroes. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union is proudly worn by real warriors, who embodied all the strength of their spirit in their exploits for the Motherland. These are people who deserve the greatest respect, because they were not afraid to risk their lives for the benefit of others. Happy holiday, real heroes! Let your life be bright and joyful!

No wonder they say that heroes are not born, but become. And for this you do not need to be elected or special. On the day of the memory of the heroes of military events, great military leaders and soldiers, I want to say that everyone can be a hero. Our heroism in daily actions, in the desire to be useful and selfless, in the desire to go to the victorious end and save the life of another person. I wish all courage, courage and readiness for heroic deeds for the benefit of the family, society and the Motherland!

Special greetings heroes of the Fatherland Day in verse

Happy Heroes Day of the Fatherland!

Courage and honor,

Courage and other parties

Do not find such!

I'm the heroes of modern!

I wish you successes

Both pleasant and excellent!

Beautiful greetings to the heroes of the Fatherland Day in prose

A courageous and fearless warrior never gives up. Whether it's the ringing of the sabers of the Middle Ages, the thunder of tanks of the World War or the roar of an enemy fighter in the sky. Even without weapons, after drinking the last drop of drinking water and losing a friend in battle, the hero does not give up. Even without having anything, he will never stop and will never lose the most important thing: faith in himself, faith in the Fatherland and faith in his victory. Happy Heroes Day! Always remember those who defend our country!

They say that the real hero is someone who gets up, even when he can not. In these words, the whole essence, which distinguishes an ordinary person about the hero. Never get discouraged, get up and fight for your Motherland. On the day of the memory and honor of the heroes of the Fatherland, let each of us think about the limitlessness of their possibilities and their belief in themselves. Congratulations!

Heroism is a state of mind. In order to be a hero, it does not have to be a strong or well-trained military case. You just need to sincerely love the Motherland, the people around you and the whole world. Happy holiday, the real heroes of the Fatherland!

Congratulations to the heroes of the Fatherland Day in verse

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