The date on which the Parent day falls falls on the date of the celebration of Easter. On this day, the deceased relatives are commemorated, bringing Easter food to the graves. The tradition of commemorating the bright memory of deceased relatives is taken from pagan customs, but is firmly included in the calendar of Orthodox holidays. The parental day of 2016 is also called Radonice.

History of the Holy day

In Eastern Slavs, the holiday is called Radonitsa (anchor to Radonitsa) (Radunitsa). In different localities, it can be celebrated on Radonitskaya (Fomina) week on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. The roots of the tradition go back to the time of paganism, but the custom was maintained by the church.

There are several versions of the origin of the name Radonica:

  1. Means "lament with a lamentation," "prayer for the dead with weeping and lamentation"
  2. Of Radonitsa (or Feasts) is a deity guarding the souls of the dead. In ancient times they were revered, sacrificed on the burial mounds. It was believed that the soul of the deceased see it as a sign of respect from the living and quietly departs
  3. Root "rad" means "joy", "rejoicing". After the resurrection of Christ is to come to the General resurrection of the dead.

When Christianity came to Russia, the meaning of the holiday changed. Pagan fears gave way to a meaningful understanding of the world and life. Radonitsa became a bright spring holiday, the triumph of life over death. During the spring flowering of nature, the living tried to honor the memory of the deceased, to appease them.

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Parent's day in 2016, how many?

Every year the date of parents ' day is changing. To understand what day to celebrate the day of rejoicing in 2016 easy if you count the 9-th day after Easter. This year, the largest Orthodox holiday falls on may 1, then the date will be may 10, Radonitsa (Tuesday). Parents ' day 2016, as in any other year, is always celebrated on the Fomin week (2nd after Easter).

In Parental day to go to the cemetery

Radonica is considered the Easter holiday of the departed, this is their Passover. Wreaths pass in silence, avoid noisy celebrations. There are several parental days, but the same customs apply to them:

  1. Visits to churches, funeral memorial services
  2. Visit the cemetery family
  3. Take to the cemetery Easter food – Easter cakes, painted eggs
  4. The memorial meal in the cemetery, and then home in the family circle
  5. Help the needy, orphans.

Since the festival is held under the auspices of the church, some restrictions are imposed on the celebration:

  • do not leave food on the graves, it is better to distribute them to the needy
  • moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, the abuse of alcohol on this day the Church does not approve
  • you shouldn't throw in the cemetery feast, accompanied with joy
  • although there is no fasting on this day, you should cover a table with lean dishes.

On Parent's Day there is a tradition of remembrance of the dead not only from the circle of the family, but also just friends, close friends. Commemorative products are also allowed to be left on the graves of strangers.

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What are the signs of people associated with the day of rejoicing?

  • In the old days people believed that on this day the souls of the dead visit home. Especially for them, settled in bath, wash it only after the holiday
  • Came for a shower in the house, left dishes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner – extra plates, cups
  • The rain that day – it is a sign of happiness. Children the whole day and called the rain to a year scary rich harvest
  • Saturday was the day when were not allowed to work after lunch (to plant, to sow, to make the house stitching) – it is to bad harvest

In ancient times the holiday was considered light, it was allowed to rejoice, to have fun. In the evening, people, free from work, went out to sing songs and dance dances.

The Orthodox calendar has 6 memorial days, of which Radovitsa is the most important. The small parental days of 2016, when they are also allowed to visit the graves of their loved ones, note:

  • March 5 (Myasopustnaya Saturday) and March 26
  • 2 and 9 April
  • 18 June (Trinity Sunday)
  • 5 Nov (Demetrius Saturday).

Now you know what day the parental Saturday Radonica is celebrated. It's worth starting the Parent's Day 2016 with a visit to the church, the presence in the funeral service. Only after that they go to the cemetery, then in the family circle they honor the memory of their relatives at home for their meal.