Maundy Thursday in 2016 – what you need to start cleaning?


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Why Maundy Thursday is so called?

Christ washed the feet of his disciples, told them about his impending execution. Breaking the bread, he presented to his apostles as his body and diluted with water, the wine as his blood. The body and blood of Christ was consecrated by Jesus, cleansed from all evil. The last Supper happened in a specially prepared, washed and comfortable. It was supposed to symbolize purity and the absence of evil. For over two thousand years, mindful of the last supper and the events that took place during the meal, believers meet Holy Thursday prayers, confession and communion, eating the body and blood of the Lord unleavened bread and wine. Today, even far from following the Christian traditions of the people associate it Maundy Thursday and the washing, cleaning, bathing. It is believed that water on this day has unusual properties – washes away all the sins accumulated during the year. The clergy recommended to start cleansing the house, doing Laundry and washing floors and Windows on the eve of Maundy Thursday – Wednesday night. The very same Thursday, they advised to dedicate the Church service, the preparation of Easter cakes and Easter, dyeing eggs. Most believers will meet Maundy Thursday 2016 just as it was said to our ancestors – cleaning, washing, communion.

What we do on Maundy Thursday?


  • What you can do on this day?


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    Lent continues, why the celebration of festival fun at this day are excluded.

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