How to congratulate dear teachers on a professional holiday? Almost all schoolchildren, students of colleges and students reflect on this question in early October. Of course, you can present your favorite teacher with a bouquet and a greeting card and, believe me, he will be very pleased with such a sign of attention. And you can make a little more effort and organize a real gala concert dedicated to Teacher's Day by dear teachers. Such a surprise from the students will certainly please the teachers and give them a sea of ​​positive emotions and unforgettable memories. But to make the concert really interesting, the script for Teacher's Day should be original and funny. An excellent option will be a funny script for Teacher's Day, especially if it is implemented by high school students or college students. But at a concert in honor of Teacher's Day in primary school to help translate the script students should parents or young teachers - the kids themselves are unlikely to cope with such a responsible job. In our today's article you will find ideas for the most interesting and original scenarios for Teacher's Day, which are easy to translate into reality.

Interesting scenario on teacher's Day at primary school video

First of all, let's consider the possible options for an interesting scenario for Teacher's Day in primary school. As mentioned above, in writing the script and organizing a concert, junior students should be assisted by older comrades, young teachers or parents. The first thing to decide is the theme of the script for Teacher's Day. It should be interesting and understandable for children, while it is desirable not lost and original.

The script for the day teacher for elementary school, "Journey in time"

For example, you can prepare a scenario for Teacher's Day in primary school, dedicated to time travel. Its purpose is to show in various sketches and rooms the important role of education, and consequently, of teachers, in the formation and development of society. For this, children can be reincarnated as famous scientists, writers, artists and other enlighteners of the past. With their participation you can put both comic skits, and, for example, dance numbers.

The script concert on teacher's Day for younger students

Another version of an interesting scenario for Teacher's Day in elementary school is a music concert. For example, you can devote the entire script to the Teacher's Day in different musical directions dedicated to certain subjects and teachers. Possible variants of musical accompaniment for the numbers: rock and roll for physical culture, classical music for the Russian language and literature, etc. An actual and win-win scenario for Teacher's Day in primary school is always the option for the autumn theme and the beginning of the school year.

Scenario congratulations on teacher's Day from students, video

As a rule, high school students working on the original script of congratulations for teachers ' Day. And as you know, young enthusiasm and creativity give very interesting results in the form of funny scenarios on teacher's Day. As a rule, high school students with a script for teachers Day try not just beautiful to congratulate the teachers on the holiday, but also to showcase their talents and abilities clearly. That is why these concerts on teacher's Day always turn out very vivid and memorable.

The script for the senior class award, the Oscar in the teacher's Day

For example, a very colorful and really festive concert for teachers can be organized based on the Oscar. There can be several options for such a concert: with the direct participation of teachers, with the awarding of prizes and titles, in the style of comic parodies. In our opinion, the best option is as close to the original. In other words, teachers should be better informed that they will participate in the awarding ceremony, hold a secret ballot among schoolchildren in nominations, provide a festive interior and symbolic statuettes to the winners.

Scenario with cheerful greetings for the teachers Day from students

A script with congratulations on Teacher's Day from high school students can also be written in the style of a popular television show or program. It is also possible to choose the type of "national team of solyanka", in which there will be a place for funny numbers and skits-parodies for different programs. If you want to really surprise and please your teachers, then it's worth choosing an active concert scenario with contests and quizzes. This option implies direct participation of teachers, which can be divided into several teams or groups. Contests and assignments for such a scenario on Teacher's Day are desirable to prepare thematic, perhaps even related to the knowledge of different subjects of the school curriculum. Naturally, questions for quizzes should be interesting, calculated on logical thinking and general erudition.

Funny script on teachers Day in school — the ideas in the video

In a special category should be attributed the options for a funny scenario for Teacher's Day in school. As you know, good humor is one of the best ways to organize a memorable holiday, which will necessarily give a positive mood and many smiles. In addition, the funny scenario for Teacher's Day in school is much easier to translate into reality than, say, the same solemn version. What cheerful ideas are suitable for the script for Teacher's Day? First of all, humorous sketches, dedicated to everyday school life. For example, you can put a cheerful number about passing the exams, a big change, an answer near the board, a tardiness for a lesson or a call to the director's office. All these moments are familiar to the majority of schoolchildren and for certain, they have some funny stories connected with them. In addition, a funny script for Teacher's Day in school can be built around the plot of a famous book, film or mix of different works. Funny and get a concert with a fantastic script, written with humor. For example, you can make a statement about how one day the dream of all schoolchildren came true and all the teachers disappeared from the planet. In this scenario, on the Teacher's Day, there should be numbers reflecting the initial joy of the students, which gradually develops into an awareness of the complexity of the situation and the desire to bring teachers back. To finish such concert follows words of gratitude and gratitude to teachers.

The script of the holiday on teachers ' Day for teachers College

With no less enthusiasm, teachers in the Teacher's Day are also trained by college students. In fact, to carry out an interesting event for the teachers of the college, almost all of the above scenarios for the Teacher's Day at school will do. The only point that should be taken into account is the adjustment of school subjects to the differences in the educational process in the college. The ideal scenario is a combination of funny scenes, a good solemn part and interesting numbers of amateur performances. To make this scenario on the Teacher's Day look organic and remain fun, you need to combine all of the above-mentioned components with a common theme. For example, you can organize a concert by the type of talent contest among students dedicated to teachers. And you can fantasize a bit and present a scenario variant on the topic "Teacher of the future", in which it is interesting to beat potential assistant robots, useful gadgets, disciplinary innovations. At the end of the holiday, one should emphasize that no new technologies will ever replace the sincerity and wisdom of this teacher.

In addition, the scenario for Teacher's Day on any topic can be supplemented with symbolic gifts from students. It can be both beautiful bouquets and souvenirs made by own hands. As a gift, a congratulation in verse, written by the efforts of students, is also suitable. Another important point that should be taken into account when preparing a holiday for the Teacher's Day, regardless of whether it will be in elementary school or college, is the appropriate decoration of the hall. Take care of the correct decor, which bouquet has something in common with the theme of the concert, is worth it in advance. The easiest way is to decorate the walls and the stage with posters and wall newspapers made with your own hands. Add solemnity will help live flowers and ribbons, and balloons will add a festive atmosphere to any room.