The knowledge day is a holiday of two categories of people — students and their teachers. But there is a third category of people who have the most direct relationship to September 1, and consider this day and its celebration. We are talking about the parents of the children in this day go to schools and kindergartens. Of course, for parents of preschoolers September 1, have not so solemn, as, for example, for moms and dads of first-graders. But they are a special thrill this celebration. And just for parents, this day is just as important as those for students and teachers, you need not forget about the greetings for them. Congratulations on September 1 for parents can be in the format of poems and prose. They can be in the nature of a solemn and touching requests, and can be cool and funny. Next, you will find a selection of congratulations on September 1 for parents, including options for short SMS and wishes for mothers and fathers of first-graders.

Congratulations on September 1 to parents of preschool children in the poems

The first of September an important holiday for the youngest students — preschoolers. And even if for them this holiday even formality, their parents at this moment manage to survive for real. In fact, the holiday September 1 kindergarten is a training session for children and parents. it will take quite a bit of time and parents of preschoolers they will turn into moms and dads of first-graders. And this is just a huge step for all — the beginning of a crucial stage in life. So do not neglect greetings, in verse or prose from 1 September to the parents of preschoolers. And our selection of beautiful and heart touching greetings on September 1 to parents of preschool children in the poems you can help.

For parents the Day of Knowledge

The occasion, of course, important,

Because skills and efforts

Requires every child.

Mom-dad, with the kids

You have to learn

It will be hard sometimes

And will have to work.

There will be different obstacles,

But will get the rewards!

Congratulations on knowledge Day!

Of you and your children,

After all, their relatives and closer no!

We wish you strength, patience,

So your children no doubt

Studied only perfectly well

And have not been indifferent

To each other, family and friends,

Gave me happiness and joy to you!

Parents with knowledge Day congratulations,

Full of cares for you he still

With children this holiday sharing,

You smile with them for a long time.

And pride for children overflows

And satisfaction is doubly!

Patience is a huge wish,

The zeal in the training mess,

Let the house always full of laughter

And joy may not hinder the work,

We wish your children success

Let study less tired!

Beautiful, congratulations to the parents of first graders on September 1 in verses

The first of September in first grade is a very exciting time not only for the first graders but also for their parents. As from this moment on radically changing their lives. But most importantly comes the realization that yesterday's innocent children turned into students of first-graders and first-graders. They seem grown up one moment, and with it, become wiser than their parents. However, they do have less to worry about their kids and need the warm words of support. Congratulations to the parents of first graders on September 1 at the beautiful poetry is a great way to show attention and care, encouragement and approval. Such beautiful, congratulations to the parents of first graders on September 1 at the poems you'll find next.

On the Day of knowledge from the heart parents

Success of children, and good luck large.

Let it be beautiful, bright days

The study of children will be fine.

We wish you patience, wisdom, many,

Let the children eager to learn always.

We wish you success on the difficult road.

The Day of knowledge, health and a lot of good!

On the first day of September

Happy holiday, knowledge day

From the heart, parents,

I congratulate you.

New year training

You meet the children,

Patience and strength

Stock up for a year.

I wish that the strong

Your nerves were

I wish that the day of knowledge

You made a new start,

Thank you for the education.

Let them please you,

And let them learn perfectly.

Knowledge day — a holiday and your.

Touching greetings on September 1, parents in prose

Worthy of congratulations to parents of students with onset on 1 September with the help of prose. Such wishes usually very versatile. They are ideal for personal greetings, and for formal speeches on school rulers. Especially touching greetings on September 1, parents in the prose heard from the lips of high school students who are already fully aware of how important this holiday is for them. In addition, touching greetings on September 1, parents in prose you can always dilute your own words, what will improve them and make more personal. Next, you will find a selection of the most beautiful and touching wishes for the Day of knowledge in prose for moms and dads.

Dear parents, we congratulate you with knowledge Day. Let this holiday inspire all of us in commitment to goals and shared success. I wish the kids were real proud that each of them opened their individual abilities and talents, and you have always supported them and helped in everything. May this academic year bring us all only good emotions, great success, good mood and joy. Patience to you, dear parents, good health, prosperity and great relationship with children.

Congratulate the parents on the knowledge Day. Let your children will always be proud and never disappoint neither their behavior nor their estimates. Suppose you do not have to come to the Director and to blush at the parent meeting. Happy holidays to you!

Knowledge day — a very exciting holiday, especially for parents. After all, you are trembling, each time escorted their children to class each failure or victory perceive as if your personal. May this school year bring only good mood and a lot of UPS to you and your kids!

Solemn greetings on September 1 to parents from teachers poems

Typically, congrats on the 1st of September in poems on solemn rulers from sound parents sound to the teachers. But it is appropriate at such events, the opposite options, when teachers themselves congratulate the parents with this wonderful holiday. And this is very true, given that the first and the second, in fact, are the "players" of one team with one goal. Of course, to bring flowers and cards to teachers parents on September 1 can not. But to make it nice and beautiful to say congratulations on the celebration is appropriate. The more that the ceremonial greetings at 1 September in the poems from teachers that we have collected for you the following compilation is ideal for this purpose.

Parents need to congratulate

After all, this is a holiday for them,

They are the day of knowledge all so happy,

The children are kissed by the dear ones.

And children run away to school,

To learn more quickly,

Parents know exactly,

They will wait with impatience.