The Day of Knowledge can be called the second professional holiday for teachers, thanks to which, in fact, on September 1 there is. Without wise teachers, mentors and true professionals in the business, the entire education system would be unviable. And our children, just like ourselves, would have been left alone with a solid "granite of science", which it is almost impossible to master alone. Therefore, let's use every opportunity and say words of gratitude to people of such a difficult and necessary profession - teachers. Especially since it is quite easy to choose beautiful and touching congratulations from September 1 for teachers because of our today's article. In it you will find a variety of options for congratulations to teachers in verse and prose from students, including first-graders, parents, colleagues. In addition, you can pick up funny, short for sms or official congratulations on September 1 for expensive teachers.

Beautiful congratulations to the teachers from 1 September in poems from students

Most worried about choosing a worthy beautiful congratulation for teachers on September 1 in verse or prose, of course, the students. And with the same excitement to this issue are suitable and first-graders, and students of secondary and senior classes. And this is not surprising, considering how important an important place in the life of students is occupied by teachers. Beautiful congratulations on September 1 to teachers in verse from students is a kind of gratitude for all the forces and knowledge that wise mentors put in their wards for years. Next, you will find a selection of the best greeting poems for September 1 for teachers. Be sure to use the below suggested options to express gratitude to your beloved teachers.

With Knowledge Day, from 1 September

You, our lovely teachers!

Success to you for a whole year,

So that there was always comfort in the soul!

Patience so that it does not end,

Salary so as not to "bite".

Lessons so that were conducted,

So that all of the desks immediately sit down!

To guide you praise,

Always worthy of you,

You were respected for your work,

For all the merits - rewarded!

Teachers you are our dear,

Such kind, such to us native!

We congratulate you on the occasion today,

The Day of Knowledge! We wholeheartedly wish you

In the soul of warmth and kindness,

Always only positive, beauty.

So that there will not be any sorrows,

So that you were always loved!

And again, the day came.

September in the school brought us together.

A new year ahead.

Successes, you, teachers,

You are diligent children.

The work will, albeit easy,

Lessons are more fun.

Touching greetings on September 1, teachers in prose

As a rule, thinking over congratulation on September 1 for the teacher, the majority of pupils choose their touching verses, completely disregarding the wishes in prose. And in vain! Prose in a number of cases can be much more accurate and brighter to convey feelings, wishes and thoughts. It is congratulations in prose that give the impression that you speak sincerely in your own words. Is this the effect we all want to get, choosing the wishes of dear people? Our next selection of touching congratulations for September 1 teachers in prose refers precisely to such wishes. Choose the best congratulation from her and please your beloved teacher on September 1.

Dear teachers, we congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge! Exciting day, the beginning of a new academic year. We will solemnly meet first-graders, we wish easy studies to students. Let every teacher be proud of his work. Joy to you, knowledge, good mood, great achievements and clever students! Congratulations!

The Day of Knowledge! May the kindness and purity of the holiday burst with cheerful enthusiasm, impatient students will give smiles, flowers, and the day abounds with verses, congratulations and music. I wish the first day of autumn to set the rhythm and mood for the next year, which will be rich in bright heads, talents and brilliant minds.

Dear our teachers! Today, some of you took first graders to school, and class leaders again saw the friendly faces of their students. May God reward our school with an excellent academic achievement for your hard work. Let the students not only reach new heights in life, but also bring up wonderful people!

Funny greetings on September 1, teachers in verse

Funny congratulations on September 1 for teachers in verse can not be called a universal option. They will not be suitable for all teachers and will be appropriate as congratulations rather for young teachers. And it's not just a sense of humor that the older generation may not appreciate. Funny congratulations on September 1 in the poems of teachers can not be attributed to the traditional options. But nevertheless, they can be quite actual as original wishes for young teachers from high school students and colleagues. Therefore, if you are looking for such unconstrained congratulations on September 1 in verse, then you should definitely choose one of the options below.

Let this new academic year

It brings you good days,

The lessons will be interesting,

And pupils do not play pranks,

Do not let the salary hurt you,

The authorities will honor you,

Let more happiness than ever,

You will bring a year of study!