Going on a long journey or an important meeting, we want everything to go well. Therefore often, inside or out loud, we say: "with God." Always want to get a good parting word that would warm the soul and gave faith in the successful resolution of all cases.

In moments of confusion, in need of support, a person turns to God with prayer. And in the joyful moments of life, in Easter, when the soul is filled with pure light, sometimes you want to say: "Lord, thank You!".

Many people keep or carry things that remind us that we are not alone in this world, that there is a higher good and a higher love imprisoned in God. The cross, the Orthodox ring with the inscription "save and save" or a small Psalter help us to feel the presence of God in this, sometimes uncomfortable, world. Thanks to such things, we can always and everywhere feel that we are not alone, that the Creator protects us.

For all who honor the Orthodox faith, the watch factory of NIKA has created women's silver watches "Hours". A clock is a thing that itself reminds you of the flow of time, that everything is temporary. The clock is the faithful companion of man. It does not matter whether you are going on a long journey or just visiting, do you feel heavy sorrow or light joy, the clock is always here - on your hand.

"Hours" is much more than a jewelry accessory - it is a reminder to a person that he always recalls the most important words and handles a short prayer to God. You can give a watch for Easter to a loved one - they will remind him of your love and the love of God.

"Hours" is an incredibly feminine clock. They are made in a classical style, which does not contain anything superfluous. On their rectangular body is engraved Jesus' prayer.

Turning in prayer to God, a person finds strength to accept something that can not change. Words addressed to God can bring joy to the human soul, to inspire new achievements. On the back of the watch is engraved the shortened prayer of the third hour of the Chasoslov. It is more than any other, is aimed at realizing the miracle that we are and God is with us.

Sometimes, staying in the worldly vanity and not finding around the spiritual support, we touch a dear thing to us or look at the healing words of prayer. Then the soul is pacified and filled with light.

In a hurry a person is restless and his thoughts are scattered. He often looks at his watch and as if trying to find on their dial the answer: "How can I manage everything?". Prayer on the watch will remind a person of eternal truths and the temporality of his problems.

Watches "Hours" are issued in several variations: with a black or white strap, with Roman or Arabic numerals, with a mother-of-pearl or structured dial. But all models unite the strictness of lines and the absence of pretentious elements. It does not matter, a black strap on the watch or white, the main thing is a prayer that will warm you and your loved ones.

All our strength lies in faith. In yourself, in your family and friends, in God. In Easter, this is felt with special force. A cross-stitch, an Orthodox ringlet or a watch with a prayer are just beautiful symbolic things that remind us of what is truly valuable. "Hours" is a surprisingly beautiful accessory with a meaning that you can give to a person who wants good and happiness.