Kurban-Bayram, along with Uraza-Bayram, is considered one of the main and most anticipated holidays for Muslims around the world. This is a special day, symbolizing unshakable faith, a tribute to ancient traditions and deep devotion to Allah. Kurban-Bairam does not have a clearly fixed date for the beginning and end of the celebration and is celebrated by the Muslims for 70 days after the holiday of Uraza-Bairam in memory of the sacrifice of the prophet Ibrahim. In translation, its name sounds like a holiday of sacrifice, which not only defines traditions, but also helps to understand the essence of this ancient rite. From our today's article you will learn how many Muslims of Moscow, Tatarstan, Crimea and other regions will celebrate Kurban Bairam 2016. Also here you will find beautiful congratulations with Kurban Bayram in poetry and prose in Russian.

A number of Eid al-Adha is celebrated in Moscow in 2016

As already mentioned above, the holiday of Kurban-Bairam has no clear date. Therefore, the question of which Kurban-Bairam number will be celebrated in 2016 by the Muslims of Moscow and other regions of Russia is quite relevant. The fact is that the Islamic time is based on the lunar calendar and is accordingly biased relative to the Gregorian. What date will Kurban-Bairam celebrate in Moscow in 2016? This time the celebrations will begin on September 12, 2016 and last 3 days.

When the beginning and the end of Eid al-Adha 2016 in Tatarstan, Tajikistan, Turkey

The beginning and end of the Kurban Bayram 2016 in Moscow coincides with other regions and countries with a predominantly Muslim population, for example, in Tatarstan, Turkey, and Tajikistan. In other words, the great Islamic holiday in these countries as well as in Moscow will begin in September 12th. Depending on local traditions, celebrations can last for 3-4 days. Information about when the beginning and end of Kurban Bairam 2016 in Tatarstan, Turkey, Tajikistan is especially useful for tourists planning their holidays in Muslim countries in September this year. In resort areas, as a rule, visitors do not feel any embarrassment associated with the celebration of Kurban Bayram. But on a free trip to Muslim regions during these holidays, tourists will definitely meet with weekends in state institutions, mass festivities and open sacrifices on the streets.

Tradition and congratulations on Eid 2016

Many traditions are associated with the celebration of Kurban-Bairam, including congratulations on this day. Since this holiday is considered one of the most important in Islam, every Muslim with special trepidation honors his ancient customs and traditions, the main of which is the ritual sacrifice of the animal. For this purpose, choose a healthy and young individual - a ram, a camel, a bull or a goat. This sacrifice is a repetition of the deed of the prophet Ibrahim, who was willing to sacrifice his only son for the sake of believing in Allah. When the prophet's knife was already brought over his son's head, Allah stopped Ibrahim and announced to him that this was a test of his devotion, and commanded to sacrifice a lamb. Since then, all Muslims consider it their duty to visit Mecca, built on the site of these events and to sacrifice a large animal.

In addition to this tradition, congratulations with Kurban Bayram 2016 are also considered an integral part of the celebration. The most traditional greetings on this day are as follows: "Id mubarak!" (Blessed is the feast!) And "Takabbala-Llahu minna va min-kum" (May Allah be pleased with us and from you!).

Beautiful congratulations in the verses on Kurban-Bairam in Russian

In addition to traditional festive greetings, beautiful congratulations in verse, including in Russian, are popular at Kurban Bairam. As a rule, they are prepared for relatives, friends and relatives. In such congratulatory verses it is accepted not only to say wishes, but also to mention the main traditions of this holiday, its rites and features. For example, in beautiful congratulations on Kurban Bairam reminders about the necessity of sacrificing an animal and the importance of making a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Muslims Mecca are quite appropriate. In addition, the congratulations in the verses on Kurban-Bayram are full of warm wishes of health, prosperity, prosperity. They are used for congratulations with personal meetings, postcards, messages on social networks. In our next collection, only the best and most beautiful congratulations with Kurban-Bayram are collected in verses in Russian. Be sure to use the below suggested options for congratulations to your native Muslims.

Wish I want the good,
Joy and health to you.
Congrats on the great day,
Peace to you in Eid al-Adha.
Feed the poor today,
  Pray for your relatives:
The departed in the world is beautiful
  And about all their living.

Today we honor Muslims
And with the holiday Eid al-Adha
We congratulate them now.
Let Allah keep all of you!
That your heart was generous,
That grief is rolled away,
So there was peace in all hearts —
  So Allah has commanded you all!

Today the Muslim brotherhood
I sincerely want to congratulate
On the great day of Eid al-Adha,
His greatness glorify!
Let him hear us Allah!
From the mountains of the great Arafat
Ask us in your prayers
A sound mind, good character
And mercy in the hearts,
The fear of God, tolerance.
Let him bless us all Allah!
He could give us his mercy.
For all earthly sins
  He will grant his forgiveness!

Make the sacrifice, we today
We waited a whole year.
Can we put the sheep in the morning
Will share them in full.
Glad the whole Orthodox people
And Mecca it is.
Around the sacred stone to pass
From Allah's mercy must come down!
Each gives to the poor,
Paradise he thereby will gain
  Good luck to all the holiday will bring!

Touching greetings in prose with Eid

Congratulations in prose on Kurban-Bayram can be no less beautiful and touching than the wishes in verse. Moreover, such congratulations are very easy to "tailor" to a certain person, who wants to wish all the best and bright on this holiday. In addition, touching congratulations with Kurban-Bayram in prose can be very different - official, friendly, funny. Their character is largely determined by the addressee of congratulations and your relationship with this person. Well, the main advantage of wishes in prose is hidden in their universality and plasticity. It is enough to change just a few lines or add warm words from yourself and a completely new congratulation is ready. So do not be afraid to congratulate your friends and relatives with Kurban-Bayram prose and always choose only the warmest wishes for them!

In the glorious and bright holiday - Kurban-Bayram I wish you strong faith, lasting health, pure thoughts, generosity of the soul, respect for others, love and prosperity. Let this holiday shed light on the path of life and help to choose the right road, may Allah always help, let the heart and soul always long for good deeds.

Passed 70-th day, how was Eid al-Fitr comes Eid al-Adha. To commemorate the readiness of prophet Ibrahim to serve God and to give him his own son, today we bring the sacrifice. Let our faith be as strong as that of Abraham!

Congratulations on the holy holiday of Kurban-Bayram! I wish that all the best thoughts and good intentions accompany your path throughout the year. Let not only this reason, but many others unite and unite your big family. I wish peace, prosperity and bright hopes!

Short greetings SMS for Eid al-Fitr for SMS and pictures

Unfortunately, the situation when the closest and dearest people on such festive days as Kurban-Bayram are far from widely distributed. In this case, short congratulations for sms and pictures on Kurban-Bairam, which are so convenient to send in social networks and by phone, can come to the aid. With their help it is quite easy to congratulate those dear relatives and friends who live outside your city, for example, in Moscow or Kazan. They will easily reach the hearts of Muslims in the Crimea, Tatarstan, Tajikistan, Turkey ... Now that you know the beginning and the end of the holiday Kurban-Bayram 2016, make sure to use our selection of wishes in verse and prose for congratulations to dear people. And short congratulations with Kurban-Bayram for sms and pictures will help you convey warm words on this day and for hundreds, and even thousands of kilometers from home.

Muslims all with the hi —
Bright day Eid al-Adha,
Celebrate this
  And we wish peace to you!

Kurban-Bairam — the great feast
With it I congratulate you!
And wishes a lot of different
Today I give you:
May happiness knock on the house
And in heart let love Shine,
The soul will be filled with warmth,
  Lighting all your light!

In a light holiday of Eid al-Adha
We wish you peace.
We wish peace on your heart
And for the happiness of the open door.
Let the heart nothing to worry,
But the comfort and wealth multiply
Your house is good,
  It will be joyful and warm.

To everyone who knows Kurban-Bairam,
I wish the Russian language:
Happiness, love in family, and in other —
  Let you have success, to envy the rest!