Musical fountains and color shows are everyday reality of the twenty-first century. But the technology sphere is constantly evolving, still surprising the fantastic results of even sophisticated connoisseurs of unusual gadgets. Another breakthrough is the "fiery" Bluetooth-column Fireside Audiobox. The novelty of Gray Street Design is a compact device that demonstrates not only powerful sound, but also a fascinating dance of flame languages ​​in time with the melody. The secret of the "fiery" magic of Fireside Audiobox is quite simple: a half-kilogram cylinder with propane hidden in an aluminum cylinder. The gas releases fifteen lights, and the control panel allows you to adjust the intensity of the fire and the volume of the sound. The charge is enough for eight hours - an excellent time reserve for a fun friendly party.

Portable Fireside Audiobox - the best solution for home rest

Lithium-ion battery will provide several hours of continuous operation of the device

The design of the column is made in retro style with hi-tech elements. On the elegant case of light wood, there is a miniature control panel and a neat speaker with a logo, and the "fire" part is enclosed in a box of tempered glass. The novelty has already arrived in pre-order on the site of Kickstarter - the start of sales is scheduled for the fall.

Promotional photo of the "fiery" column on the Kickstarter website

Fireside Audiobox Advertising Campaign