The autumn ball at school is a riot of colors, vivid memories, positive emotions and the best opportunities for realizing the creative potential of schoolchildren of all ages. Someone likes the Autumn Ball for funny skits, someone - for the opportunity to flaunt in the original suit, and someone adores this holiday for interesting contests. And the competitions for the Autumn Ball enjoy equal success both among the pupils of the primary school and among the senior pupils. As a rule, the holiday scenario implies funny contests, sometimes active or intellectual. And to have fun from the heart and win, even a symbolic prize, is loved not only by children, but also by youth and older people. Next, you will receive original ideas and videos of funny and funny competitions for the Autumn Ball, which are perfect for elementary school, pupils of grades 5-7 and high school students.

Funny contests for the Autumn Ball for primary school

Since the contests are great complement to the main concert program of the Autumn Ball, they are surely inscribed in the script. In particular, fun contests are simply irreplaceable for the Autumn Ball in primary school: they give the holiday ease, allow children to relax and get a lot of positive emotions. Speaking about individual ideas for competitions for the Autumn Ball in primary school, then ideally they should combine humor and activity in themselves. Theme is preferable to choose the autumn or school, so that the competitions resonate with the main idea of ​​the Autumn Ball in primary school. Next, you are waiting for examples of just such fun contests.

Experts — competition for the Autumn ball for elementary school

Competition on the knowledge of fruits and vegetables, the harvest of which is collected in the autumn. Participants are shown posters or a photo depicting different fruits and vegetables, and if they ripen in the fall, then they need to scream their names. To make the contest fun, add photos of animals, funny pictures, fairy-tale characters. Slides change quickly. If someone from the participants calls any non-thermal picture, then he is out of the game.

Autumn wind - competition for the Autumn Ball for primary school

In this competition can participate from 2 to 6 people at a time. Each participant is given a small crumpled sheet of paper or a ball of cotton wool. The final straight line is determined, to which it is necessary to move the ball, blowing with all its might. The one who will cope with the task the first will win.

Thrifty animals is the competition to the Autumn ball for elementary school

At the end of the hall are two large baskets of fruit and vegetables. Participants are divided into teams, they are blindfolded. In turn, each participant tries to get to the basket in order to bring as much inventory as possible to his team. The chip is that it's quite difficult to touch, especially when you consider that in the basket there may be inappropriate items, for example, toys, which in the end will not count.

Funny contests for the Autumn Ball for grades 5-7

Funny contests for the Autumn Ball are also relevant for grades 5-7. Especially good competitions with the sports component. Also, competitions for guessing riddles, in particular, about autumn phenomena, changes in weather and behavior of animals, will also suit perfectly. Pupils of grades 5-7 are already quite well oriented in history, that's why such contests can be held with interesting questions about the history of the region or famous events that took place in the autumn in different years of world history. But the most relevant will be funny contests for the Autumn Ball for grades 5-7 with elements of the competition. Next, you will find examples of interesting contests for children of this age group that can be used for the Autumn Ball.

Harvest is a funny competition for the Fall dance for grades 5-7

It should be hidden in advance in the hall where the Autumn Ball and potatoes will be held. Contestants are given buckets or baskets. They must collect as many tubers as possible in a certain time. The competition is held under very cheerful music.

Under the umbrella – funny competition at the Autumn ball for high school

Participants in the competition should be divided into two teams with an equal number of people, you can participate in classes. Each team is given a regular umbrella. The team will win, under the umbrella of which will be the most participants. In this case, you can increase the area of ​​the umbrella using improvised materials, for example, outerwear.

Funny contests for the Fall ball for high school students (grades 9-11)

Funny contests for the Autumn Ball and high school students that enjoy amusing tasks for speed or dexterity are popular. Also for pupils of 9-11 classes, team contests will also be relevant, for example, to savvy and creative. You can also use for popular contests for the Autumn Ball for high school students (9-11 grades) format of popular competitions from KVN. The facilitator asks small questions about the autumn, to which the teams of participants should give funny answers in 30 seconds, as in the KVN contest "Warm-Up". Other interesting variants of funny contests for the Autumn Ball for high school students (grades 9-11) will be found next.

Gifts of autumn — funny contests for high school students at the Autumn ball

There are several participants who want to taste the gifts of autumn. Each of them draws from a hat a piece of paper with a certain number that corresponds to a fruit or vegetable. Then the participant is led to his product, which weighs on the rope. The task: to eat a vegetable / fruit for speed without the help of hands. To make the contest even funnier than apples and pears, you can hang beets, cabbage or walnuts.

Autumn wreath – funny contests for grades 9-11 for Autumn ball

For the competition, some guys are called. Each of them is given a bouquet of maple leaves, which they must transform into a wreath. In this case, they can use a stapler or tape. The competition is also held for a time and under cheerful music.

Funny contests at the Autumn ball for youth video

Quite often the Autumn Ball, and with it funny contests, is held not only in schools, but also for young people, students. In this case, the subject and format of such contests in the scenario may coincide with those for senior pupils (grades 9-11). At the same time, for a more adult audience, you can also make funny contests for the Autumn Ball for grades 5-7, and even for elementary school. For example, the competition "Under the umbrella" will be funnier and more relevant for young people, if you replace it with a large umbrella for a child. Other examples of funny contests for the Autumn Ball for Youth are shown in the video below.