True lovers are unique people with special view of the world and possessing incredible powers. They are like a caste devoted to which reveals the true values and priorities in life. It is not surprising that couples most of the problems as "the mountain's shoulder and the sea knee-deep". Unfortunately, to congratulate people with the fact that they found each other and found love outside of certain holidays, we have not decided. Often greetings lovers heard on February 14, Valentine's Day, wedding, anniversary. And let these little holidays, but they are, and a pair of loving hearts deserve to get beautiful wishes in verse or prose. Next, you are touching, funny, short greetings for couples in love on different holidays. Let the warm and sincere wishes will help you convey your joy and admiration for those who have found their soulmate.

Touching congratulations in the verses for lovers

Touching poems is one of the most versatile forms of greetings for lovers on any occasion. Judge for yourself: in the verses skillfully combines romantic wishes, sublime rhyme and festive mood. That is so touching congratulations in the verses to lovers is always relevant and appropriate. Below you will find a selection of the best congratulations in the verses for couples. It is a very versatile options that are perfect for any occasion.

You tenderly devoted to each other,

And twinkle eyes

This young couple

Flowers want to meet!

And the first dance of the newlyweds,

And anxious forever.

All ahead of you yet,

All will come true for sure.

You are like Yin and Yang perfect

In that glow You love

Complementing, each other

Living the fairytale again.

To the world that surrounds

Protected You from losses

So you stayed together

Opening a door!

Different pair I've seen in my life

Everywhere shortcomings are a bit of their own,

And You ideal, try to continue

Do not spend Your happiness fighting.

Let the harmony that exists

Creating your couple comfort,

Not retreating positions with years

Your family will find the shelter let.

Beautiful greetings in prose couples

When cooking greetings in prose for the feast, including for couples in love, you always want to have these wishes were memorable. It is equally important that greetings were personal, and themselves warm wishes will come true. And if affect their performance difficult, to make a beautiful greetings in prose for couples individual possible. It's enough to add to the basic wishes of a few phrases myself. For example, you can mention a funny story associated with a pair or tell me about the best qualities of the lovers. Appropriate in such greetings will and thanks for the friendship, loyalty and support, if we are talking about a pair of lovers friends.

Fifteen minutes ago, shook the arrows on the clock. It is not magic, this is not hallucinations! This is the power of your love has shown how strong she is. Would love ordinary – the clock would have enjoyed the fact that they don't need to move. And then – a miracle! Don't watch the time, don't worry about the fact that it swims very fast! True lovers are only a couple of people on the planet who can never think of time!

Let will not leave you happy! Let good luck and understanding too always be with you. The main thing that all good is not lost, not splashed, and has not stopped! Be with you Love!

Long have you been going to each other. Much in the way of life obstacles. But you've overcome them to be the happiest and the most passionate! Leave it that way, turning aside from the road of your fate, no matter what problems or difficulties have not been overcome! Be the most – most happy!

You are very into each other! It is known by you, but we want to remind you again about this. Nicer couple than you to meet us was not necessary. Talking about this sincerely! I wish, avoiding banality, billions of bouquets of happiness! In these bunches all your desires will be filled with smiles, performances, desires, passion, understanding, understanding, compromise, positive and optimistic! And let none of the bouquets will never wither!

Greetings on 14 February Valentine's Day couples

Valentine's Day can be treated in different ways, but to miss the opportunity to congratulate on February 14, loved one or friends lovers not worth it. You see, in our lives and so few holidays dedicated to this popular feeling. And indeed the unique atmosphere of the festival sets a romantic mood and a good mood. So why not add to all this several warm greetings on 14 February Valentine Day for lovers, which is so nice to hear in his address. And even if the holiday you or your friends don't celebrate, you can always just wish love and happiness to all friends loving hearts this day.

With Valentine's Day congratulations.

I want to wish you

So the love was mutual,

No offense, no fighting, no drama.

About love its great

Often you say,

After all, the two of you.