"You can't imagine. I now fly in the end!", – remember the phrase from "Ivan...", became a catch? Indeed, luxury holidays in sanatoriums and hotels of Abkhazia, especially in Gagra, Sukhumi and Pitsunda was available only to the elite. Vacation easier (but there, in Abkhazia!) waited for those who went here, "savage", renting rooms from private owners. At the beginning of June were sent here to rest and those and others: the weather in June in Abkhazia gorgeous! By the middle of June, the sea warms to 23C, and this temperature is compared to almost srednetyungskoye temperature in the whole of Abkhazia – 24S. Of course, the weather in Abkhazia in June 2016 will delight vacationers and this year. They are waiting for a smooth, warm pebbles on the sea in Gagra, or the sandy beach in the center of Pitsunda, rafting (rafting on rafts on mountain rivers and gorges), the hospitality of the Abkhaz people.

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What will the weather be in Abkhazia in June 2016?


Weather in Abkhazia in June: water temperature

The water temperature off the coast of Pitsunda and Novy Afon, Gagra almost identical: 22S. During the rains the water gets cooler, but it seems much warmer than the air, so kids love to swim in that time, when Abkhazia is raining. During the hot days (the temperature reaches 30C) coastal shingle is heated, and the sea (near the coast) is heated so much that some parents allow their children to be in the water for hours.

Weather in Abkhazia in June: customer reviews


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