Day of the Defender of the Fatherland (aka: Red Army Day), celebrated on February 23 by millions of citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS is a long-awaited date that is expected every year by both representatives of the strong half of humanity, and lovely girls and women. This day is especially symbolic and resembles a Valentine's Day or an international women's day, as in modern times it is celebrated by all men and women, without exception, regardless of the nature of the activity. In the article you will find original gifts ideas for Defender of the Fatherland Day, as well as cool short congratulations with this significant event.

February 23: the gifts for husband, dad, brother

What to give to your beloved men is a question that excites any girl and woman on the eve of February 23. As a rule, lovely ladies always prepare in advance in order to present to their close and familiar men beautiful and touching surprises. It is important to choose the right gift for your beloved spouse, father, brother, grandfather or colleague. One man can appreciate the gift of his favor, for another the originality is interesting, but in any case, if you prepare a surprise with great love and warmth, a gift from you will be perceived with delight and joy.

In each labor collective on February 23, ladies congratulate their male colleagues on this holiday and give them mostly small modest souvenirs or care products (gels, shampoos), but there are other equally interesting ideas that to give this day to colleagues :

  • A small gift bottle of cognac and dark chocolate bar
  • The flavor of the machine (in the case that all employees have a car)
  • Funny mugs with funny inscriptions or the names of colleagues
  • Wet wipes for monitor or mouse pads
  • Mugs 0.5 l or 1 l of beer
  • Piggy Bank for money

Close and native people - father, grandfather, beloved boyfriend or husband - are most often given things for personal use: t-shirts and shirts, means for caring for the body and hair, towels and bathrobes. Below are the ideas of gifts that surely will not leave indifferent your favorite men:

  • Leather purse or business card holder
  • Gym bag or briefcase for documents
  • Electric shaver
  • An expensive bottle of alcohol or a set of wine glasses
  • Hip flask and cigarette case with a beautiful design

Congratulations on 23 February men favorite verses

After you choose the original unusual gift for your beloved man, it remains only to write a beautiful beautiful greeting card in a colorful postcard. Perhaps this will be one of those listed below.

Beloved, my good and dear,
With the February holiday of men I congratulate.
The same faithful be, my dear,
  To be healthy, I always wish you.

Let not grief and misery,
It makes a lot of trouble in the depths.
Let the labor bears good fruit,
  And you always be happy, my man!

My darling! A wonderful holiday
Congratulate the husband from the heart!
You're the defender of my beautiful,
  All the days with you are good!

Essential my Man!
In a special holiday, nice day
Say: you are brave, wise, strong,
  I'm not lazy to glorify you!

Beloved husband!
Congratulations on the holiday!
I want you
  Was his participant!

So sad for you, my love,
Vvek was not able to!
So in your soul beautiful
  The sun lit up!

With the twenty-third of February,
Cute, congratulations!
Only joy and happiness
  I wish you!

Today, men, you have a real
And the most important holiday of the year!
Success in business was just brilliant –
  You have redesigned them - inappropriately!

No requests we fulfill all your whims,
For help praise, support in everything!
From you we are waiting to filled with happiness
  The whole year was for faithful and loving wives!

Beautiful greetings from February 23 to the Pope in verses

Your dear and beloved father will be happy when you congratulate him on the most masculine holiday in the year, especially if the pope served in the army or participated in military operations. These beautiful wonderful poems touch him to the core.

With the twenty-third of February,
Daddy, dear!
For me you are the best

I want to congratulate
With the holiday men
Let's melt all the sorrow
  On this day like smoke!

And I wish you happiness,
And good days
To make it all perfectly
  On your soul!

Since we are celebrating
Day of the defender of Fatherland.
It is a celebration of brave in heart,
  It is a celebration of our lives.

And my father was a serviceman,
Does not fear adversity.
Dad, you're the bravest!
  This is your day - the day of freedom.

Everyone loyal to this homeland,
Everyone who is celebrating today,
You are the defenders of all life,
  You are the defender of the people.

Every year in February
Adults and kids
  Mark all in the country

The day of the defender and power
A real man!
You, dad, including,
  That's why on the table

Cake stands
And the champagne is bubbling!
To celebrate the day
  Never be lazy!

The defender of the Fatherland day has come
And is the main holiday of the man.
Daddy, get some rest, you for the year so tired
  No need to bother you with the reasons.

In honor of the soldiers of Russia's glorious,
Salute today, greetings, parade.
We honor for the heart of the most important
  The one who is dearer to us than all awards.

Official congratulations from 23 February poems

And these congratulations on February 23 will be suitable for any man you are going to congratulate on a man's holiday: father and brother, beloved husband or young man, colleague or friend. In any case, the official congratulations will be enjoyed by everyone without exception.

Its all the way, as they say -

Without a loss of wine glasses you can hear a ringing:

To brighten the gold

Lieutenant's new epaulettes!

So that from now on in life, as on the march,

Everyone so kept the equation,

So that the marshal will come out of the lieutenant,

Or, at least – the General!

Obtaining modest manners,

The choice of making once and for all,

Take good luck - you officer!

Hold fast the life of the occasion.

We congratulate you today,

With all our heart we wish you:

Happy days and gentle caress,

Princess dear from a fairy tale,

Victory is difficult in the struggle -

Let all get to you!

If you are standing in the ranks,

Remember your country,

Remember: you are a son and a soldier.

They always look at you

Our keen eyes,

Our kind hearts.

And for all you answer -

More expensive than our homeland

I drink for you and for love,

And for the fire in the hearts.

But first I'll drink a glass

For those in boots!

For those who at this moment prilik

To cold steel machine:

I raise my glass

For a man, for a soldier!

Congratulations on 23 February male colleagues in the verses

Every year in all offices the tradition of congratulating all male colleagues on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland is observed. In addition to beautiful and pleasant gifts, these touching congratulations will be not superfluous, which will encourage and give confidence to the male half of the collective.

Today is a holiday in our team.
Today is the twenty-third of February.
Therefore, there is no one happier
  Men, that women from a trouble store.

We wish you a good, full life,
Barley pop only once a year
To serve the family, work and Fatherland
  And believe that luck will find you!

When it comes to February 23
Suddenly, a different attitude to colleagues.
Men are all tightened, not in vain,
  The women in the voice melt the snow.

All smiles and congratulations all around.
Chief, subordinate to each other.
Good day February 23 –
  Colleagues are all like a friendly family.

On the occasion of men's wish, friends,
What would stronger health, easy path.
And joy a little longer, sadness for a moment
  Serious accomplishments, the accomplishments of men.

What would a proud native collective
Every man is smart and handsome.
The title and proudly wore in life,
  Sounding simple - Defender of the Fatherland!

Hey, colleagues, I congratulate
With the twenty-third of February!
This day we waited a long time,
  We know for sure that not for nothing!

Even today, all succeed
The gifts will be let
But the girls will not leave, –
  Will spread their hands sadness!

On this day, let there be a lot
Wishes, greetings
Surprises and unusual
And desires of the performances!

Congratulations on February 23 – funny verses

Former army men, and any other men prefer different jokes and funny jokes. Choose any congratulation below that you liked, and write it in a colorful postcard from February 23 or send it to social networks to all friends and close men - fun is guaranteed!

When our country defenseless?
Of course, today, the 23rd of February!
Because all men say,
  And perfectly all enemies know about it.

I, of course, also congratulations
Drinking lots of water, however, I do not wish,
That the enemy attacked us,
  You need to be sober!

Today I can drink beer,
Socks scatter everywhere,
And not even to flush the toilet
  Be fastidious in eating.

Today I'll welcome you
  Present a nice gift,
The sound on the radio add,
  Lie in bed and I'll call you!

23 February
Congratulations, brother, you!
What can I say?
  The temptation to know everything,

Time to stop,
And worthy to fall in love!
That your dreams came true
  And life seemed to be a fairy tale!

Congratulations on February 23 – short (SMS-greetings)

You and your loved one share the distance? Or on this day you can not personally congratulate your colleagues, relatives and close men? No problem! You can send SMS with these wonderful short congratulations from February 23rd. Briefly, in army and humor.

As a symbol of male victories
I wish this winter day
Love and more coins
  And have fun, if not laziness!

Let women amuse warmth
After all, in February it will be useful,
Today is men's day, and so is yours.
  I wish to sing and have fun forever!

With Men's Day! Good, success
Endless good luck!
Let will be more laughter,
  You never need a doctor!

Let in day of the second month,
23-m listed,
Life, like fire, illuminated
  The happiest faces.

Let the daily tale
It is easily filled
And sparkle eyes
  With you, fate is a mistress!

Congratulate the dear men from February 23 and let the holiday be fun and wonderful!