40 days after the birth of the newborn Jesus was brought to the temple of Jerusalem, where he was seen by Simeon, who was foretold to meet with the Savior. On this day, the elder Simeon immediately knew which baby was in front of him. This was the fateful acquaintance, which is now celebrated annually by Christians: the Presentation of the Lord, ie. a meeting. Since then, believers celebrate a church feast on February 15.

What is a church holiday on February 15: history and traditions

According to a long tradition, parents must pay a ransom for their first-born. According to the law of Moses, the first child of the family is obligated to devote himself to God, but this kid could be avoided if his parents bought him for a small amount. In 40 days after the birth of the child, the young mother was to come to the temple with a ransom. But the Mother of God was poor and could not bring money, therefore she gave the churches pigeons.

The presentation of the Lord — a divine holiday that is celebrated on the 40th day after the Baptism. On this day, according to popular belief, winter meets summer. Therefore, the Presentation is just a facet of the transition from winter to spring. It is believed that Candlemas water has healing powers. Even those who don't know what important day is coming on 15 February, celebrate the special properties of water.

What religious holiday on 15 February: Signs on Candlemas

Signs of people claim this divine feast is necessary to shake the trees in the garden, then they will fruit. And poultry should be fed oats, otherwise the animals will give enough eggs.

Signs of this day read:

  • if at sunset, the sun is clearly seen that the frost is not expected
  • if the cock drinking water, then spring will be late
  • snowy day, rainy spring.

If February 15 is cold, then such will be spring. The weather on this day determined how warm the spring months will be. If the snow melted, then a good harvest was foreshadowed. Sretensky snowfall foreshadowed the opposite picture. For two millennia, traditions and rituals have changed, but on February 15, all believers celebrate a church holiday. In churches, they perform services, water holy and bless people for a righteous life.