Mother's Day is one of the few quiet and very family holidays that you want to spend at home in a delicious cup of tea with your beloved mother. But alas, not always, and not all have such a luxurious opportunity to be next to my mother on such a touching day. However, you can always congratulate your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend or mother-in-law on this holiday, given how firmly mobile technologies entered our life. Sms with Mother's Day is a short, touching congratulation, which on this day is pleasant for any woman who has already become a mother. And it is not so important it will be a congratulatory message in verse or prose, most importantly, that it will be sent by an expensive person. Many warm, sincere, kind sms on Mother's Day for dear and beloved women you will find in our today's article.

Funny sms on Mother's Day for mom in verse

Of course, it is much more pleasant to congratulate mother on the holiday personally, supplementing her wishes with warm embraces and kisses. But sometimes circumstances and distances do not give us such an opportunity, and calls and sms come to their aid. Funny sms on Mother's Day for mom can be chosen in verse or prose. As a rule, the first variant is much more touching, and the second one can always be supplemented with your own words. Next, you are waiting for funny SMS on Mother's Day in the poems for your mother with the warmest and most sincere wishes, able to fully convey the depth of your feelings.

Becoming a Mom is Happiness

For any woman.

After all, this holiday is yours.

What you need a child,

You should know.

You are a holy woman,

And not just a mother.

Be healthy, strong,

Nobody in the world is no mile!

Thank you for everything,

What in this world I know!

I love you every day stronger!

Touching sms in prose with Mother's Day for Women

SMS for Mother's Day in prose has its touching advantages, thanks to which they can be used for congratulations not only for moms, but also for other close women. First of all sms congratulations in prose are quite universal. Also, the wishes in prose give the impression that you wrote them in your own words, and it is always pleasant to receive such kind words. Below you will find a selection of touching sms in prose with Mother's Day for women. By the way, these wishes can be used for greeting cards.

I congratulate Mother's Day and wish happiness to the family, understanding and trust, smiles and joy, the successful embodiment of ideas, the manifestation of sincere maternal love and care, and in response to respect and gratitude. Let motherhood bring only joy and pride for children.

Let tenderness, affection, warmth, care, trepidation and love, given to children, return to you in a triple size and bring great happiness. Happy Mother's Day!

For centuries, the story was directed by men, but behind every even a strong warrior, there was a woman - his mother. Mother's love and words stay in the person's soul for the rest of my life and today I want to congratulate you, Mom and wish that you always be surrounded by care of close people, so that every day starts with a smile, health does not let down with years and that you were really happy!

Beautiful sms girlfriend with Mother's Day in verse

If there are mothers among your close friends, then be sure to pick up beautiful sms for them in the poems on Mother's Day. This is the fastest and sweetest way to congratulate all your friends with such an important holiday. You can always add this wish with funny emoticons or pictures. But just try to find a personal wish for each friend not to turn sending sms to friends in spam. And our beautiful sms girlfriend with Mother's Day in verse will help you find worthy congratulations for all your girlfriends and good acquaintances.

You are a mother. And this is the highest calling.

The holy mission of all women on Earth.

Accept now from the heart of the wish:

I wish you health, strength for you.

Happy Mother's Day, dear girlfriend.

I wish you happiness, warmth.

Let the angel protect, guarding,

Will fulfill all cherished dreams.

Ah, my dear sun,

My girlfriend is fine,

Happy Mother's Day, I congratulate

And I wish you happiness and health.

Let people smile at you,

But in life, let it all turn out.

Good luck, career, love

And a strong, happy family!

Congratulatory sms on Mother's Day sister in verse

Sister - this is the second mother after my mother, who understands us with a half-word. And if in her life already there was a joy and she found maternal happiness, then be sure to congratulate her with Mother's Day at least smskoy in poetry. Of course, with good wishes at a personal meeting, this SMS does not compare. But it will certainly raise your spirits and show your attention. Next, you will find a selection of beautiful greeting sms on Mother's Day for the sister in verse. Be sure to use our SMS congratulations for the destination!

Happy Mother's Day, little sister!

Love and warmth,

Smiles and fun -

Total worthy you.

Let the sun shine brightly

And loud children's laughter.

Let there be a lot of happiness,

And you are the happiest of all!

Sister dear, congratulations

You with such a special, gentle day.

I wish you tolerance and happiness,

Cares all leave for later!

Sister dear, Happy Mother's Day

From the heart, I congratulate. I wish I was loving

Health, yes, stronger, great for your family,

May happiness and luck always fly to you!

Let the children rejoice and mother dearly love,

Such a beautiful mother in the world can not find!

Short sms on Mother's Day for mother-in-law in verse

About the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law there are many anecdotes and jokes. However, in life, there are rarely truly conflictual confrontations between a young wife and her husband's mother. But even if you have not developed very warm relations with your mother-in-law, this is no reason not to congratulate her on such a wonderful holiday as Mother's Day. Do not forget that it is this woman you owe - she gave life to your loved one and raised from him a real man who made you happy. Choose at least a short SMS on Mother's Day for mother-in-law in verse or prose and congratulate her on this wonderful holiday. After all, your mother-in-law, as well as once your mother (sister, girlfriend, adult daughter) has gone through a heavy maternal school and deserves your respect. Believe me, even a funny short SMS with Mother's Day in verse from you will certainly give your mother-in-law a smile and a positive mood for the whole day!

Congratulations on Mother's Day,

I give flowers, I embrace you warmly.

Thank you for your help in the difficult hour,

For the fact that you help us out.

For your son I thank you a hundred times,

I respect him very much and I love him.

Health to you for many years,

Smiles and warmth!

I congratulate you on Mother's Day!

I wish never to know.

Such a son if you brought up,

The best mother you can call.

Let your health please you for a long time,

That there were more joyful events.

And so that the sun shone over your head,

And fortunately there is always a way open!

You are just a super mom,

The mother-in-law is so simply a class,

Be happy yourself,

Let everything be for you:

A large supply of goods,

And the apartment - peace, order,

Happy Mother's Day, Hurray!