Mothers are the most dear and dear people in the world. Their kindness, sincere warmth, devotion and disinterestedness cause sincere admiration and gratitude. It's a pity that we do not always remember how many good things our dear mothers do to us every year from year to year. Therefore, it is very cool that since 1998 in Russia, as in many other countries of the world, there is a wonderful holiday - Mother's Day. On this holiday we all have the opportunity once again to thank our beloved mothers for their disinterested love and care. And let in ordinary life the celebration of Mother's Day, as a rule, is limited to congratulations and flowers, but in children's educational institutions this holiday has long since become a special one. For example, it's very bright and interesting to celebrate Mother's Day in kindergarten. And for the junior, middle, senior and preparatory group, the scenarios for the matinee for Mother's Day are characterized by the complexity and variety of dances, songs and other numbers. Next, you will find a selection of interesting ideas for scenarios, including video, for Mother's Day in the kindergarten.

The script for mother's Day for children kindergarten, videos

Let's start, perhaps, with a few general words about what should be the scenario for Mother's Day for children in kindergarten. Since the children's morning dress is dedicated to moms, first of all it is necessary to take care of the invitation and their comfortable accommodation at the holiday. For this purpose, children under the guidance of educators can prepare with their own hands a beautiful invitation card, which can be decorated with voluminous appliqués or flowers. Such an inviting mother will not only be nice to receive, but kept as a memorable postcard. Also on the holiday you can invite grandmothers, because Mother's Day and their holiday too. With regard to placement, it is important to think it over so that every mother can clearly see the whole concert and her child in particular. Another important point that should be taken into account when writing the scenario for Mother's Day for children in kindergarten is the distribution of roles. It is advisable to build the whole matinee so that each child receives in it a small but important role - to read the verse, dance, perform in the scene.

The script for mother's Day in the Junior group of the kindergarten

The script for Mother's Day for the younger group of the kindergarten is usually quite simple and traditional. Due to the small age, many children of this group can easily get lost and forget, for example, words of congratulations. Therefore, for the younger group of the kindergarten, the script for Mother's Day should be based on active numbers - dances, skits, contests and games. For example, you can start the morning performance with the congratulatory words of the presenter, and then continue with various "gifts" for moms: beautiful dance numbers performed by children, congratulatory songs, fun contests. And participation in the latter can be taken not only by children, but by mothers themselves. In general, for the younger group of the kindergarten, it is advisable to prepare a morning performance in which the mothers and grandmothers can take an active part.

The original script for the junior group of kindergarten on Mother's Day

A rather original matinee in honor of Mother's Day in the younger group can be written with the participation of the pupils' fathers. In addition to direct assistance in the organization of the morning performance, the popes can also take an active part in the concert itself. For example, with the participation of fathers, you can put a beautiful dance - a classic waltz or comic macarene, depending on the scenario. Also the popes together with the children can perform a touching song dedicated to the mothers. For example, a song from a cartoon about a mammoth.

The scenario of mother's Day in the middle group of the kindergarten

In the middle group of the kindergarten, the scenario for Mother's Day will not differ much from that for the younger age group. Children 3-4 years old, like their younger companions, can easily get lost at the sight of their mothers and immediately forget about the matinee and their roles. Therefore, it is desirable to create a holiday scenario based on the fact that each number and children's performance should be interchangeable. As for the ideas for the Mother's Day scenario for the average kindergarten group, the preference should be given to more classical options built around the greeting numbers. Besides traditional greeting songs and poems performed by children, a video presentation for mothers can also be prepared for the holiday. To do this, collect touching photos of each pupil with his mother and arrange them in a slide show. Also to such photos it is desirable to pick up a beautiful musical accompaniment and poems.

Active scripting on mother's Day in the middle group of garden

Mother's Day in Russia is celebrated on the last Sunday of November and, unfortunately, in most regions of our country at this time the weather no longer allows you to hold a holiday outdoors. But this does not mean that Mother's Day can be held only in the format of a traditional matinee. For example, a very bright and interesting holiday can be organized in an active format with a large number of competitions and games. In this case, you can divide the children and moms into different teams, for example, "Mom's Boys" and "Moms of the Girls", and arrange a fun competition between them.

The script for the older group of the kindergarten for mother's Day

As for the pupils of average group of a kindergarten, they can already realize the original script for mother's Day. For example, very interesting to get a concert on the theme of gratitude to mothers. Each child in advance ready a room, which dedicates to his mother and her daily parent work. Naturally, a room should be set taking into account the special talents of the child. As possible options fit the same dances, songs, poems, skits. But the important thing here is not so much room, how much dedication. In other words, before you speak, every child should say a few words of gratitude to his mother. And it must be not just abstract words about love and care, and objective thank you for specific actions. For example, the baby can thank my mom for what she has helped him learn letters, always takes care of him during his illness, kisses broken knee, etc. the more personal and specific words will be said about it, the more touching it will turn out and the occasion.

A fabulous script for mother's Day in the middle group of garden

Another original version for the holiday to the Mother's Day in the middle group is a fabulous one. Under this formulation, you can choose a lot of different scenarios and matinees. For example, you can put the play with the children in the lead roles. It can be staging some famous fairy tale or a good cartoon about my mother. You can also organize a performance on the topic "If there were no mothers in the world." In this fantasy version, it is important to lose all those nuances that make up the everyday "work" of moms and without which the life of children would be very difficult.

The script for mother's Day in the preparatory group of the kindergarten

In the preparatory group of the kindergarten pupils are already quite grown up and therefore, with their active participation, it is possible to put even more complex scenarios for Mother's Day. For example, neither in the senior, nor in the middle, and even more so in the younger group, the kids can not yet spend the entire concert without the active participation of adults. While among the students of the preparatory group there will certainly be children able to perform as a leading holiday. As for the topics, there are also more options here. For example, a very interesting Mother's Day in kindergarten can be held in the format of the concert "My Mother is the Best." As basic numbers, small stories of children about what their moms are doing, what talents they have, and what children appreciate in them are suitable. Between children's performances you can hold competitions or games with the participation of moms and other guests of the holiday. In addition, absolutely any scenario for Mother's Day in the preparatory group will be more interesting and original if you add a small but very memorable moment to it. For example, make a video or make a presentation with a photo about the mothers of the students of the group. You can also supplement the concert with memorable souvenirs made by children - photo frames, postcards, applications and other hand-made articles.