It is believed that in dreams you can solve a lot of issues that worry about in everyday life, or find treasured hints. Psychologists have their own point of view on this issue. They consider sleep a kind of interpretation of real life. The more mysterious and more serious is the situation when the deceased people dream of living. To understand what is happening, it is recommended to remember all the details and analyze the emotions. If you solve the night vision is difficult, it is worth using a dream book.

Dream of dead people alive: how to treat?

A dead man, according to Miller's treatment, means the emergence of situations that are somehow connected with the person seen in a dream. If the deceased is in a too gay mood, then you should expect any changes in your career and well-being. A person who has come into dreams becomes an incentive to change priorities, because they often do not allow them to go to new achievements.

Lofa's dream interpretation indicates that the deceased people are dreaming of living as a clue to business, working issues. Watching such a person means warning about possible conflicts and quarrels. Sleep should be interpreted as the likelihood of committing unseemly acts, which in the future will be condemned in society.

When often acquaintances and relatives who have died (can be in coffins in a dream), to what it is quite reasonable question. If they seem alive, then, according to the English dream book, it should be interpreted as a speedy success, prosperity, luck. When a person is in a good mood, do not worry. If the deceased comes sad, then troubles, problems, complications are possible.

Please note! Always essential not himself dead, and the emotional basis of dreams. Whatever the format he imagined it in the first place, the analysis of emotion that accompanied the vision.

Often dream of deceased friends and relatives – what is it?

If you often dream of acquaintances and relatives who have died, why this should not be a long guess. The interpretation of sleep can be very different. Each dream book offers an understanding of why the deceased person was dreaming. In any case, it is recommended to take a closer look at your health and listen to your well-being. A night vision in which there is a dead person (in a house in a coffin, or dead or alive people, together or one at a time) means that this is really something important. This is a sign: physical strength and moral health need to be cherished.

It is necessary to pay attention to the person arriving in the night pictures to those who have a shattered psyche, nervous disorders and constant fatigue. A dead person can appear in his thoughts, becoming a sign of a beginning depression and loss of control over his emotions (a pregnant woman and a nursing woman in particular do not need to overlook what she dreamed)

Why often dream of a friend of a dead man?

When a familiar deceased person often dreams (especially if 40 days have passed since the day of death), one can say that there is no support, tenderness, and concern from relatives. The person to whom the deceased came often experiences remorse or mental torment for past deeds. The familiar person seen in night pictures, who is no longer alive, often becomes the cause of negative emotions. If the dreamer does not reconcile with the loss of the one who came in visions, heavy and oppressive impressions are the result of long reflections and experiences.

Many people are scared and don't know how to be, if you constantly dream about dead. If the deceased person appears before the eyes alive, nothing special, you do not need to, because usually such visions are a reflection of the feelings of longing and nostalgia. That the deceased stopped dreaming, you need to "let go" of the past.

Constantly dreaming dead – what to do?

If a deceased person appears in his thoughts for a long time, according to Orthodox canons, she is a sign of the need to visit his grave. Sometimes the deceased asks for a certain delicacy or a thing that must be carried to the cemetery or given to the needy. People who observe church traditions, recommend going to church to order a service for the deceased. You can just put a candle in memory of the deceased.

As a rule, a person is a friend, a relative (grandmother, grandfather, etc.) or a friend of a dreamer. You can get rid of oppressive feelings simply by buying cookies, sweets, fruits and giving them to colleagues, neighbors, children in the yard.