There are several versions of where the tradition began to celebrate April 1 - a holiday of laughter and fun. Someone claims that the celebration of the Day of Laughter is associated with the ancient pre-Christian customs of the spring meeting. And someone believes that with the help of jokes and drawings our ancestors fought spring depression and the whims of April weather. Be that as it may, on April 1, millions of people around the world with great pleasure forget about their everyday problems and plunged into the world of good humor and good mood. The most important tradition of this day are funny jokes, without which April 1 would not be called also the Day of the Fool. Next, you will find variants of funny jokes and the jokes for April 1, which are perfect for friends and colleagues.

Best universal jokes on April 1 in the office and school

It's no secret that if you do not follow the sense of measure and tact, then a good rally on April 1 can easily turn into a pretty insulting joke. Therefore, in order for this day to uplift yourself and others around, and not spoil, we advise you to choose jokes and jokes with a minimal possibility of negative reaction. For example, these can be rallies for attentiveness and gullibility, in which there is no room for malevolence and gross ridicule. Examples of just such kind and cheerful jokes await you further. These options differ and universality, so with the same success they can be used for children, acquaintances and relatives.

With the help of this drawing, it's funniest to joke about a person who is very sensitive to the purity of his things and appearance. It is necessary to mix a tablet of "Purgen" and a little ammonia, after which a solution of a red-pink color is obtained. It is poured into a cup and at a convenient case "accidentally" pours out onto the unfortunate act. You can pretend that it was a cherry juice (which, as you know, does not wash properly).

After a few seconds, the spots will disappear, of course, as the ammonia is weathered), but it is better, just in case, to try at home on an unnecessary piece of light material, in order to completely eliminate the possibility of spoiling someone else's thing.

This rally is good for a person who often, but not very confidently, uses a computer (although an experienced user will perhaps be discouraged for several minutes).

So, step-by-step instructions:

  1. Step 1. To lure the victim away from the computer and send to walk out of sight and earshot of 5-10 (or more) minutes.
  2. Step 2. Create the appearance of work on the desktop (for example, open a text editor and write there: "Hello, world!".
  3. Step 3. Make a screenshot (press PrintScreen on the keyboard).
  4. Step 4. Open the Paint program and paste from clipboard our image (Ctrl V).
  5. Step 5. Save the document, remember the path to it, close the graphics editor.
  6. Step 6. Find in our guide picture, right-click on it and select "Make background image desktop".
  7. Step 7. Wait for the victim to enjoy the result at a safe distance.

We give the envelope to the future victim, in which lie a hundred rubles, the bill must be in excellent condition. We give with a cunning face and warn as if by accident, they say, only do not bother with the ATM. Most victims lose about half an hour trying to find a difference. In no way do not admit that the money is genuine. It is advisable to torment not less than one day.

Funny jokes of April 1, the school for friends

If somewhere and pay special attention to the drawings for April 1, so it is in schools and other educational institutions. And this is not surprising, given the tremendous love of children, especially adolescence, to all kinds of jokes and jokes. But the main difference between the April 1 school day is that on this day you can play a trick on not only your classmates, but also your favorite teachers with impunity (if you yourself play a kind and harmless). To realize this idea in full, we advise you to choose the options of jokes related to everyday school life. Thus, the teacher is unlikely to immediately suspect "wrong" and will figure out your rally in advance. In addition, within the framework of studies, you can prepare a large-scale joke to simultaneously play the entire class. How to do this, learn from the options that we have prepared for you below.

A good rally for the school. Write during the lesson a note with the words "On the ceiling of the mop" and pass it to the neighbor on the desk. Tell him to post a note after reading. The effect will be stunning when everyone who reads the note, looks up, and with him and the teacher!

Take a large bright box from some famous washing powder. Powder should be poured, insert a new plastic bag and pour baby food in white. With this box you can sit at a desk at a change and with an indifferent look to eat the contents of the box so that it can be seen by others. Their reaction is unpredictable.

Offer to argue that you will be able to throw five-kopeck coins on the table so that they lie straight in a line, and in a closed hand you shake a handful of coins. The chip is that in the hand only two five-kopeck coins, and the rest - of a different denomination. For those who do not remember the geometry: through two points you can stretch only one line. Then the matter of technology: you throw coins and spend two straight five-kopeck straight lines. Coins of a different denomination are not considered, as there was a condition to put five-kopecks in line.

You take a bright, eye-catching picture of any content, on the reverse side you make a large inscription: "Smile, you are removed by a hidden camera." And attach the buttons or sewing pins (you can and tape) on the wall in the school corridor. And that you with friends had, where to watch and even shoot on your mobile. Those who indignantly take pictures and see the inscription on the reverse side react unpredictably.

Original pranks on April 1 for friends and colleagues

Probably, in the first place in the list of desired victims of the draws are friends. It's understandable, because who else, if not the best friend, will be able to appreciate with dignity your subtle sense of humor and laugh at your trustfulness with you? But at the same time it's more difficult to play friends than ordinary friends. Unlike the latter, they know you very well and on the Day of Laughter will surely be wary of all your requests and proposals. In this case, we recommend choosing jokes that do not directly require your participation, and your friends until the last moment do not know who acted as the organizer of this rally.

As for the work collective and individual colleagues, the April 1 rallies are relevant only if they do not run counter to corporate ethics and are based on friendly relations. Especially neat is the approach to choosing April Fools' jokes for leadership. The main condition for the success of such a drawing is an excellent sense of humor from your superiors. In the opposite case, you can expect serious problems at work.

If you have a good company of friends and you need to play "the most morose" - then there is a good way to cheer up. On ordinary gatherings, you propose to smoke new cigarettes, given to some distant common acquaintance. After a few minutes, you can do anything: run a chick into the room 10 times, get dirty with paint, or even quietly turn on a melody. The main thing is to pretend that no one notices anything. The expression of confusion on the face of your friend - for a long time will cheer you up.

It takes only one coil of colored threads and the ability to behave in the hands (that is, to remain serious for at least some time). We dress festively and elegantly, we attach the spool of thread from the inside to the bodice of the dress or the pocket or lapel of the jacket, and carefully put the tip of the thread carefully with a needle outwards. At work or on a visit, we approach the boss or colleague, preferably at the moment when he is in the circle of acquaintances, and with the most innocent look say: "Take off from me, please, a thread from my jacket!" You can smile coquettishly. And so, the man carefully and diligently tries to remove from your clothes the ill-fated thread that stretches and stretches. As you understand the drawing, you can laugh and shout, "From the first of April!"

A wonderful joke for the rally in the institution with a huge number of visitors. A sign pointing to the toilet is placed on the door of one of the offices. It will be better if his employees will not go out often from the office. It will give time for a joke, until the tablet is removed. Imagine an office staff watching the next picture, very fun. "The door to the office is rapidly opening, almost a regular visitor comes in and quickly leaves with a surprised look."

On April 1, you can make such a rally at work to play colleagues. Take home a glass bottle with a capacity of 250 grams of vodka. Pour the water there. A bottle of water should be put in a bag. At work, you can first start a conversation about a healthy lifestyle, while taking this bottle and drinking water from it. You could also offer to drink from this bottle to someone from colleagues. It will be especially funny if you drink a person who has not drunk before.

Funny sms jokes and jokes on the phone for April 1 on Fool's Day

It is not known for certain, but it is likely that jokes on the phone appeared immediately after the invention of this communications apparatus. Today they are still very popular, including on the Day of All Fools. True, traditional voice jokes on the phone increasingly replace jokes in smskah. And all because the sender of the lottery in sms is much harder to calculate (if the message is sent from an unknown number), and, therefore, it is much more likely that the joke will work. With respect to the selection of the draws for sms, the same rule applies to the sense of measure and measure. In no case should one joke on the phone about someone's illness or death, because such a rally can lead to serious consequences. It is better to choose more neutral topics or friendly requests for the April Fools' jokes.

Hello, dear subscriber! We are informing you that from the 1st of the current month in order to improve the cultural level of citizens, we are introducing a new filter "Antimat". Now for every foul word spoken by you in the conversation, 10 rubles will be withdrawn from the account. Sincerely, your mobile operator.

Do not push anything! This is a virus - the phone is locked. The phone is locked.

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in the development of world terrorism!

When this sms was opened, 20 units were written off from your account. Thank you for reading this message.

Test: if your head is tilted to the right, then you have a loved one, if the head is tilted to the left, then you have a loved one, and in general, if you have a head on your shoulders, then you have a loved one.

Best pranks of April 1, at work and at school— step-by-step video

If you plan to make a good rally on April 1 for friends or family, but do not know how to organize it step by step, then the video lessons below will help you. They describe in some detail not only the very idea of ​​the April Fool's Day, but also clearly shows all the stages of its implementation in reality. All you have to do is watch the video and arm yourself with its interesting ideas. In addition, the drawings presented below can be used not only on the eve of the Day of All Fools, but also on any other occasion.

We hope that the jokes and jokes on April 1, which we prepared will inspire you to cheerful friendly jokes. And remember that at the heart of any joke there should always be a desire to cheer people, and not punish or humiliate him.