The night before Christmas is the time of miracles, mystical events and fulfillment of desires. Our ancestors believed that it was during the period from 6 to 7 January that the Earth was visited by higher forces - good and evil spirits. The first seek to help people by opening a mysterious veil for them in the future, while the latter, on the contrary, can do much harm. But, despite the risk of meeting with evil spirits, our ancestors did not miss the chance to find out their future. Divination by Christmas at home is one of the main traditions of Christmas Eve, which is perfectly preserved in our time. As a rule, girls and young women guess at Christmas night, although guys too can participate in this custom. Voroshat usually for love, prized, future, health, wealth and money. Further we have collected for you the best variants of ancient fortune-telling for Christmas 2017, including love, which are very easy to reproduce at home.

Where there was a tradition to read Christmas?

Before turning to fortune-telling, it is useful to know where the tradition of guessing for Christmas came from. Everyone knows that the Christian church does not approve divination and other extrasensory studies related to prediction. So why in one of the main church holidays in the year can you guess and this is not a sin? The fact is that in the first days of the new year the divines were engaged long before the baptism of Rus and this tradition has pagan roots. Our ancestors believed that with the beginning of the new year, heaven opens, and ordinary people have the opportunity to look into their future.

With the advent of Christianity in Russia, attempts were repeatedly made to eradicate the pagan tradition of divination, but all of them failed. Eventually, the church, though unofficially, "closed its eyes" to the Christmas fortune-telling and announced the period from January 6 to 19, which people call "saints," a time when evil spirits are weakening and can not harm believers. Consequently, divination at this time from dangerous communication with dark forces turned into harmless fun for the youth. Now, you know where the tradition came from to guess at Christmas, and you yourself can follow this interesting custom and learn the predictions about the future and love.

Methods of divination at Christmas from 6 to 7 January 2017 for love and Mr right

It's no secret that the most popular fortune-telling for Christmas (January 6-7, 2017) are the options of divination for love and the betrothed. After all, most of the guessers are girls and young women, for whom questions of love, family happiness and marriage are very relevant. Variants of divination for Christmas from 6 to 7 January for love and suchenogo quite a lot. Next, we have collected for you popular fortune-telling, which, according to experts, give the most accurate predictions of love.

Mirror and candle

Many people believe that for Christmas, mirrors are a door to parallel worlds. It is on this belief that one of the current versions of Christmas fortune-telling with mirrors and a candle is based. You need to be in a dark room one closer to midnight. From two mirrors a corridor is made - they are exposed opposite each other so that an illusion of passage is created. Opposite to one of the mirrors, a candle is lit, near which a guessing person sits. Then the girl mentally or aloud calls her suzhenogo with the words: "My betrothed, mummer, come to me." Repeating three times, you need to start peering into the mirror corridor until the image of a man appears in it.

The fence of love

This version of the divination for Christmas is very simple. You need to choose a wooden fence and become near one of its edges. Then you should move to the opposite edge, counting each tablet with the words: "Rich, poor, widower, bachelor". On which word the fence will end, he will be the bridegroom. If the girl has a couple of grooms in mind, then you can call on love in such a way to their names.

The first counter

In the old days it was one of the most popular collective methods of divination among girls. The youth gathered in groups and went out into the street. Then every girl who saw the man she met asked her name. It was believed that so will her future husband.

On the night of 6 to 7 January under the pillow should put a simple comb or comb. Before going to sleep, you should say three times to yourself: "My betrothed, mummer, comb my hair." In a dream, the bridegroom must come and comb the girl. If in a dream it does not appear, then you should not wait for love this year.

For this version of divination for love you need a clear glass with water, a simple ring and thread. The glass should be filled with water approximately three quarters. Then the ring should be tied to the thread and slowly lowered into a glass with water. After this, the guesser wonders the question and slowly kneads the ring from the glass. If the ring touches the right wall, then the answer is affirmative, and if the left one - negative.

Christmas divination on the night of 6 to 7 January in the home for the future

Guessing for the future on the night of January 6 to 7 at home is an old Christmas tradition. Of course, many predictions of this sort are mistrusted, but this does not prevent us from using fortune-telling as a merry pastime for Christmas. A selection of Christmas fortunetelling in the night from 6 to 7 January for the future at home, which awaits you further, is perfect for large companies.

For this option, guesswork will be needed: empty shells from walnuts, paper, a large basin of water, candles. Each girl chooses a nut shell for herself, and marks it, for example, with a colored candle for a cake. On small leaves of paper write different words: wealth, marriage, child, home, work. Paper predictions are rolled up into tubes and unfolded on different edges of the pelvis. The water is collected in a basin and improvised boats with candles are sent. To which of the paper tubes will stick the shell, then waits for the girl in the near future.

In a large bag, objects are added, symbolizing different events from the future. For example, a nipple can be a symbol of the birth of a child, and a purse is a harbinger of wealth. Every fortune-teller should get one thing from his bag blindfolded, which will symbolize an important event in the near future.

For this method of guessing, you need to take a candle and a bowl of water. Mentally, ask the question of interest and light a candle. When the candle is already well burned, you need to pour the wax into the water. The future is "read" according to the figure, which is obtained after the wax has solidified in the water.

How to guess at Christmas-2017 house of money and wealth

Divination at Christmas home can be for money and material wealth. There are few variants of such predictions, but they do exist. For example, guess at the night of January 6 to 7 for Christmas at home on money and wealth can be through a book. To do this, you need to ask a question about money, and then open the book on a random page. Choose, closing your eyes, page and line and interpret the answer, based on the content. Like fortune-telling, love and betrothed, you can fortify yourself with money for Christmas, along with other guessers. For example, you can take three plates and one bill, which will symbolize the wealth in the near future. Then you need to ask someone to hide a bill under one of the plates, and if the first time you find it, then you will soon be lucky financially. Another simple way to guess at Christmas home is for money and is rich - a variant with coins. To do this, you need to take a small bag and fill it with coins of different denominations, but the same in size. The more the denomination of a coin, which a person pulls out with his eyes closed, the better his financial life will be.