Elections to the State Duma of Russia are not far off, which means it's time to find out the exact address of your polling station. Recall that on September 18, 2016 in the Russian Federation will be the deputy elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation and early elections of the heads of regions and territories. All citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached adulthood will be able to take part in the voting. For information on how to find the addresses of polling stations (points of voting) read in our today's article.

How to know the exact address of your polling station?

Those conscious citizens who have already participated in the expression of the will of the last election will likely not need additional information regarding the addresses of their polling stations. But those voters who come to polling places this fall, a logical question arises: "How to know the exact address of your polling station?". Note that this question is quite pertinent to find out information about where will be located the point of voting in your area, better. The easiest way is to ask your relatives, friends and neighbours living in the same house. If your legal address (registration) coincide and belong to the same area, then most likely, they will gladly tell you where you'll be able to vote. But what if no one to ask, and do you live at the residence? The exact address of your polling station on the official website of the Central Election Commission. To do this, type this query to the search engine or just follow the link http://www.cikrf.ru/services/lk_address. Then enter your exact legal address of registration according to the passport data.

The addresses of polling stations for elections to the state Duma on 18 September 2016

Despite the fact that before the elections in the state Duma of Russia has a lot of time, view the exact address of the polling stations today. As mentioned above, it is enough to go to the website http://www.cikrf.ru/services/lk_address and correctly fill in the appropriate fields of the electronic form. Information regarding the placement of polling places here are for all regions of Russia, including the Republic of Crimea, whose inhabitants 18 September 2016 for the first time will take part in the national elections. Besides, on the website you can search not only by its registration, but the number of the plot. The second method significantly reduces the search time of the necessary information. In addition, the exact address of the polling stations for the elections to the state Duma on 18 September 2016 can be found on the official websites of the commissions of all regions. To find the website for your region is quite simple: you need to enter the search query "izbirkom" and the name of your city or region.

The addresses of polling stations on 18 September in Moscow

It's no secret that the number of points for voting in elections is determined by the number of people living in the territory of the region. In this regard, Moscow can be called a kind of record-holder - 3600 addresses of polling stations were registered for the September 18, 2016 elections. Despite such a huge number of points for voting, Muscovites, who previously participated in the elections, it will not be difficult to find the exact addresses of the polling stations on September 18 in Moscow. The fact is that they coincide for the most part with the points for voting of past years. If you still have doubts about the accuracy of the address, it is highly recommended to visit the CEC website http://www.cikrf.ru/services/lk_address and find the location of your site in advance.

The addresses of polling stations on 18 September in St. Petersburg

As for the addresses of the polling stations for the September 18 elections in St. Petersburg, detailed information on them can be found not only on the CEC website, but also on the official website of the city administration. Here you can track the changes and the main news regarding the city elections, which will also be held on September 18. In addition to all-Russian elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, residents of St. Petersburg on this day will be determined and with the names of those who will become the basis of the Legislative Assembly of the city. Voting will take place according to a scheme similar to all regions of our country, including Moscow. Recall that to participate in voting a citizen must provide his passport or temporary document, his replacement. In addition, you can vote only at the polling station to which the citizen is assigned according to the address of the legal registration. Therefore, if during the election on September 18 a citizen is outside the boundaries of his city or region, he must take timely care of receiving a special absentee ballot giving the right to vote at the place of actual residence. Now that you know how to find out the addresses of the polling stations, do not miss your chance to vote in the September 18, 2016 elections and choose worthy deputies.