How does spring begin? Of course - from the Maslenitsa! A merry ancient holiday will help to spend a bored cold winter and joyfully celebrate the coming warm days. But like spring itself, this celebration comes to us at different times every year. So, when is the Maslenitsa 2016?

When is Mardi Gras in 2016, how many?

Pancake week is a long holiday, it lasts a whole week. In 2016, we will celebrate from 7 to 13 March. This is the late Maslenitsa, this year spring does not rush to us at all. But the more joyful it will be - with games, songs, and of course, with hot and delicious pancakes!

In some years Shrove Tuesday may come early, in late January or early February. But sometimes, like this year, it will have to wait until March. What does it depend on? Before the baptism of Rus, the winter and celebrations in honor of the new, warm sun were timed to the vernal equinox, always celebrated at the same time and lasted two weeks, from March 14 to March 27. But then the Eastern Slavic holiday of the spring meeting was included by the church in the Orthodox calendar and tied to the beginning of the Great Lent, which begins immediately after the Carnival.

Every day of the holiday has its name. Everyone remembers that when the Carnival comes, you need to bake every day and eat pancakes. However, pancakes are not everything. When and how to celebrate the Carnival in 2016?

7 Mar  called "meeting", this day bake pancakes and make a stuffed pancake week.

March 8  - "flirting", everyone goes to visit, play fun games, treat pancakes with stuffing.

9th of March  - "gourmands", a day of great food.

March 10  - "Razgulay" when the Wide Carnival begins. This is the most noisy day of the holiday, with games and festivities.

11 Mar  - "The mother-in-law of the evening", mother-in-law come to visit her sons-in-law for a large treat.

12 March  - "zolovkin gatherings", everyone gives each other gifts and, of course, treat themselves to pancakes.

13 Mar  - "seeing off Carnival" or "Forgiveness Sunday". On this day, the festivities end with the burning of the stuffed pancake week, and people ask each other for forgiveness.

Interesting ideas how to celebrate Maslenitsu 2016 will certainly appear after watching the video.

When is Mardi Gras in 2016 the Orthodox?

In the Orthodox Christians of Russia, Maslenitsa in 2016 will also be from 7 to 13 March. But the significance of this holiday in the church calendar is different, for the Orthodox, its main meaning is to achieve reconciliation with the neighbors, and thus prepare for the Great Lent. Last week before the Great Lent is considered in the Orthodox calendar penitential, though festive.

Orthodox Christians usually call Maslenitsa Cheese Week or Sedentary Week. This is due to the fact that on the eve of the fast, the Orthodox Church already requires believers to give up meat, but still allows them to eat cheese, butter, milk and fish, that is, when the consumption of dairy products ends. The peculiarity of the Cheese Week is the refusal of the current posts on Wednesday and Friday, these days are not considered as lean for Maslenitsa.

Whatever the meaning of this holiday is for you personally, we hope that it will bring you joy and long-awaited warmth. Now you know, when Maslenitsa 2016, well, how to celebrate it depends on you - just do not forget about the pancakes!