When else, how not to celebrate International Women's Day at the beginning of spring? The sun shines brightly, birds twitter fun, the first green boring breaks out, the air is in a good mood. And women! They become more beautiful every spring day. Therefore it is not surprising that, as of March 8, lovely ladies are already full of freshness and beauty and are ready to receive well-deserved compliments and numerous congratulations in verses from men. Well, the latter, puzzling over the original wishes, make a bet, as a rule, on beautiful poems and do not lose. It is verse lines that can simultaneously endow a woman with non-trivial compliments, give her the most sincere wishes and completely charm the lady with her talents for recitation. And beautiful poems on March 8 like absolutely all women, so they can equally well give moms, and lovers, and colleagues. Next, you will find a selection of original congratulations in verse, timed to the International Women's Day, with which you can please all your beloved women.

Original poems on March 8

Congratulating friends and relatives of women on the 8th of March, each of us wants to do it somehow orifically, so that the chosen wish will be remembered for a long time. With this task, the original congratulations in verses from March 8 are perfect. The main difference between these verses is that they contain many creative and kind wishes. Often in these verses on March 8 there is also a relevant humor, which is able in a few minutes to improve the mood of a beautiful lady on International Women's Day. And to emphasize the originality of your congratulations, we recommend you read it with special expressiveness and a gentle voice.

As soon as March looks through the window,

To melt the ice faster,

A man is thinking for thought -

What is better for a woman to give?

Mimosa, coffee and sweets

Give it to her early in the morning.

And from dusk till dawn

Then in this, then please!

We wish that on the 8th of March,

In addition to gifts and flowers

Men sincerely gave

You admiration and love!

As soon as March looks through the window,

To melt the ice faster,

A man is thinking for thought -

What is better for a woman to give?

Mimosa, coffee and sweets

Give it to her early in the morning.

And from dusk till dawn

Then in this, then please!

We wish that on the 8th of March,

In addition to gifts and flowers

Men sincerely gave

You admiration and love!

On the eighth of March I congratulate,

And I say without unnecessary words,

What on this day I promise,

I'm ready for anything!

Ready to cook and wash,

Ready to clean the apartment,

I'll pick up my socks,

I'll even go to the store,

But remember, holiday once a year!

Again spring, again outside the windows of March.

And in drops, and in a frosty blizzard

I greet the woman - mother,

Daughter, wife, and sister, and girlfriend!

For patience, for valorous work

From the heart I praise the women of Russia!

And for the comfort of home

And for being kind and beautiful.

Peace to you, happiness, hope and strength!

Today, we are so pleased

Confessions of words and admiration

Pronounce for cute ladies

With respect. And without regrets

We must state

That March came, Spring - hurray!

And you are beautiful and gentle,

And now it's time to wish,

You, ladies, smile more often

And do not get angry with the heat,

And let everything be brighter in your house

There is always a candle burning in love!

Beautiful versatile verses 8 March

Beautiful poems from March 8

Universal verse lines from March 8th is the best way to congratulate all familiar women. And if they are also beautiful and original, you can be sure that your congratulations will not remain invaluable and will certainly please the beautiful ladies. As a rule, in universal greeting verses there are always many warm and sincere wishes that will perfectly suit all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. In addition, versatile verses can be used not only for personal congratulations in verses from March 8, but also for memorable postcards, which can be re-read with great pleasure from year to year.

Let them wake you up,

And, at the feet of rivulets streams,

The earth will revive and die,

Warming your steps.

And let someone's rapturous look

See you everywhere,

Let there be no obstacle in anything

And there will be no trouble, no offense.

Spring outside the windows shines, look!

The world is beautiful, it is blossoming.

Take the clarity of the morning dawn,

Breath freshness, let him give the garden,

And let the eyes shine joyfully,

And let the soul sing of happiness,

Let the storm rustle past,

Let only give joy every year!

Lovely women, kind, loyal!

With a new spring you, with drops first!

Peaceful sky to you, the sun is radiant,

Happiness is cherished, the purest!

There is a lot of caress, warmth, kindness in you -

Let your dreams come true!

Today is a special day! True?

A wonderful holiday in the spring!

Today is the Day of March 8 -

So let you be happy!

Spring! How much of this word:

Kindness, love and warmth.

Let in the expecting nature

You bloom her flowers!

Let this day on March 8 -

Fear and dreams will come!

Touching poems on March 8, mother and grandmother

Touching verses from March 8

Special, touching and very spiritual poems on the 8th of March holiday are usually given to the most expensive women in life - mothers and grandmothers. They are in the understanding of each of us the embodiment of a real woman: beautiful, tender, loving, sacrificial and faithful. Mom and grandmother give all the best to their children and grandchildren, sacrificing at times their needs, interests and desires. Therefore, congratulating them, give preference to touching verses from March 8, which will be able to convey at least part of your great love and deep gratitude.

Warm eyes of your tender joy

Gives me both hope and faith!

Your hands are hot or cold

Light breeze will be showered ... warm.

You will reassure your smile

And in moments of doubt, support,

Each time his word is magical

And encourage me and comfort me!

The most faithful friend and reliable,

You instill confidence in the heart,

With his wisdom, with a tender faith

You lead me and inspire me!

Every year we grow up,

Everything changes around,

Only moms are not nicer

Children of any age.

I do not want to count the years,

These thoughts drive away.

Do you like the young

You stay for me.

Those minutes that you are near,

It's so light and so light.

For children there is no better treasure -

It's Mom's warm.

Your word warms the heart,

Do not be afraid of hail, no thunder.

Only my mother is not kinder

Children of any age.

We love you dear,

You are very dear to us.

From the excitement freezes

You are always ready to help,

Without you, we are nowhere.

Mom, Mom is healthy

Be for many years!

Short poems March 8 women (free)

Short spiritual verses from March 8

Short poems on March 8 are very popular - they are simply irreplaceable for sms-congratulations and holiday messages on the net. But to choose a worthy short wish on March 8 in the verses will have to make an effort. That it does not look like an attempt to "get out" of traditional congratulations, it is important to take such short poems in which the main wishes - love and female happiness - are expressed very clearly and precisely. And in this case, they should be present and compliments.

Spring is knocking at home!

I congratulate my dear

With a spring woman's day!

On International Women's Day


Let the mood be good,

In the shower the lilac will spread!

Good luck, happiness and kindness

We wish you on March 8!

And let the soul be always

Beautiful, light, very bright!

In love with you without a memory!

And on Women's Day March 8

You are forever subdued,

I will come today with a gift!

There is a wonderful day - March 8

At the beginning of the tender spring,

We have no reason to argue, because the truth,

That all the world you are more beautiful!

Best greetings from March 8 are looking for here

The best children's poems March 8

Traditionally, congratulatory concerts and solemn lines dedicated to the International Women's Day are held in kindergartens and schools. The main guests at these festivals are the mothers and grandmothers of the students. It is in their honor children's poems from March 8 with a lot of the kindest and tenderest wishes sound. Do not remain without attention and other beautiful women - educators and teachers. For them, children also prepare special poems in which words of gratitude and respect are expressed.

You gave me the world, bright sunshine,

For me, there's no better mother than me.

It was in the spring, in March, the day of the eighth

I want to congratulate my mother with all my heart.

I bring gifts, I carry flowers.

In the world there is no more beautiful, Mummy than you.

Spring holiday in the yard -

Cheerful, warmest.

We are smiling lightly

All the grandmothers and moms.

Ringing streams ring -

Farewell, goodbye, winter.

To us the women's day will come Spring

On the eighth of March - the sun and flowers,

All that warms a heart!

And let always the love of the disciples

You can be even happier!

In this joyful spring festival

We hasten with congratulations to the class -

Wish you success, luck,

We love and appreciate you!

Let the spring be kind, happy,

Will bring many new victories!

For support, for sensitivity - thanks!

Bright, bright and creative years!

You give heart!

For all thanks to you,

I wish you success in your work,

Spring and warmth,

May the dreams come true,

Poems for March 8 - the best way to congratulate your beloved women. Be happy and give happiness to those around you!