Maslenitsa is one of the brightest and most cheerful holidays that has survived to this day. Since ancient times in Russia the Shrovetide week has been awaited with special trepidation and excitement. To her celebrations were prepared in advance and in a big way: baked delicious pancakes, built snow slides, made huge stuffed winters. But not only fun and numerous festivities awaited with impatience. With trembling our ancestors waited for the final day of the Carnival - Forgiveness of the Resurrection. On this special day, it was customary to ask forgiveness and sincerely forgive all of your abusers in order to purify your soul before the Great Lent. Next, you will receive traditional and modern versions of congratulations on the Forgiven Sunday of 2016, which will help you understand how to properly and beautifully ask for forgiveness and support this beautiful tradition.

Shrove Sunday in 2016: how to ask for forgiveness

On the Forgiveness of the Resurrection, it is customary not simply to apologize, but to ask forgiveness for the wrongs done. The difference between these two concepts is significant. When a person apologizes, he means that in the quarrels and misunderstandings he himself is not to blame, but the circumstances that have developed. While asking for forgiveness, a person fully assumes responsibility and sincerely regrets what happened.

Traditionally, in the Shrove Sunday, forgiveness was asked as follows: they bowed and said: "Forgive me, (name), in what I have sinned before you." In response, the beggar was bowed and pronounced the phrase: "God will forgive you, and I forgive. Forgive me, too, (name). " Then followed a three-fold Christian kissing. Thus they asked for forgiveness from everyone, because you can offend a person and inadvertently, without even knowing about it.

In addition, on the Forgiveness of the Resurrection, it was also accepted to ask forgiveness from the deceased relatives. To do this, married women collected a basket of pancakes and other treats and went to the cemetery to pray for forgiveness on the graves of loved ones. The main task of this ancient tradition is to purify one's soul from sins and sins, leaving worldly problems on the eve of Lent. In addition, it was believed that the souls of the deceased on Maslenitsa visit their relatives, and on the Forgiveness of the Resurrected return to the other world. Therefore, in this way, they also said goodbye to the deceased, escorting them to the cemetery.

I apologize — the words for Forgiveness Sunday

Beautiful and kind words for a Forgiven Sunday

In our time, in addition to the traditional method of forgiveness, quite often used and other words, phrases and even poems. If you think about it, the method does not change the very essence of tradition. After all, the main thing is to sincerely ask for forgiveness and forgive your abusers from the bottom of the heart. Using beautiful words in prose or touching poems for forgiveness, you can express your special disposition towards a person and emphasize his importance in your destiny.

"Forgive me for everything in the world"

"And I will forgive and God will forgive."

Come a holiday to the planet,

Day of getting rid of grievances.

In Forgiveness, you, Sunday,

Forgive your offenders,

And ask all to forgive,

And wish all-all love.

Great holiday comes

He purifies all people,

From all grievances, experiences,

From evil and his envy.

I wish you joy and peace,

Spiritual goods and cleanliness.

Live easy. Live happily.

And in a world of truth, kindness.

I ask that I let go of my sins

And, if you can, then forgive

For the fact that I'm careless

I offended you, perhaps,

An unkind word or a look.

After all, only those who are with us,

We offend all stronger,

Resentment doing more pain.

And on the day of Forgiveness I confess,

I repent of my mistakes.

In Forgiveness Sunday, we sincerely ask forgiveness for each other and forgive mutual insults, and then we will start with a good heart to the Great Post and with a pure heart we will meet Easter. May peace and tranquility, love and understanding prevail in every family. May every day bring joy, luck and happiness.

In the holy feast of Forgiveness, I want to apologize to all who have offended and wish a big bright love, happiness and goodness! May this day all grievances dissolve, and your hearts will fill peace and joy! Let there always be with you people who will be able to warm you with their warmth and support in any situation! With Forgiven Sunday!

Best wishes with forgiveness Sunday 2016

Touching congratulations on a forgiven Sunday

In addition to the traditional words of forgiveness, it is customary to congratulate each other on the pancake Sunday with the end of Shrovetide. Beautiful congratulations, sounding on this day, are filled with body, kind words and good wishes. They, along with the request for forgiveness, are called upon to purify and comfort, pacify spiritual experiences and inspire hope. Congratulations with forgiven resurrection can be both touching words in prose, and beautiful poems, some of which are waiting for you further.

A bright holiday comes,

To forgive each other calls.

The Sunday Day gives happiness,

The Lord will save us from bad weather.

Let there be light in your house,

Let the joy last for many years.

Heat the love in your soul let it warm,

Fire of hope, let it not smolder!

I wish you a Forgiven Sunday

The soul will find your salvation,

Forget about the pain, all resentments, sorrows,

So that you forgive all the days with malice,

Let the good go in, caress your soul,

And life will soon be a little better,

There will be peace, joy in destiny brings,

Let it be all that the heart will ask,

Let this day is very bright and important,

Fate will quench all thirst of soul,

Will give fun, good and good luck,

Easy to live was and not otherwise.

Why is it lighter today?

Why today all the people are kind?

Us Forgiveness tied Sunday,

Gave her mercy!

Wish everyone around health,

And forgive all grievances at once,

Let any troubles and evil words,

Never touch you!

Beautiful poems about Forgiveness the resurrection

Good and heartfelt verses about the Forgiven Resurrection

Verses for the Forgiven Sunday are distinguished by a special energy and strength. After all, they are called not just to delight the ears and to present warm wishes in beautiful form, but also to bring the main spiritual truths. Love, kindness, forgiveness are eternal values, the pursuit of which makes us better. Therefore, always choose beautiful poems about the Forgiven resurrection and give them to your relatives and relatives!

On the day of forgiven sunday

Ask the souls of purification,

And I ask you to forgive me

And do not save resentment.

I congratulate all of you heartily,

I sincerely forgive all.

We will meet this day with love,

Let it be clean and bright.

Forgive each other all the grievances,

Leave them in the past, friends!

Forget quarrels, griefs

Yes, angry, bitter words.

Relatives ask for forgiveness,

And we will forgive them in return.

In everything today we will obey,

The insult in the heart is not hidden.

Beauty, love, goodness!

Joy, warmth!

Good luck in honor of the holy day!

There is a tradition of forgiving

Before the Post starts -

Soul of resentment and anger,

Clear thoughts to clean,

Others ask for forgiveness,

As from heaven blessing.

All with a Forgiven Sunday!

Forgiven Sunday is in a hurry

Help cleanse the soul of offense,

We wish you peace today,

All quarrels and sadness far away,

What in the past was no longer a turn-around,

We need to be friends, have fun, love,

Then we will say "forgive" today,

To friends, my relatives, so that I do not have a burden

Mistakes of their own, rude words in a temper

What was said was cut from the shoulder

You earlier, but this day is worth forgetting -

Gently smile and forgive everything!

Short greetings with forgiveness Sunday – SMS

Traditionally, you need to ask forgiveness for Pancake week in person. But nowadays it does not always work out that way. Therefore, in order to support this good tradition, you can use short congratulatory verses for SMS, which are waiting for you further. We hope that the congratulations prepared by us will help you to conduct the Forgiven Sunday-2016 dignified and right.

You are in the Forgiven Sunday

Forgive me, I'm sorry,

For resentment and sin,

That I involuntarily offended you.

Our relationship is a revival

I see and look forward to!

In the Forgiven Sunday

For all I'm sorry!

I'm lost in words ... How to say I do not know,

That I beg you for forgiveness,

Forgive me for all my sins

In this Forgiven resurrection.

Today in this day I will say,

How much I treasure you!

I also want to ask

For everything, for all me to forgive.