From the first class to the prom, our school life is accompanied by songs: modern and already become traditional, cheerful and sad, carefree children and not childish wise. Songs about the school we learn by the whole class on September 1, Teacher's Day, last call and graduation. Funny children's songs about the school grow into more touching and sad songs to the guitar chords that are audible at the changes and in the yards. Together with school songs, we also change, gradually realizing how important an important place in our life is occupied by the native school, dear teachers and close comrades. In our today's article, we have compiled for you a selection of videos and lyrics about the school, whose words touch the soul and remain in the heart forever. I'm sure these songs will take a worthy place in your memories of wonderful school years.

Children's songs about school for first graders

The first memories of the school, as a rule, are connected with the very first line on the Knowledge Day. Initiation into first graders, timid performance with poems on the school line, acquaintance with the first teacher and classmates - all this causes awe in the children's hearts. But as soon as first-graders hear funny melodies of children's songs, their anxiety evaporates instantly, making room for happy memories and sincere smiles. Next, you are waiting for the texts of children's songs about the school for first-graders, whose words are very simple to learn, and the motives to remember. Perhaps, it is these songs in the future that will become warm childhood memories of an elementary school.

Load more and more of us

Now in school, first class

The teacher asks us the X-

Candidate of Sciences - and that over the task crying!

Whether it will be, or still will be,

They will, in the meantime,

The joy of school spring

You and I are carried straight to the clouds.

Touching songs about school on the last call, and graduation

Quite another matter is the song about the school on the last call or graduation party. They can rightfully be called the most touching and sad songs performed by children. And this is not surprising, given the fact that with their help graduates say goodbye to their native class and teachers. In addition, touching songs about the school at the last bell and graduation party create a very special warm and homely atmosphere. Beautiful words of touching school songs for graduates will find further.

When we leave the schoolyard

To the sounds of an ageless waltz,

The teacher takes us to the corner,

And again - back, and again in the morning -

Meet, teach and again part,

When we leave the schoolyard.

For us, the door is always open at school.

Say goodbye to her no need to hurry!

Well, how to forget the ringing bell of drops

And the girl who carried the briefcase?

Let then nothing will happen again -

For us, the door is always open at school.

Go through the quiet school floors.

Here lived and understood a lot!

There was a timid voice, the chalk trembled in his hand,

But you ran home with a victory!

And if luck suddenly disappeared -

Go through the quiet school floors.

Thank you for the end of the lessons,

Although you wait with the hope of change.

But life is a special thing:

Ask questions new in response,

But you must find a solution!

Thank you for the end of the lessons!

The spring wind is going crazy with warm nights.

You answered the main question, the school behind you.

Memorial Day is full, all friends with you.

You feel and you know what's behind your back.

The last call, simple tears.

Adult life changed school dreams.

A little sad, a little worried you.

The last call, simple tears.

Teachers we give roses.

It's still not difficult to forget a year or two.

You know, you see, you see everything who was with you,

They will scatter from each other, the new world will be opened.

All textbooks are handed over, you take pictures.

The first vacation - you miss everyone.

The last call, simple tears.

Adult life changed school dreams.

A little sad, a little worried you.

The last call, simple tears.

Teachers we give roses.

And yet, the school, we will love you,

We will love you.

I hold my first letter in my hands,

From the excitement of words I do not find.

My first textbook and notebook

The memories of the school will be preserved.

The teacher is my first, my friends,

I will remember this school ball,

And our school will dream about the days,

What a fun so spent with her.

School graduation, the bell rings,

Our last lesson ended,

Maybe this is only the first

In our new life,

Grow up should not rush,

We are no longer birds, we are birds,

And today the flock will be shattered,

Everyone in his big flight.

My parents, my eyes shine,

They are worried about us, they are sad.

Yesterday we were in the first class,

Well, today we are graduates.

Teachers of thanks will say we,

Read, write they taught us.

You forgive us for all this time

Always love and remember you.

Modern children's songs about school

You can say a lot about the fact that modern children are radically different from their parents and, especially, grandparents at a similar age. But by and large, many school problems and situations that are experienced by a generation of modern schoolchildren are practically the same as those that existed at the time of moms and dads. School friendship, conflicts with teachers, first love, dreams of a vacation - all this is close to schoolchildren today. The only difference is that the pupils are experiencing many actual childhood problems together with modern children's songs about the school.

From morning to evening.

We were loved by teachers, sometimes we were pityed.

Our favorite class has deserted,

Do not hear it is no noise, no din,

It was sad for him without us, without him it became sad for us.

Soon we will fly away, like a flock of balls up,

If you are sad, cry, if happy, smile.

How many empty words, promises and stupid phrases,

Good-bye, forgive me, farewell,

We'll tell the school one last time.

A warm, quiet, autumn sometimes we knock at your windows

Open your doors wide open, let us go for a minute.

Where there are hundreds of familiar faces, where everywhere there is only a loud laugh

Where notebooks are faded, this school is loved by everyone.

If you are sad, cry, if you are happy, smile,

Soon we will fly away, as if these balls are up.

The school looks with kind eyes,

And the gaze shines with purity,

Fills the sky with voices,

He paints canvases.

From the beginning explained to us

That the soul is more precious than silver,

Our school is the most beloved -

The cradle of art and good.

Chorus: You give sounds

You give paint,

And children's fairy tales come to life.

From classics to rock and roll:

All give a favorite school.

From classics to rock and roll:

All give a favorite school.

High and thoughts and feelings

And your students are running

In the Temple of Blessed Art

A quick flock of racing.

This is a door open to everyone,

And, as long as the earth turns,

The most cherished and important

Teachers open to us.

On the vast expanses of Russia

And bear broadly and beautifully

Light of heaven in every corner.

From the heart to wish you would like,

To now and through the ages

Your creativity broke through in your heart

Silvery spring water.

Lyrics about school under guitar chords

Guitar chords and school friends are a tandem and can now be found in almost every final grade. It so happened that it was the guitar that became the musical instrument, with the sounds of which many of us are associated with school years. Songs for guitar, including about the school, simple chords and simple words - this modern picture can be seen in school yards and at big changes. Of course, the lyrics of songs about the school for guitar chords can not be called childish. Most of them are deep enough and touching, and even if they are funny songs about the school, they can hear the notes of growing up. Perhaps, that is why so often the school songs with the guitar are played on the line of September 1, the last ring and the graduation party.

Forward for his youth

let's go from the school threshold

and how the sky of cranes

destiny will destroy us

Brushing off a tear from sad eyes

teachers waving their hands

and there is no happier now

graduates from our school

Flies fly - they call for themselves

And now, farewell to our friendly class

when will we be together

probably next time

in twenty years in this place

We leave as ships

there is a compass, latitude and degree

and the sea of ​​life ahead

and the wind blows the sail

The clouds are flying - they call for themselves.

The last bell rings,

He so suddenly called,

Since then, as a schoolboy has become.

Since he went to first grade,

And how they met me

With a smile in his good eyes,

School, we will never forget you,

A year will pass and we will return here,

But not to study here,

And just to visit.

On the road to life, before going out,

School, we thank you,

We were disciples, now forgive.

Together we will remember now

About those old times,

About the cool school hours,

Lessons and evenings,

On how to release the year,

The latter have always been waiting

Not understanding then,

That we will leave forever.

Everyone will come out, become different,

Further life awaits us,

We'll leave, we'll fly away,

Time calls for us,

Everything was gone, but like yesterday

I entered this threshold,

The bell rang. It is time -

There are hundreds of roads ahead of us.

School, don't forget about me

Time flows like water

We can not catch up with him

We will never forget

We will often recall

These merry school days

Slipping into the shadows.

Sadness on the heart leaves traces,

Delivered the dot. the door is closed

School, please. Do not forget about me

I'll leave a part of myself for you

For a long time you were our second home.

School want to thank you to say,

You have taught a lot to understand.

In our souls we will keep your warmth.

In our souls we will keep your warmth.

School years have flown by for a moment

We did not have time to look back.

Each of us has got used to school.

A little sorry. back not to return.

In memory will remain with us

Change and lessons.

We will not miss you very much.

We dedicate these lines to the school ..

School, please. Do not forget about me

I'll leave a part of myself for you

For a long time you were our second home.

School want to thank you to say,

You taught a lot of -NO, MOTHER.

In our souls we will keep your warmth.

In our souls we will keep your warmth.

In our souls we will keep your warmth.