Gathered at the Last Supper on Thursday, and already knowing about his future crucifixion and ascension, Jesus washed each of his disciples feet. He was preparing them for the sacrament. All the customs of Pure Thursday - the day when Orthodox Christians wash off themselves and everything around them, sins and filth, originate in this biblical story. Today, Pure Thursday (the fourth day of Holy Week) is an excellent occasion to make general cleaning in your homes and cleanse your soul of bad thoughts by going to confession and communion. On Pure Thursday you need to clean and wash everything around, not forgetting about the purity of the soul and the purification of thoughts. Only then will you meet the Bright Christ Sunday with true rejoicing and all-encompassing joy and love. This year the Orthodox meet this day on April 28. Pure Thursday 2016 prepares us for the Great Easter on May 1, 2016.

Maundy Thursday in 2016 – what you need to start cleaning?

This year, the date of the Great Pure Thursday is April 28. As always, the purification of souls and the ablution of the body occur three days before Easter. Cleaning in the house is an obligatory part of the traditions of Clean Thursday, but the main meaning of this day is the purification of the soul from all bad things. In the morning, believers visit the church and ask the priest to release their sins. Majesty of the Orthodox church on the eve of Good Friday, beautiful solemn hymns in the church, dark clothes of priests - all this provides for the most sincere repentance. Visiting the temple, believers go home to continue cleaning in their homes. After repentance, the general cleaning carries the meaning of a sacred ritual, during which Christians only think about the purity of their lives, about the rejection of all unclean, sinful. Cleaning is a symbol of liberation from evil thoughts and the best way to make your home even more beautiful is by preparing everything in it for the meeting of the Great Day - Easter.

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Why Maundy Thursday is so called?

Christ washed the feet of his disciples, told them about his impending execution. Breaking the bread, he presented to his apostles as his body and diluted with water, the wine as his blood. The body and blood of Christ was consecrated by Jesus, cleansed from all evil. The last Supper happened in a specially prepared, washed and comfortable. It was supposed to symbolize purity and the absence of evil. For over two thousand years, mindful of the last supper and the events that took place during the meal, believers meet Holy Thursday prayers, confession and communion, eating the body and blood of the Lord unleavened bread and wine. Today, even far from following the Christian traditions of the people associate it Maundy Thursday and the washing, cleaning, bathing. It is believed that water on this day has unusual properties – washes away all the sins accumulated during the year. The clergy recommended to start cleansing the house, doing Laundry and washing floors and Windows on the eve of Maundy Thursday – Wednesday night. The very same Thursday, they advised to dedicate the Church service, the preparation of Easter cakes and Easter, dyeing eggs. Most believers will meet Maundy Thursday 2016 just as it was said to our ancestors – cleaning, washing, communion.

What we do on Maundy Thursday?

The entire Holy Week (six days before Easter) is dedicated to the preparation for the Greatest Day. Pure Thursday washes away all the filth that has accumulated in the souls and houses in a year. All household members. Including children, remove the dwelling, shake out the carpets, wash the windows, wipe the dust on all surfaces, clean the cupboards. Most families on this day collect old things and clothes and take them out of the house. Unsuitable for further use, items are simply thrown away, and still preserved, but no longer necessary clothes, toys, household items, furniture is exposed on the street. Poor people can take their clothes and things. Painting Easter eggs is one of the most common practices of the Holy Week. Paints eggs on Thursday, and by tradition this pleasant work is performed by children.

  • What you can do on this day?

All work related to cleaning, washing, cleaning the house of rubbish and preparing the Easter meal, is performed on Thursday, three days before Easter. On Pure Thursday, you need to remove extra things from the house, thus, making room for everything new, clean.

  • What can not be done 3 days before Easter?

    Lent continues, why the celebration of festival fun at this day are excluded.

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    Signs and customs on Holy Thursday 2016

    The main custom of Thursday before Easter, which all believers will follow and on Pure Thursday 2016 - cleaning houses and apartments, getting rid of everything dilapidated in the house. On this day, a Sunday menu is made, products for Easter are purchased, a dough for cakes is mixed.

    The Church refers to the signs connected with Pure Thursday with skepticism, but they still follow the people, for most of them promise profit and happiness. For example, it is believed that the money counted on this day three times, will not be transferred to the house until the next Great Lent. Girls wash their morning dew and add beauty. Hair, slightly clipped on Pure Thursday, promise to be thick and not fall out. "Thursday Salt," specially blown on Wednesday night for Pure Thursday, helps from the ailments and alleviates the problems. The main feature of the Great Clean Thursday, 2016, supported by the church, is connected with purification. It is believed that the confessed and bathed (better in the bath), the person remains healthy the whole year.