From time immemorial, man aspired to heaven. And when thanks to the achievements of scientific and technical progress this desire became reality, then the most courageous and brave people - pilots - went to conquer the heavenly azure. Day of Air Force is a holiday of the most brave and heroic representatives of this profession. Their daily work is associated with constant dangers, but despite this each of the military pilots is ready to risk again and again for the sake of a peaceful sky over our heads with you. From our today's article you will find out what date the Air Forces Day is celebrated in Russia and the countries of the former USSR, and also you will find beautiful congratulations on this holiday in verse and prose.

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A number of air force Day celebrated in 2016 in Russia?

For the first time the decree on the creation of a new kind of troops-the air-navy fleet-was signed in the distant 1912 in then still tsarist Russia. Since then, Russian military aviation has gone through a long evolutionary path from plywood piston planes to modern supersonic vehicles, becoming the real "air shield" of our Motherland. What date does the BBC celebrate in Russia in 2016? According to the official decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 2006, the Air Force Day is celebrated on August 12. This date was chosen not by chance, since it was on this day in 1912 that a decree was signed on the creation of an air navy fleet.

What is the date of the Air Force Day in Ukraine and Belarus?

The tradition to celebrate the Air Force Day in Ukraine, Belarus and other republics of the former Union was preserved despite the collapse of the USSR. True, unlike Russia, this holiday does not have a certain date and is celebrated in different numbers. So, how many people are celebrating the Air Force Day in Ukraine and Belarus? In Ukraine, it is celebrated on the first Sunday in August (August 7 in 2016), and in Belarus - on the third Sunday in August (on the 21st of this year).

Beautiful, congratulations on the Day of the air force

Brave and brave pilots deserve the most beautiful and touching congratulations on their professional holiday. After all, the Air Force Day for them is not just a date, but a kind of reference point, reminiscent of how important their work is for all of us. Be sure to choose the most beautiful congratulations on Air Force Day for your familiar pilots, expressing your deep gratitude for their dangerous work.

You fly daily,

And your native planes are waiting.

You rise to the sky instantly skyward,

On the course you just lie right.

You guard the country from the air

She wants a clear cloudless sky.

And we wish you to serve, as long as possible,

And our congratulations read as much as possible.

In the sky, the wings dissolved

Aircraft of all colors,

Show wishing strength,

To surprise your guests,

Prove that the Air Force has

What is airspace

Under the most reliable key.

All those who have a holiday

With the day of the Russian Air Force

Congratulations from the heart!

Happy Air Forces congratulate you heartily,

On a wonderful festive day today,

Let your sky give you a hurry,

The weather conditions to fly freely.

A blue arrow will skyrocket in the sky

A steel bird flashing its wings,

Look around, pilot, and hold onto the wheel,

Your work is the best, we know.

Let the sky be a million in a million,

Let the three suns shine in your back,

Let only the world reign over your head

Good luck let him smile beautifully.

Congratulations on the air force Day in verse

Congratulations in the verses sound solemn and touching at the same time. There is something in these rhymed lines that makes one take every word with special trepidation and listen to every wish. In our opinion, congratulations on Air Forces Day in verse will be enjoyed by absolutely every representative of military aviation. Especially if you choose one of those universal options that we have prepared for you further.

Those who are courageous, brave,

The sky cleverly plowed.

I sincerely congratulate you,

With the Day of the Air Force.

I want to be healthy,

It's true for the Motherland to serve.

And in agreement with himself,

Peacefully and peacefully live.

Our sky is protected

Valorous air force,

We congratulate the military,

Those who served in the Air Force!

Both in combat and in training

Do not be afraid of their height,

Peace and love we wish,

Their life will be simple.

Day of the Air Force native country,

Proud of you, friends, yourself.

After all, your courage and strength

Always for the benefit of us, Russia.

Let all dreams come true,

You light, happiness, kindness.

Health will only be greater,

Good luck lasts longer!

A heartwarming congratulations to the air force in prose

On the day of the Air Forces congratulations are sounded not only in the circle of relatives, but also on the highest state level. Various festive events can not do without solemn speeches, in which the main place is occupied by numerous wishes in prose. Touching congratulations on the Day of the Air Force in prose, which you will find further, will perfectly suit both for solemn concerts, and for personal wishes.

It's easy to walk on the ground, knowing that in the sky you are protected by reliable guys from the Air Force. So let on your day and always the sky will be peaceful, flights - educational, and the weather - flight. Let on the earth you are waited by the true girlfriends, and the technics does not bring over clouds.

You conquered the height. Your courage can be envied by many. You are respected and equal to you, because you are pilots. On the day of the Air Force, we wish you successful flights, serviceable aircraft and a cloudless sky.

On this fine day, we want to congratulate those who wear epaulets of sky-blue color and whose heart and mind are completely given to the sky and air. Guys, Happy Air Force Day, we congratulate you from the bottom of the heart and express our infinite gratitude for your invaluable work. You are the ones to whom we can rely, being firmly confident in your strength of spirit, crystal-clear conscience and love for your native Fatherland!

Congratulations BBC for a man

It is believed that men of military professions are not prone to sentimentality. But we are sure that when a beautiful congratulation with a professional holiday sounds from the lips of a beloved woman, even the most serious and unshakable men may have involuntary tears in their eyes. It is such a touching and gentle congratulations on the day of the Air Force for a beloved man you will find further.

Air Force-Nick - a good guy,

From the clouds leads the patrol:

Top and bottom and left-right -

He has such a review.

The sky shines or cries,

Or enemy raid -

The air force does not hide the eye

And does not give up positions.

In your happy proud holiday

I wish, dear,

From misfortunes and misfortunes

So that the Lord bore you,

To love loved,

To be calm mother,

To have the strength you have

Our sky is protected.

Thank you for the sky is clear,

Thank you for the sun radiant.

Thank you for your quiet life.

For your service worthy.

To courage, honor

Flowed through your veins.

Vivat, the military -

The day of the conqueror beskrayney heaven

I want to congratulate you on Air Force Day!

To you, beloved, I want to wish now,

So that your fervor does not go out forever!

So that you can do more things!

To happiness was the true destiny!

So that I could only be with me forever

And I could not forget about my duty!

May the heavens keep you immensely!

Let the joy be in a dimensionless life!

Let everyone be able to do anything!

Let everything that you have in mind, you will have time!