Most men lose their romantic mood in the first 2-3 years of family life. And poor women are deeply saddened, remaining on Valentine's Day without attention and warmth. But how can loving husbands deny themselves the tremendous pleasure to observe the joyful expression on the face and gleam of the eyes of the beloved wife. Moreover, when you need very little: a few lines of warm words and a well-chosen present. But here it is an ill luck: what to give for Valentine's Day to his wife, so that he does not fall out of favor in an hour. Let's discuss the best options for gifts and a list of the full "taboo".

What not to give wife for Valentine's Day

Given the incredible variety of all sorts of valuable things and nice things, husbands still manage to buy something completely unsuitable. And not only for his own wife, but for women in principle.

The first and most important thing that can not be called an original gift for Valentine's Day is everyday objects. Any hints of pans, brooms and electric kettles are prohibited. February 14 - a romantic holiday, and in the frying pans, romance is certainly not there. In the next category of unsuitable (and even offensive) gifts, take scales, mirrors, epilators, season tickets, a gym and a solarium. Presenting a favorite such a present, you will involuntarily make her doubt her attractiveness. The option "for money - buy it yourself" is also better not to practice. Especially as a gift to his wife on Valentine's Day. If a woman is not too practical and self-interested, she is more likely to appreciate figured chocolate figurines than a cash bill.

How to choose and what to give on Valentine's Day wife

The best friends of the girls are diamonds. It's not for nothing that such a simple truth has flown around the world. Let diamonds and we can not afford, but a small neat jewelry can be spent once a year. Any girl / woman will be delighted with the cute shiny thing in the scarlet box of heart shape. Especially on a romantic day of lovers.

Since marriage is a stage of relationships much more serious than romantic "meetings", congratulations to the wife also can not remain at the level of statuettes-keyrings-postcards. Think about buying a laundry, for example. Such a gift will set the spouse on warmth and intimacy, and hint at your admiration for it. The main thing before buying carefully examine the tag on the already available under her underwear, so as not to be mistaken with the size. Ideally, it's better to stop on buying a bathrobe, baby carpet or stockings.

Another version of what you can give your wife for Valentine's Day - a cute bottle of her favorite perfume. With such a gift, the husband will remember you every time as soon as he envelopes himself with the magic train of the fragrance you picked up.

What to get pregnant wife for Valentine's Day

If the gift for the wife is just a responsible decision, then a gift for the pregnant wife is a completely different situation. Given the seriousness of the situation, one must acquire something with a sentimental bias. For example, a family "pot-bellied" photo session and shooting in the style of "Love story".

A good option can be a beautiful decorative family tree where his wife eventually pasted portraits of all family members and the unborn baby. You can also think about buying a beautiful design of a family photo album. After a few weeks-months it will be very useful. In General, a good a lot of variants. The main thing to consider the choice of the gift responsibly and with soul.

What to give for Valentine's Day wife: congratulations

If you still have not decided what to give to your beloved wife on Valentine's Day, think about an oral, but a well-prepared congratulation. Material things do not always have a place. Sometimes important words play a much more important role. So, you can compose and devote to your beloved wife a beautiful verse, and even a whole poem with episodes from your family life. Also, your wife will be delighted by the song dedicated to her, recorded on a disk with her portrait. Show a little imagination and she will certainly be subdued once again!

In fact, the question of what to give for Valentine's Day to his wife, is exhausted. We told you a couple of win-win ideas, the rest is yours.