Many different holidays exist in the world. Conditionally they can be divided into categories: professional, personal, church, etc. But there is a special kind of holidays, which can not be forgotten - holidays of the armed forces of the country. Severe men in military uniform also celebrate their holidays and are waiting for their friends and relatives to remember them and congratulate them. The military communications troops are the most peace-loving troops. They do not take part in battles, do not shoot from cannon and submachine guns, do not go up into the sky and do not sink, but, despite this, they protect us! And they know a lot: what is happening in the sky, and where the submarine hid - the "ears" of the armed forces! So, let's indulge these "ears" with warm words and congratulations on their professional holiday!

When celebrating the Day of military communications in Russia?

Every year on October, 20th all military communications of the Russian Federation celebrate their professional holiday. Although the communications troops began to exist in the second half of the 19th century, the official holiday was approved only on October 20, 1919.

Congratulations on the Day of military communications in the verses

On the day of military communications

Let the dreams come true,

Let all that come true,

What, my friend, you're up to.

May love be with you,

Do not let the joy,

Every day will be wonderful,

Let the trouble and sadness go away.

Be always an example for everyone,

Brave and brave be,

And in love, and in service first

Be, my friend, this is your way!

I congratulate the signalmen of the whole country,

I want to wish you guys so much:

Let the cherished dreams be fulfilled,

Life will be easy, let the road.

Let the eyes do not know bitter tears,

Do not let the ears hear rudeness,

Let all good things come of dreams,

Increasing for you once, for example, in two hundred!

Neither day nor night, awake,

The boy follows closely the air,

He is not a child, he is not one dozen times

Reported on his service to the commander.

He will hear everything that is said and transmitted,

To all those who are waiting for his news for many kilometers ...

Once, as a child, he played soldiers,

Now he understands the importance of each moment.

Such guys in the service of the country,

Dozens, hundreds, thousands - there are many of them,

They were not born for the sake of glory,

The rest of the country - that's their way in life!

How bad it would be without communication,

I would have to fall in the mud,

In winter, in the snow, in the summer in the heat,

To run the messenger from the front line.

But, thank God, there are signalmen,

Though an even path, though stony,

Everywhere they will build a connection,

So that the soldier could call in the unit.

We wish you, friends, signalmen,

Let life be easy and clean,

Let her be in her love and friendship,

All that is so necessary for happiness!

Congratulations on the Day of the military signalman in their own words

I want to congratulate my friend - a military communications officer - on the Day of Communications Troops! Man, you are a man of speech and a soldier of honor! You never betray or throw in a difficult moment, you are a true and sincere friend. On your holiday I wish you a clean sky and the same ethers, lots of free time and unoccupied channels of communication, clear and uninterrupted communication both on radio channels and in your personal life! Let the clouds never gather over your head, and noise and noise do not clog your ether! Be always on the same wavelength, not only with colleagues, but also with positive things! Congratulations!

Peaceful sky, pure ether, great happiness, open channels, good mood, excellent radio signal - all this, my friend, I wish you! And most importantly, let your personal life and service in the communications forces never interfere with each other. Let them go in parallel, sometimes intertwining, sometimes dividing, but always helping and supporting in life! Happy holiday to you, a signalman!

Today, on the holiday of a military communications officer, I want to congratulate a man who devoted himself and his life to one of the most unobtrusive, but such important troops - the communications troops! How could the officers from the headquarters shout to the soldiers at the front, if not for the communication provided by the signalman. Sometimes, at the cost of one's own life, twisting between bullets and bursting grenades, these bold guys are laying the line of communication! For courage, for courage, for communication! For you, my friend! Hooray!

Boldness is an inalienable trait of every serviceman's character. The trait that real men do not show to the public, but they show in practice - in a heavy fight. But there is a category of military, whose courage is not connected with weapons and shooting. Svyazisty show their courage with the help of radio engineering, providing an uninterrupted and reliable connection with the headquarters of the command. Their "invisible" work saves lives for thousands of soldiers and deserves admiration! Let's congratulate the communicators on their professional holiday! And we say many thanks for their daily heroic service.

Short congratulations on Military Communications Day

On the day of military communications

Let the sky be clean, clean,

Let the ether be free,