Collection of Austrian jewelry brand Freywille, released on the eve of Valentine's Day, in fact - an ode to the eternal warmth of the heart. Love is not limited by time, rules and conventions - this is the motto of the line of jewelry Celebration of Love. The accessories of the brand are a true visual delight: the colorful enamel mosaic, set in gold and platinum, encrusted with gems, resembles the precious stained-glass windows of ancient knight castles. The radiance of carmine, orange and violet patterns on rings, bracelets and suspensions slightly muffles the strict black and white print. The skillful golden filigree echoes the main floral motifs, giving the products a distinctive finesse from Freywille.

Fans of the brand can choose in the collection a single stylistic set of earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches and rings. For those who prefer unusual solutions, Freywille offers a set of silk quads and decorations to choose from. With an elegant handkerchief you can decorate your hair, handbag and even an elbow bend - in the best traditions of the Parisian street fashion.