While on the most part of territory of Russia already hosts a chilly autumn, with the first sub-zero temperatures and snow, the weather in Sochi in November continues to delight locals and visitors alike. Of course, Sunny Sochi during this period, especially word, high humidity and climatic characteristics of the region make the end of November here is pretty rainy and cloudy. But, if you compare the weather in Sochi and other Russian cities in early November, then it is safe to say that meteoitalia here much more comfortable. About what will be the weather in November 2016 in Sochi, and also to obtain the most accurate forecast from meteorologist about temperature of water and air at this time, you can from today's article.

Most accurate weather forecast for Sochi on the November 2016 from meteorologist

In the minds of most Russian citizens last month of autumn is associated with the first big cons and abundant rainfall. But for the residents this month is only a logical conclusion of the peak season. Particularly sudden temperature changes from plus to minus figures here in November does not happen. The sea, of course, cools down and rains are often, but otherwise the weather remains quite comfortable and warm. According to the most accurate forecast from meteorologist for November 2016, in Sochi the weather will be pretty traditional for this time of year. Average daily temperatures vary within plus 10-12 degrees Celsius almost the whole month. With regard to precipitation, their frequency will increase in the second decade of November. However, the rains are short and not too plentiful, if you believe the weather in Sochi on November 2016 from the hydrometcentre of Russia.

Weather forecast for Sochi for November 2016 and the temperature of the water

As for the water temperature in the Black sea in November 2016 in Sochi, as the weather in this region, it will be relatively warm. Of course, dare to swim the black sea in this period, only the most hardened "walrus" — the average water temperature will stay at around 15 degrees. And this indicator is in combination with about the same temperature of the air and frequent precipitation quality can not be called. However, such the water temperature in the Black sea do not in any way affect the possibility of recovery through healing sea air. Therefore, even swim in the Sochi sea does not work, but improve your health at local resorts can. The more General weather forecast for Sochi in November 2016 and the water temperature generally favourable and prices for accommodation and services are much lower than in the height of tourist season.

Especially the weather in Sochi at the beginning and at the end of November

So if you decided to save money and have a rest in Sochi in November, be sure to check the local weather at the beginning and end of the month. As you can guess even without the most accurate forecast from the hydrometeorological center, the warm and Sunny weather in Sochi in November falls on the beginning of the month. And if to be more precise, in the first decade. It was at this time drops low precipitation and daytime temperatures in Sochi may stay in the range of 15-16 degrees. And let the sun not warms the air and water targets, to be on the coast at these temperatures quite comfortable. Significantly worse weather in Sochi begins approximately the last week: precipitation becomes heavy, the temperature is reduced to 9-10 degrees, the number of cloudy days prevail. Although these frosts at this time is not the case, especially the weather in Sochi at the beginning and the end of November already indicate the beginning of the winter season.