What is the main thing in the gift? Probably, his sincerity. The thing in which there is a particle of the soul of its author, can convey the warmth of human relations, give sincere joy and leave touching memories. In this regard, the ideal gifts are designer things created with love by the real masters of their craft. Such as skillful masterpieces of some Russian designers.

It is believed that the tree is better than other materials absorbs positive energy. Therefore, purchasing a gift, for example, wooden furniture, you do not just present the original gift, but also share good energy. And if the furniture is also exclusive, then it certainly will bring happiness to the house. The designers of this kind of furniture are the designers Yuri Sokolov and Gleb Korobov. Each of them has its own studio and production, but their creations are united by one idea - the creation of high-quality exclusive furniture. For example, Yuri draws inspiration from Russian fairy tales and epics. On his works one can see traditional patterns and texts of old songs.

To decorate an oak chair, we used rhinestones and ornamental stones

Showcase and chest of drawers are made of oak. The text of the ancient song is cut at the end of the table top

Gleb Korobov creates his unique masterpieces from rare wood species.

The ashtray table decorates the room in the Art Nouveau style

A cabinet with optical lenses will add an interior to the originality

Textiles are another great Explorer, good energy. So says the founder of the House of embroidery by Julia Zhuravleva. She specializiruetsya in the production of textiles for the interior. The design of each embroidered napkin designs Julia personally, so her work is filled with a special warmth.

Exquisite scarf with embroidery will be an excellent gift

Refined tea napkin perfectly complements the serving

Stylish cotton napkin will add a positive

You can also bring a positive to the house with wallpaper. For example, designer Anna Muravina is engaged in the release of exclusive wallpapers, which will be an excellent gift. In addition to the stunning designer prints presented in her collections, everyone can also create their own sketch and get unique wallpapers.

Bright wallpaper will be the main accents

Stylish wallpapers are ideal for a bedroom

Unusual wallpaper fits into a modern interior