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Photo gallery: Congratulations on the Day of the Navy-2016 - short and funny in verse and prose. Festive program for the Navy Day in 2016 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk

July 31, 2016, strolling along the seafront of Sevastopol, or sitting down to rest on the capital's bench, you do not recognize the city: people in vests, with Andreevsky flags in their hands, literally occupy all the fountains! By tradition, this is how "Navy Day 2016" will be celebrated in "unofficial circles." Sailors and petty officers, all who served once in the Russian Navy, consider the last July Sunday to be the most grandiose holiday. The morning solemn part of the Navy Day in St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Novorossiysk, Moscow will be replaced by sports events and theatrical performances. In the programs prepared by July 31, 2016, warships and ships of the Russian Navy will take part; hundreds of thousands of spectators will gather to see the spectacles simulating sea battles of the past. Demonstration performances of the flotilla will be replaced by concerts, and the day will end with fireworks in all major Russian cities-marport. Of course, not a single Navy Day is complete without congratulations. This verse, and the official prose from the commanders, and funny pictures of sailor friends, and SMS to distant friends of childhood who once served in the Navy.

Festive program on the Day of the Navy (the Russian Navy) in 2016 in St. Petersburg

July 31, 2016 residents of St. Petersburg expects one of the most ambitious and spectacular programs in the history of the celebration of Navy Day in Russia. Even before the solemn day, the ships participating in theatrical performances and battle-dramatizations on July 31 will start arriving to the English quay and the banks of the Lieutenant Schmidt embankment. On the Day of the Navy, ships will be open for excursions: anyone wishing to descend into the hold or stand on the deck, feeling like a real captain, will be able to do this during the excursion. The solemn day will begin with the construction of servicemen of the Leningrad Naval Base and a parade of ships. Laying wreaths to the cruiser "Aurora", thematic ideas about the Baltic Fleet in the water area of ​​the Neva River, a festive concert will be a continuation of the festivities. The final of the holiday will be a powerful fireworks display, bright lights of which will paint the surface of the Neva.

The program of the holiday on the Day of the Navy in 2016 in Kronstadt

In Kronstadt, the Navy Day in 2016 will be marked by a traditional procession of the military-brass band, festivals, children's sports competitions. The night sky of Kronstadt will illuminate peaceful salutes and pyrotechnic show.

Holiday Navy Day in 2016 in Sevastopol

For a day or two before the day of the Navy July 31, 2016 in Sevastopol to fill out all hotels. Wishing to look at the festive parade of ships in the city and on fit cadets in beautiful form with white trousers, tens of thousands will come. For all viewers on July 31, there may not be enough room, so the sale of tickets for the parade, and for convenient places for watching solemn and theatrical events has already begun. A special tour "Day of the Navy in Sevastopol" and a gala concert on Nakhimov Square are timed to the celebrations. At 22.00 artillery salutes will be thundered, and fireworks will begin.

How the Day of the Navy is celebrated in 2016 in Novorossiysk

Traditionally, the festival will begin with a volley, given in honor of the Russian Navy, from the ship-museum. On July 31, citizens celebrating Day of Neptune will splash in all fountains and reservoirs, the rest of Novorossiysk residents will meet Navy Day, watching the parade of ships. Races on boats, a parade of naval military equipment, a concert in honor of the Russian Navy and salute are also included in the festive program of the solemn day.

The program of the Navy Day in 2016 in Moscow

The brightest and most spiritual moments of the holiday in Moscow can be "caught" in Gorky Park. On this day, the Russians serving in the fleet decided to change the traditional rampant for the Day of the Navy with an action in support of children. The guys will tell all about our glorious sailors, give presents, arrange concerts. The official part of the events, of course, is not canceled: a gala concert and fireworks will be remembered by both Muscovites and visitors.

Funny pictures-congratulations on the Day of the Navy-2016

Day of the Navy in the people still consider the Day of Neptune. July 31 in all children's camps, sanatoriums, just in the city's fountains, celebrations will be greeted with bathing and jumping in the water. You can also congratulate your sailors with the Navy Day: it's fun to send them funny pictures and congratulations to your phone or mail.

Short and funny congratulations on the Day of the Navy in prose

The prose of Russian sailors is usually congratulated by officials and commanders. Speaking their solemn speech in the morning on building ships, the commanders-in-chief of the fleet begin a parade of ships and ships. Of course, congratulations in their own words, their friends-sailors have not been canceled yet. Your wishes will be a pleasant bonus in addition to the general entertainment on July 31st.

On the day of Neptune, we wish all those who are connected with the sea, calm on the ship and in the soul. Let family and friends wait for you and appreciate, let the wind and sea spaces inspire you to new achievements and achievements.

Dear servicemen of the Navy! We are glad to congratulate you on the annual professional holiday. We wish you good health, love and understanding in the family, a good mood every day. Celebrate your holiday with dignity, in the circle of close people and comrades. Successes to you in the service and in any area of ​​your life

The Navy is the pride and beauty of any state. From a young age, every boy imagines himself a captain, while growing up, seeks to join the ranks of the respective troops. So let our fleet remain an adornment and never use its power for direct military appointment.

Short and funny SMS-congratulations on the Day of the Navy 2016 (Navy)

If your seaman is far from you, just send him a funny SMS and short quatrains in honor of Navy Day.

I congratulate you,
  Happy Saint Neptune Day!
  If you are a worthy sailor -
  Then behave yourself!
  You do not drink a lot of vodka,
  And friends of your share!
  If not - then be ready,
  Catch the real Neptune!
  Happy holiday, Morflot!
  Though your work is not easy!

King Neptune
  Lives in the seas,
  Sailors -
  On ships!
  We are you -
  The sailor!

Day of the Navy
  Celebrate today in the country!
  Admire, what are the guys,
  Do not find such anywhere else!

We wish that there is no reason,
  Valor you show your,
  Your mothers were shining with pride,
  And Neptune was distressed!

Congratulations on the Navy Day in verse 2016

It's hard to surprise with congratulations in verse today. However, if it is a verse of his own composition and presented to his native man on the Day of the Navy, he will be remembered for a long time. Well, in case of problems with rhymes, use our options!

You swam across the expanses of the ocean,
Went to sea and Home guarded.
  The sail shone with honor and glory,
  I've discovered thousands of roads.

Today,the feast — Day of the Navy,
  You will pour and drink vodka, you are a glass.
  And do not go to work today,
  Today you will drink for the lovely ladies.

Today you remember the sea, the oceans,
  The expanse of roads and thousands of obstacles.
  Day of the Navy - in July, the main holiday,
  You and I are very happy to congratulate him.

Above you guys are the St. Andrew's flag.
  He sails calmly and proudly.
  You, having given your best years to the fleet,
  This day celebrate cheerfully!

Neptune pull your beard you,
  In the fountain quickly climb,
  Guys threaten, do not be afraid of rumors,
And put the girls to shame.

Today is not a shame. Today is not a sin.
  After all, only once a year, unfortunately,
  Meet sailors all day of the Navy.
  Please accept my congratulations!

Andreevsky flags everywhere hang out -
  This is now a concern,
  Today Russia will celebrate
  Day of the Navy.

We hasten to congratulate soon
  All those who are on guard are
Water borders, sea borders
  And the rest of the country watches.

The memory of military glory
The hearts are the sailors.
And will be forever great Russia
  To all troubles and threats in spite of!

Wherever you celebrate Navy Day 2016, in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sevastopol or Novorossiysk, do not forget to congratulate the representatives of our fleet on their holiday on July 31. Give them if not poems and personal congratulations in prose, then at least send a short SMS or a funny picture on the phone.