When Ramadan 2016 is celebrated in Russia, what figures are the beginning and end of this extremely important religious event for Muslims, people wanting to broaden their horizons and respect the traditions of other faiths want to know. For them, we will describe in detail what it is - the sacred month of abstinence from the faithful followers of Allah and how the schedule of rules mandatory for implementation lasts for 30 days, while Ramadan lasts.

Ramadan – what it is and why it is called the Holy

What is this - the month of Ramadan and why do the adherents of Islam call it sacred, say ancient religious texts. According to these records, Ramadan or Ramadan is called the ninth month of the traditional Islamic calendar. Giving the old days a deep account of the fact that just at this time the heavenly angel Jibril once suddenly appeared to the Prophet Muhammad and gave him the very first and important divine revelation. The famous Muslim prophet at this time lived in a secluded cave in the Mecca area and performed various rituals there. The holy man received the revelation from above laid the basis for the Qur'an, the main book of the whole Islamic trend.

Ramadan - schedule rules

During Ramadan, the faithful strictly fast from dawn to dusk, pray diligently, perform charitable deeds, purify the hearts of sinful feelings, and the souls from unholy desires. Calculation of the date of the fasting period is carried out according to the lunar calendar and each year falls on different numbers. Lasts a month, usually from 29 to 30 days, and ends with a beautiful and bright holiday of Eid al-Fitr (Uraza Bairam).

Ramadan is strictly prohibited:

  • drink water and eat any food between morning namaz Fajr and evening – Maghrib
  • to fulfill the marital duty in the daytime.

From harsh rules, mentally ill people and children who have not reached the age of puberty are released. Pregnant women, mothers, breastfeeding, seriously ill and travelers are allowed to temporarily give up fasting. However, it will still have to pass through the trial, but at the very moment when the objective reasons that prevented keeping the tradition on time will disappear.

Completely decrepit elders and people suffering from incurable diseases, fasting do not fulfill. They, in the name of the atonement of sins, take care of the destitute in shelters and feed the poor.

Ramadan 2016 – the beginning and the end in Russia of the Holy month

Today, it is already known for certain when Ramadan 2016 will take place in Russia. The beginning and end of the sacred period will be in the summer months and the faithful will have to observe the post from June 11 to July 10. The abstinence period will begin in the early morning, when the believer utters the nit (declares aloud about his intention to give up food and carnal pleasures for the glory of Allah). After this action and until darkness, food and other life joys will be strictly forbidden.

Ramadan 2016 - timetable in Moscow of the period of abstinence

The schedule of the holy month of Ramadan 2016 in Moscow exactly corresponds to the dates that are relevant for the whole of Russia. The strict period also begins on June 11, and its logical conclusion is July 10th. After a successful fast and spiritual purification, the faithful visit the mosque and pray together for peace, prosperity and a happy life under the protection of Allah.

Ramadan 2016 – the beginning and the end in Tunisia, and the UAE, traditional Muslim fasting

In Tunisia and the UAE, the beginning and end of Ramadan 2016 fall on June 6 (full moon day) and July 5 (the birth of a new moon). The difference in dates is due to the fact that in some states only astronomical indicators are used for calculations, in others - direct observations by the Moon, and in the third - are based on the opinion of authoritative religious persons and influential public figures.

Ramadan 2016 – calendar post

Ramadan greetings for friends poems

Now you know exactly what it is - the holy month of Ramadan, when it begins in Russia and at what time its end comes to an end. Possessing this useful information, you can prepare for this event in advance and find beautiful, gentle and touching congratulations in verse for the Muslims acquaintances. Your friends will be pleased at such an important and momentous moment to hear warm, bright solemnly inspired words, supplemented by sincere and kind wishes. This will make your relationship more sincere and trustful, help to become closer to each other and will give communication more cordiality.

Forgive sins to your enemies,

Be righteous and pure.

Let the woes fly away like smoke,

The whole month will pass quickly.

In fasting and righteous deeds,

In meditation and prayer,

May Allah help us

News from Shaytan!

In the name of light and good,

To be firm in decisions,

Holy month of Ramadan

We are given for cleansing.