Profession joiner{!LANG-b081a34b414b1b949ce3aee94248fc6f!}

Carpentry is one of the oldest{!LANG-f63396fda07eec13f676e8586ac84d65!}

Profession joiner requires the presence of a large physical strength, endurance and agility. The main condition for high productivity of such workers is fast visual-motor reaction. Every woodworker should have a good eye, and a high level of concentration. Would be helpful as well the presence of spatial imagination, developed technical thinking{!LANG-2eae0469e4a6288f9d0ad189ea65de0f!}

To the professional functions of representatives of this profession applies making products of wood, manufacture of furniture, baseboards, Windows, stairs and other structures{!LANG-2f6ce02440d649ea4bd90fb430876d77!}

The profession of a carpenter involves the possession of a huge number of tools. for example, a workbench, a jigsaw, mallet, planer, hand saw, chisel, mitre box, an axe, a milling machine, a hammer, file and many others.

It is also worth noting that any of the carpenter plays an important role compliance with safety regulations{!LANG-2eff6b8e6c7e4a0fee95ab02778dc60c!}

Ignoring safety rules can lead to the emergence of occupational diseases{!LANG-78c78ac1a558821416fc6acf5685ed5e!}

To perform a variety of carpentry work: minimum age of 18 years who are qualified. Learn to be a carpenter in vocational technical schools, and enrolling in appropriate specialty .

Career growth of representatives of this profession is associated with the level of professionalism and the ability to use the different equipment{!LANG-b93dd7c4525ccbd1f92c8ac37918cb15!}

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