Autumn Ball is one of the most long-awaited and brightest holidays for schoolchildren. Junior students and high school students are waiting with the same impatience for a festive concert, fun contests and other interesting events related to the autumn ball. Many of them will take a direct part not only in his organization, but also in conducting a concert program. Already traditionally, the most popular numbers for students are dances, songs and poems for the Autumn Ball at the school. As a rule, the main theme for such numbers of independent activities is autumn and events related to it. Songs and poems for the Autumn Ball can be not only about the golden age of the year, but also about the beginning of the school year and school. In our today's article you will find a selection of the best modern and traditional songs for the Autumn Ball, as well as beautiful and short poems about the fall for pupils of grades 5-9, 10-11.

The best poems for the Fall school dance for grades 5-9

It is difficult to say how many poems and poems were devoted to the fall. But it can be stated with confidence that it was the autumn season that inspired and continues to inspire poets to creativity. And this is not surprising, considering how beautiful, many-sided and completely different this time of the year can be. At the Autumn Ball in school pupils of grades 5-9 necessarily prepare the most beautiful poems. The best poems for the Autumn Ball in the school for grades 5-9 can be safely called the works of the classics. Pushkin, Yesenin, Tyutchev, Nekrasov, Fet - all of them were once inspired by autumn colors and wrote amazing poems about this wonderful time of the year. Why not read their wonderful works in the framework of the concert dedicated to the autumn ball?

The leaves trembled,

Clouds of the sky have closed beauty,

From the field of the storm bursting angry

Rocks and swears and howls in the forest.

Only you, my sweet little bird,

In a warm nest is barely visible,

Light chest, light, small,

One is not intimidated by the storm.

And a thunder rolls over the thunder,

And the murmuring mist is so black.

Only you, my sweet little bird,

In a warm nest is barely visible.

Glorious autumn! Healthy, vigorous

The air invigorates the tired forces;

The ice is not strong on the river

Like as melting sugar lies;

Near the forest, as in a soft bed,

You can sleep - peace and spaciousness!

Leaves did not have time to fade,

Yellow and fresh lie like a carpet.

Glorious autumn! Frosty nights,

Clear, quiet days.

There is no disgrace in nature! And the Kochi,

And moss swamps, and stumps -

Everything is well under the radiance of the moon,

I recognize my native Russia everywhere.

I quickly fly on rails cast-iron,

I think my thoughts.

October has already come - the grove is already shaking off

The last sheets are from their naked branches;

The autumn cold has died. The road freezes.

Zhurcha is still running behind the windmill stream,

But the pond is already frozen; my neighbor hurries

In leaving the fields with his own desire,

And they are suffering from the winter from the wild fun,

And waking dogs barking asleep oak trees.

Beautiful poems for the Fall dance for seniors

Beautiful poems for the Autumn Ball are prepared and high school students. Most often for this purpose they choose poems not only about autumn, but also about school, teachers, farewell to childhood. For graduates, this Autumn Ball will be the last in the school life, so it is so important for them to read beautiful poems that will fully convey feelings and sadness from the upcoming parting. It is such touching and beautiful poems on the Autumn Ball for high school students you will find in our next selection.

Pressing a deciduous carpet

On the bottoms of dirty puddles,

Two heels run on a dispute

About who in the dance is fast and dumb.

The melted crystal is cracking

Frozen at dawn waters.

Open the curtain shield!

We crave a holiday!

And so ... Ballet flats were on the parquet floor,

Count ready: "One-two-three."

Who wants holidays? Hello!

Admire yourself! Move! Look!

Pores of beautiful pirouette

The gold of the birches,

Give away a handful of coins

For the embodiment of secret dreams.

Roundabout roundabout

From the pair of souls in the cross legs.

They will come here, they will leave,

Having said that the floor was circling helped.

Here Music is the Great God

Polyuric Acid Sheet Music,

Next to him is the Dance (God for the feet).

Tighten into his maelstrom.

The sky will fade - the hall will flash,

Birds will be replaced by jazz.

Shine, play, Autumn ball,

For schoolchildren, for us, for you!

This fall is a simple finale:

Shining red-yellow lights,

She'll make a real ball,

Having crossed out everything that was with us.

She will wash the sand from the sand,

And the card room will be destroyed by the wind,

And the clouds will cover the clouds,

And letters thin will scatter ashes.

She will finally finish the feast

And we are in the midst of the autumn feast

Find love, withered up holes,

And let her decide on her will.

And it will be a long time to laugh

And drunken laughter will mix with the rains.

And we, coming to our senses,

But we will not find what was with us.

Slender beech rows white-beaked

In the lace of the crowns of the golden ones,

Curly hair curls proudly drawn

Before passers-by. Autumn is smart

Ball for nature farewell arranged,

Even from spring I argued,

Notch introduced a romantic-pleasing

In the gentle lyrics of the hour of meeting.

Something I want to tell you important,

And the excitement of the eyes became wet,

Even in my chest, I felt breathless.

Short poems for Autumn ball for Junior school

Variants of short poems for the Autumn Ball for schoolchildren of lower grades are also many. As a rule, they all talk about the beautiful autumn weather and school days. But many short poems for the Autumn Ball for schoolchildren carry a cognitive function in themselves, explaining to babies about the features and changes in nature that occur in the autumn. Such small poems are very easy to learn, which is especially important for younger schoolchildren. Next, you will find a selection of short poems for the Autumn Ball, which are excellent for elementary school.

If on trees

If the edge is far

If the sky is gloomy,

If the rain is pouring,