Profession joiner  covers a fairly large range of activities. Its representatives are engaged in the direct preparation of timber for use, as well as the design and assembly of various wooden products.

Carpentry is one of the oldest. On some frescos found in the territory of Ancient Egypt, you can find images of carpenters.

Profession joiner requires the presence of a large physical strength, endurance and agility. The main condition for high productivity of such workers is fast visual-motor reaction. Every woodworker should have a good eye, and a high level of concentration. Would be helpful as well the presence of spatial imagination, developed technical thinking. and the ability to distribute their efforts in the processing of various materials.

To the professional functions of representatives of this profession applies making products of wood, manufacture of furniture, baseboards, Windows, stairs and other structures. In addition, joiners manually perform sawing and planing of unlined bars. Also carpenters are engaged in gluing various parts and preparing joinery glue. Still representatives of this profession themselves sharpen the joiner's tool.

The profession of a carpenter involves the possession of a huge number of tools. for example, a workbench, a jigsaw, mallet, planer, hand saw, chisel, mitre box, an axe, a milling machine, a hammer, file and many others.

It is also worth noting that any of the carpenter plays an important role compliance with safety regulations. As a rule, carpenters work in special clothes, and if necessary they wear individual protective equipment (gloves, respirator, glasses and so on). Children of school age are taught carpentry only under the guidance of an experienced teacher. In this case, only simple carpentry tools are used. As for various tape and disk machines, children are not allowed to do it during classes.

Ignoring safety rules can lead to the emergence of occupational diseases  from carpenters. As a rule, these can be respiratory diseases (asthma, lung cancer, nasal cavity cancer), injuries of the musculoskeletal system, as well as trauma to the limbs. In addition, in carpenters working primarily on machines, over time, there may be a significant decrease in hearing.

To perform a variety of carpentry work: minimum age of 18 years who are qualified. Learn to be a carpenter in vocational technical schools, and enrolling in appropriate specialty .

Career growth of representatives of this profession is associated with the level of professionalism and the ability to use the different equipment. In this area of ​​activity, so-called "vertical" growth is possible: the carpenter can gradually move from performing labor operations to managing personnel and directing the work of the carpenters' team. As for the "horizontal" growth, many carpenters try to expand the range of their activities, mastering new specializations.

Finally it is worth noting that the profession of carpenter is in demand in organizations related to construction and agriculture. Also representatives of this profession can be found in repair shops of factories, housing construction companies, wood processing plants and private enterprises.