Throughout the year, Orthodox believers live four fasts, which enable them to approach God with the help of spiritual and physical abstinence. What you can eat during the fast. As a rule, believers eat food according to the church calendar. In addition to compliance with food restrictions, abstinence from entering into a church marriage, as well as from carnal pleasures and joys is advised. But this moment is actual for many married couples. So, can you have sex while on fasting? It is clear that the birth of a child in the post or at any other time is not always predictable. However, the church prescribes quite certain rules about conception in the Great Lent, as well as during other posts.

The conception of a child in lent – possible or not?

For a long time our ancestors were planning the birth of offspring. According to ancient beliefs, children conceived in fasting had strong health, sharp mind. At that time it was believed that such a child would have a strong guardian angel all his life. After all, during fasting the body was filled with special energy and vitality, which contributed to the conception of the child. True, for this the conception was to be held not at night, but in the early morning.

Before you conceive, our ancestors have been preparing for this event in advance. They purify the body and mind, adhere to a daily post and prays. In addition, in the old days believed that the newborn moves the soul of their deceased relatives.

Today, church canons say that believers during fasting should refrain from sex and, consequently, from conceiving a child. In Orthodox families, spouses must support each other at this time, since the rejection of carnal relations is considered a sacrifice to God and elevates a person's soul.

A child conceived in the post.

Of course, God works in mysterious ways and conception can occur any day – even on Good Friday of Lent. The Church does not consider these children more prone to sin, disease, or problematic nature. On the contrary, such concerns about conception in the post are considered to be superstitious, which Orthodox Christians must not give in.

Indeed, the true purpose of such bodily restraint is the opportunity for spouses to open their love at a higher, spiritual level. So the decision on the temporary refusal of sex in marriage should be taken by husband and wife voluntarily, by mutual consent.

Conception or the birth of a child in fasting is not a cause for concern, but a reason for joy. After all, it happens that the couple could not conceive a baby for a long time, and then the long-awaited event happened in the post. And if a child was born, for example, in Lent? So God was so pleased. Yes, and in the post you can perfectly celebrate the birthday - a festive lean menu is easy to pick from useful and tasty dishes. The task of parents in any case is to raise a child in true faith and love for the Lord.

On the conception of a child in the Great Lent